The 9 BEST Resource Packs For Minecraft 1.14



Resource packs allow players to alter Minecraft 1.14’s visual appearance, from minor adjustments to complete overhauls. With Minecraft 1.14, players have a wide variety of resource packs to choose from, ranging from photorealistic to whimsical and everything in between. Whether you’re a fan of medieval castles, futuristic cities, or pixelated landscapes, there’s a resource pack out there to suit your taste and enhance your Minecraft adventure.

Texture Packs and resource packs mean the same thing and can be used interchangeably. Also, Minecraft allows players to combine different resource packs to enhance their gameplay experience.

Key Takeaways

  • The following Resource packs can provide players with a unique visual flair that can have distinctive effects and overhauls.
  • Stay true to the original with Faithful 32x’s enhanced resolution and vanilla-friendly design.
  • Enjoy comic book-inspired artistry with Sphax PureBDcraft’s vibrant and fun visuals.
  • Immerse yourself in rustic charm and hand-drawn aesthetics with Jolicraft’s unique style.
  • Experience detailed medieval ambiance with John Smith Legacy’s intricate textures.
  • Dive into a semi-realistic world combining medieval and RPG elements with Chroma Hills.
  • Bring photorealism to Minecraft’s blocky world with LB Photo Realism Reload.
  • Experience smooth, clean, and uplifting visuals with Soartex Fanver’s refreshing design.
  • Embrace the quirky charm of pixel art with Pixel Perfection’s distinctive style.
  • Customize your medieval experience with Dokucraft’s versatile design options.

Minecraft has been captivating gamers of all ages and experience levels since its initial release. Its success can be attributed to its seemingly limitless potential for creativity and exploration. While the game’s classic blocky graphics are iconic, many players may want to customize their Minecraft 1.14 experience further with the use of texture packs.

Minecraft Best Resource Packs

Resource Pack Resolution Theme/Style Notable Features Mod Support
Faithful 32x 32x Enhanced Vanilla Doubles default resolution, stays true to original design, smoother textures Yes
Sphax PureBDcraft 16x to 512x Cartoonish Stylized textures with bold outlines, bright colors; available in various resolutions Yes
Jolicraft 16x Rustic, Hand-drawn Warm, cozy atmosphere with hand-drawn textures, muted and earthy color palette No
John Smith Legacy 32x Medieval Detailed historical textures, earthy tones, custom sounds and ambient noises No
Chroma Hills 64x Medieval, RPG Hand-drawn textures, vibrant environment, supports shader packs No
LB Photo Realism Reload Up to 128x Photorealistic High-quality lifelike textures, authentic colors, optimized for performance No
Soartex Fanver 64x Smooth, Clean Vector-based textures, bright and natural atmosphere, custom animations, mod compatibility Yes
Pixel Perfection 16x Pixel Art Detailed pixel art, subtle animations and unique patterns, low resolution for performance No
DokuCraft 32x Medieval (Light, Dark, and High) Multiple versions with different color palettes, ornate patterns, customizable via DokuCraft Customizer Yes

Faithful 32x

Faithful 32x Texture pack
Staying true to the original minecraft design – image captured by eXputer

One of the most popular resource packs for Minecraft, Faithful 32x, aims to preserve the essence of the original game while enhancing its visuals. This pack doubles the default resolution from 16x to 32x, providing a smoother and more detailed look to its textures without compromising the iconic Minecraft aesthetic.

The design philosophy behind Faithful 32x is to remain faithful to the original artwork and maintain a sense of familiarity for players, making it an ideal choice for those who love the classic Minecraft style but desire a more polished appearance.

  • The Faithful 32x pack refines every aspect, from blocks and items to mobs and user interface elements.
  • The increased resolution allows for more intricate designs and subtle details, resulting in improved visuals that still capture the spirit of the original textures.
  • This resource pack enhances the gaming experience by making the environment and objects more appealing, without altering the overall feel of the game.
  • By staying true to the original Minecraft design, Faithful 32x offers players a seamless transition to a more refined look.
  • The familiarity of the textures ensures that players can easily recognize blocks and items, allowing them to focus on gameplay without the need to relearn the appearance of every element.
  • This makes Faithful 32x an excellent choice for those who want to upgrade their Minecraft visuals without dramatically changing its core identity.

In addition to the visual improvements, Faithful 32x also boasts an active community of contributors and fans. The resource pack is regularly updated, ensuring compatibility with new Minecraft updates and providing new textures for modded content. The community’s dedication to maintaining and improving the pack ensures that players can enjoy a consistent and high-quality experience while using Faithful 32x.

Sphax PureBDcraft

sphax PureBDCraft texture pack
Comic book-inspired artistry – image by us

Sphax PureBDcraft is a widely popular Minecraft resource pack that draws inspiration from the bold and vivid world of comic books. This unique pack not only breathes new life into the game’s visuals but also offers players an immersive and vibrant gaming experience.

With its distinctive art style and seamless blend of cartoonish elements, Sphax PureBDcraft has become a favorite among Minecraft enthusiasts seeking to add a touch of flair to their gameplay.

  • The key features of Sphax PureBDcraft include its highly stylized textures, characterized by bold outlines, bright colors, and a playful vibe.
  • Every block, item, and mob has been carefully redesigned to match the comic book theme, making the game world feel like a hand-drawn illustration.
  • The pack’s high level of detail and consistency across different elements ensures that the overall aesthetic remains cohesive and engaging.
  • One of the standout aspects of Sphax PureBDcraft is its availability in various resolutions, ranging from 16x to 512x.
  • This wide range of options makes the pack accessible to players with different system capabilities, ensuring everyone can enjoy comic book-inspired artistry.
  • The higher resolutions offer an even more stunning visual experience, with crisp and highly detailed textures that further enhance the pack’s distinctive charm.
  • Another advantage of Sphax PureBDcraft is its extensive support for mods and add-ons, allowing players to maintain the pack’s art style even when incorporating additional content.

The pack’s creators have diligently crafted mod patches and extensions to ensure seamless integration of new features and items into the comic book theme. As a result, players can customize their game without compromising the pack’s unique aesthetic.


Jollicraft texture pack
Rustic charm and hand-drawn aesthetics (image by eXputer)

Jolicraft is a highly popular resource pack known for its rustic charm and hand-drawn aesthetics. Created by Andre Jolicoeur, this pack has been carefully designed to bring a warm, cozy, and inviting atmosphere to the Minecraft world. With its distinct art style, Jolicraft stands out among other resource packs, offering players an immersive and visually appealing experience.

  • The pack features a resolution of 16x, which maintains Minecraft’s original pixel art style while incorporating its distinctive hand-drawn textures.
  • Jolicraft presents a harmonious blend of simplicity and detail, ensuring that the textures do not distract from the core gameplay.
  • the pack complements Minecraft’s inherent charm and adds an extra layer of visual depth.
  • The color palette used in Jolicraft is slightly muted and earthy, which lends a natural and organic feel to the world.
  • It adds a sense of warmth and comfort, making the environment more welcoming for exploration and building.
  • The rustic theme is consistently maintained throughout the pack, from the building blocks and items to the mobs and user interface elements.
  • Each texture has been uniquely designed to ensure that it fits seamlessly within the game world.
  • From the intricate patterns on the crafting table to the subtle changes in foliage color, Jolicraft’s hand-drawn art style is consistently showcased, enhancing the overall aesthetic.

Jolicraft is a perfect choice for players looking for a unique and charming visual experience in Minecraft. Its rustic theme and hand-drawn aesthetics breathe new life into the game, making it an ideal pack for those seeking a fresh perspective on the Minecraft world. With Jolicraft, you can enjoy a more immersive and visually appealing gaming experience, as you explore and create within the captivating world of Minecraft.

John Smith Legacy

John Smith Legend minecraft texture pack
The medieval ambience and detailed textures (image by us)

The John Smith Legacy resource pack is a popular choice among Minecraft players who want to create an immersive medieval world in their game. Known for its detailed textures and historical ambiance, this pack has been carefully designed to bring the Middle Ages to life in the blocky world of Minecraft.

  • One of the standout features of the John Smith Legacy resource pack is its commitment to historical accuracy.
  • The pack’s creator has researched various aspects of medieval life, including architecture, weapons, and clothing, to ensure that the pack’s textures are as authentic as possible.
  • This attention to detail is evident in the ornate stone carvings, intricate ironwork, and realistic-looking fabrics that adorn various blocks, items, and entities in the game.
  • The John Smith Legacy resource pack boasts a unique color palette that leans heavily on earthy tones, giving the game a more grounded and rustic feel.
  • This choice of colors, combined with the pack’s high-quality 32x resolution, helps create a rich and immersive atmosphere that is perfect for players who want to build and explore medieval-themed structures, towns, and landscapes.
  • This resource pack also features custom sounds and ambient noises that further contribute to the medieval experience.
  • From the subtle creaking of wooden doors to the distant clanging of blacksmith’s hammers, these sounds help transport players to a time long past.

The John Smith Legacy resource pack is highly versatile and works well with various types of builds, including castles, farms, forts, villages, and even fantasy-inspired structures. With its focus on historical authenticity and attention to detail, this pack is ideal for players who want to create a truly immersive medieval experience in their Minecraft world.

Chroma Hills

chroma hills minecraft texture pack
A Semi-Realistic blend of medieval and RPG elements – image captured by us

Chroma Hills is a unique and widely popular resource pack for Minecraft that combines the best of both medieval and RPG elements, providing a semi-realistic visual experience for players. The pack’s distinct art style and attention to detail set it apart from other resource packs, making it a favorite choice for players who enjoy immersive, visually appealing gameplay.

Created by SycloneSJS, Chroma Hills features a resolution of 64x or 128x, which is higher than the default Minecraft resolution.

  • This increased resolution allows for more intricate and detailed textures, adding depth and richness to the overall visuals.
  • The pack’s creator has drawn inspiration from various sources, including popular RPG games like The Elder Scrolls and The Witcher series, which have influenced the pack’s overall design and feel.
  • The textures in Chroma Hills are hand-drawn, with a focus on creating a vibrant and lively environment.
  • The colors used are bright and saturated, giving the pack a warm and inviting atmosphere.
  • As a result, players can expect a refreshing change from the default Minecraft visuals, with an enhanced level of detail and a more immersive gaming experience.
  • Chroma Hills is versatile in its appeal, catering to players who enjoy medieval-themed builds, as well as those who prefer the fantasy elements of RPGs.
  • The resource pack includes custom textures for mobs, items, and blocks, ensuring that every aspect of the game is transformed.
  • The unique and detailed designs for each texture provide a sense of realism, drawing players into the world of Minecraft even further.

Chroma Hills also offers support for popular shader packs, which can further enhance the game’s visuals by adding dynamic shadows, realistic lighting, and improved water reflections. When combined with these shader packs, Chroma Hills truly shines, offering an unparalleled gaming experience that rivals even the most visually stunning games in the market.

LB Photo Realism Reload

LB Photo Realism Reload texture pack
Photorealism meets Minecraft’s blocky world – image by us

Minecraft has captivated players with its unique, blocky style and limitless creative opportunities. However, some players crave a more realistic visual experience. Enter LB Photo Realism Reload, a resource pack that brings a stunning degree of photorealism to Minecraft’s blocky world. 

  • Created as a revamp of the original LB Photo Realism pack, LB Photo Realism Reload takes the core idea of creating lifelike textures and pushes it to new heights.
  • This pack aims to make Minecraft’s visuals more immersive and closer to reality while still maintaining the essence of the game’s iconic block-based design.
  • Available in resolutions up to 128x, the pack provides high-quality textures that make every element of the game feel more tangible.
  • From the intricate wood grain on planks to the realistic patterns on different types of stone, LB Photo Realism Reload offers a new level of immersion for players.
  • The creators have carefully selected colors that closely resemble real-world materials, making the environments feel more authentic.
  • This attention to color and lighting contributes to a richer and more engaging visual experience.
  • The creators have also optimized the pack to ensure it runs smoothly on most systems.
  • As a result, players can enjoy the benefits of realistic textures without suffering from significant framerate drops or other performance issues.

While LB Photo Realism Reload may not be the ideal choice for players who prefer Minecraft’s original art style, it is an excellent option for those looking to bring a touch of realism to their game. By seamlessly blending photorealistic textures with Minecraft’s iconic blocky world, LB Photo Realism Reload offers a unique and immersive experience for players eager to explore a more lifelike version of the game.

Soartex Fanver

Soartex Fanver texture pack
Smooth, Clean, and Uplifting visuals (image by eXputer)

One of the most appealing Minecraft resource packs for version 1.14 is Soartex Fanver, which features a smooth, clean, and uplifting visual experience. Designed as a fan continuation of the original Soartex pack, Fanver maintains a distinct design philosophy while adding new textures and refining existing ones.

  • The pack offers an aesthetically pleasing, detailed, and harmonious game environment that appeals to a wide range of Minecraft players.
  • The Soartex Fanver resource pack is characterized by its vector-based textures, which contribute to a smooth and crisp appearance.
  • The color palette is carefully chosen to create a bright, yet natural, atmosphere. This pack’s resolution of 64x ensures that the textures are detailed without being overwhelming or resource-intensive.
  • It’s a perfect choice for those who appreciate a visually appealing game world without sacrificing performance.
  • This pack also includes custom animations, particle effects, and connected textures that seamlessly blend together to create a cohesive and immersive environment.
  • The pack also features compatibility with various popular Minecraft mods, ensuring a consistent visual experience across different aspects of the game.

Soartex Fanver is not only about its clean and smooth textures but also its active community. The pack is constantly being updated and improved by a team of talented artists and designers who collaborate on new textures, bug fixes, and mod support. This community-driven approach ensures that the pack remains up-to-date and compatible with the latest Minecraft releases.

In conclusion, Soartex Fanver is one of the best Minecraft resource packs 1.14, offering smooth, clean, and uplifting visuals that enhance the game’s overall experience. With its vector-based textures, comprehensive custom assets, and active community, this pack is sure to elevate your Minecraft world to new heights of beauty and immersion.

Pixel Perfection

pixel perfection texture pack
The Quirky Charm of Pixel Art (image by us)

Minecraft has always been known for its pixelated, blocky aesthetics, but the Pixel Perfection resource pack takes it to a whole new level by embracing the charm and uniqueness of pixel art. One of the best Minecraft 1.14 texture packs, it showcases a creative and distinctive art style, while still retaining the core essence of Minecraft.

It achieves this by combining the pixel art design with a fresh color palette, making it stand out among other resource packs available for the game.

  1. Pixel Perfection is not just about adding a new look; it’s about creating an immersive environment that is both visually pleasing and engaging for players.
  2. The pack’s textures are carefully designed with attention to detail, ensuring that every block, item, and mob is transformed into a pixel art masterpiece.
  3. This level of detail breathes new life into the game and enhances the overall gaming experience.
  4. The quirky charm of Pixel Perfection is evident in its textures, which often include subtle animations and unique patterns that further enrich the world.
  5. These details, coupled with the well-balanced color scheme, give the pack an inviting and vibrant appearance, making it perfect for those who want to inject a little more fun into their Minecraft sessions.
  6. Despite its intricate design, the pack maintains a relatively low resolution (16x), ensuring that it runs smoothly even on less powerful systems.
  7. This makes it accessible to a wider range of players, allowing them to enjoy the pixel art experience without compromising their game’s performance.

Pixel Perfection resource pack captures the essence of Minecraft while adding a touch of quirky charm through pixel art. With its intricate design, unique color palette, and smooth performance, the pack offers an immersive and delightful gaming experience that is sure to appeal to players who appreciate the beauty of pixel art.


Dokucraft texture pack
Customizable Medieval Styles for Every Taste (image by eXputer)

Dokucraft, a popular and enduring possibly the best Minecraft resource pack for 1.14, brings a distinct medieval flair to the game. The pack’s unique customization options and three distinctive styles – Light, Dark, and High – cater to a wide range of player preferences, ensuring an immersive and personalized experience.

  • The Light version of Dokucraft features a brighter color palette, creating a more cheerful atmosphere. This style is perfect for players who prefer a lighthearted take on the medieval theme.
  • In contrast, the Dark version offers a more somber and moody aesthetic, with muted colors and a heavier emphasis on shadows.  This style is ideal for those who enjoy the grittier side of medieval fantasy.
  • The High version provides a more neutral option, balancing the light and dark elements for a versatile and classic medieval experience.
  • The pack boasts intricately designed textures that evoke a sense of craftsmanship and artistry.
  • From the ornate patterns on the blocks to the carefully crafted items, Dokucraft’s visuals contribute to an authentic medieval atmosphere.
  • The pack’s customization options enable players to mix and match textures to create a unique blend that suits their tastes.
  • By using the Dokucraft Customizer, players can choose from a vast array of textures for each element in the game, allowing for unparalleled personalization. 
  • This feature ensures that no two Dokucraft experiences will be the same, encouraging players to experiment with different combinations to discover their ideal medieval Minecraft world.

In addition to its visual appeal, Dokucraft also offers seamless compatibility with Minecraft 1.14, thanks to regular updates and support from its dedicated community. Players can easily install the pack and enjoy its stunning graphics without worrying about glitches or incompatibilities.

In summary, Dokucraft provides a captivating medieval experience through its customizable styles, intricate details, and diverse customization options. Whether you prefer the lighter, darker, or more balanced version of the medieval theme, Dokucraft offers a unique and immersive experience tailored to your tastes.


In conclusion, the world of Minecraft is a canvas waiting to be painted with resource packs that enhance the visual experience of the game. These 9 best Minecraft texture packs for version 1.14 offer a variety of options for players to customize the look and feel of their Minecraft worlds. From the comic book-inspired Sphax PureBDcraft to the photorealistic LB Photo Realism Reload, each resource pack offers a unique style and aesthetic to suit different preferences.

Test out the results of resource packs by building cottages and redesigning your bedroom or renovating your entire house. If the resource packs are not working properly then try changing your launcher and see if it fixes the issue. So why not explore some of the best Minecraft resource packs for 1.14 and take your gameplay to the next level?

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