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The 20 Most Popular My Hero Academia Characters, According To MyAnimeList

The cast of My Hero Academia is undoubtedly one of the series’ strongest features. The wild, fluctuating dynamic between the characters is something fans never get tired of. At first glance, the show seems to have strayed away from one of the most iconic Shonen tropes: the power of friendship. Upon closer examination, however, the aforementioned friendship power is there all along. It’s just implemented in a different form.

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Since My Hero Academia heavily relies on characters as vehicles for the story, there are plenty of individuals who stick out. The more screen time a character gets, the more likely they’ll be favored by the community, and this applies to almost every character. Many users on MyAnimeList have already spoken up about who their personal favorites are.

Updated on November 22nd, 2022, by Ajay Aravind: The cast list of My Hero Academia continues to increase with each successive arc, but the most popular characters remain the same. The Final Act Saga introduces new heroes like Star & Stripe, whose overpowered abilities have already made her a fan-favorite. On the other hand, Star & Stripe doesn’t stay long enough to garner the same amount of audience praise and respect given to the main characters.

1,238+ Favorites

In the real world, Ida Tenya would have probably been branded an uncool nerd, but he’s consistently ranked among the most popular characters in My Hero Academia. Tenya takes his classes very seriously, often pressuring his friends to do the same, explaining why they elect him as their class representative.

Tenya desperately tries to live up to the standards established by his elder brother, the famous Pro Hero Ingenium, and carry the Ida family’s legacy forward. At the same time, he willingly renounces the path of vengeance with Deku and Shoto’s help, further illustrating his magnanimous personality.

19/20 Hitoshi Shinso Might Have Villainous Powers, But Fans Love Him Even More For It

1,427+ Favorites

Hitoshi Shinso smiling while provoking Deku in My Hero Academia.

Hitoshi Shinso was constantly mocked and demeaned by his friends in middle school, who poked fun at his villain-like abilities and claimed that he could never be a Pro Hero. And yet, Shinso proves them all wrong by mastering his and using it to save lives during various conflicts and altercations.

Eraser Head takes Shinso under his wing, citing their similar attitudes toward and relationships with society. Shinso couldn’t be less like a villain if he tried. However, his apathetic demeanor doesn’t paint a heroic picture, and being a Pro Hero is 90% public relations. Fans don’t care, though; they just love Shinso to bits.

18/20 Momo Yaoyorozu Will Always Be A Favorite Of The My Hero Academia Fandom

1,590+ Favorites

Momo Yaoyorozu winking in My Hero Academia.

Unlike characters like Ochaco Uraraka and Izuku Midoriya, Momo Yaoyorozu comes from an affluent background. She’s accepted into U.A. without having to pass the Entrance Exam, highlighting her innate aptitude for heroism.

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Although spectacularly wealthy, Momo is the exact opposite of a spoiled brat. She’s smart, crafty, kind, witty, strong, and most importantly, humble to a fault. When she feels overwhelmed by her peers’, Eraser Head and Shoto show Momo how to accommodate her towering brilliance. Momo will always be a favorite of the My Hero Academia fandom.

17/20 Fans Love It When Kyoka Jirou Recognizes And Acknowledges Her Own Vast Potential

1,594+ Favorites

Kyoka Jiro singing in My Hero Academia

Kyoka Jiro is basically forgotten until a specific My Hero Academia plotline requires her sound-based abilities. Her Earphone Jack is an incredibly powerful Quirk, with both offensive and defensive capabilities. During the Final Act Saga, Kyoka successfully triggers a Quirk rebellion inside All For One’s inner world, greatly weakening the villain.

Class 1-A helps her come out of her shell for the U.A. School Festival, where Kyoka performs an amazing rock song live on stage. Fans enjoy her natural reticence, but they like it a lot more when Kyoka recognizes her own vast potential.

2,223+ Favorites

fumikage tokoyami and his quirk dark shadow from my hero academia

With his stylish and mysterious Quirk Dark Shadow, it’s no surprise that Fumikage Tokoyami is a major My Hero Academia favorite. He’s a serious-minded class 1-A student at U.A. Academy who usually plays background roles but has occasionally been brought into the limelight over the course of a few arcs.

Unlike most other Quirks in the story, Tokoyami’s Dark Shadow appears to have a mind of its own. The problem with this semi-autonomous Quirk is that it becomes far more powerful and difficult to control when the ambient light reduces. Although Dark Shadow is easier to control in the daytime, it’s also considerably more cowardly and fragile.

15/20 Tamaki Amajiki’s Manifest Quirk More Than Compensates For His Debilitating Shyness

2,512+ Favorites

Tamaki Amajiki in his costume in MHA

Along with Mirio Togata and Nejire Hado, Tamaki Amajiki is a member of the Big 3, a group of third-year students destined for ultimate greatness. Unfortunately, he’s also the shyest character in My Hero Academia, a trait that doesn’t really work for someone who wants to become a Pro Hero in the near future.

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On a positive note, Tamaki’s Manifest Quirk more than makes up for his debilitating introversion. In the final fight against Tomura Shigaraki, he generates a gigantic construct composed of numerous plants and animals, showcasing the limitless possibilities of his Quirk. Fans simply can’t get enough of Suneater.

14/20 Denki Kaminari Is A Lovable Comedy Relief Character With Electrifying Potential

2,752+ Favorites

Kaminari Denki short circuits his brain in MHA

Despite his association with Mineta Minoru, Denki Kaminari has attracted quite a fan following on MyAnimeList and it’s not hard to see why. Not only is he a friendly, social, and energetic character, but he also provides tons of classic shonen comedy relief. Aside from being generally goofy, Kaminari experiences an absolutely hilarious side-effect after using his Electrification Quirk.

If he doesn’t take the right precautions, Kaminari can exceed the safe wattage limit for his Quirk, leaving him in a vulnerable and airheaded state for up to one hour. On the other hand, he can produce enough electricity to take out some of the strongest villains in the story.

2,872+ Favorites

Hawks in My Hero Academia

Keigo Takami’s code name is Wing Hero: Hawks, a reference to his Fierce Wings Quirk. As the epithet implies, Takami has a pair of large, red wings on his back that he uses to fly and launch feathery projectiles. This Quirk is spectacularly versatile, illustrating his combat expertise on numerous occasions. Takami debuts in My Hero Academia‘s fourth season as a supporting character.

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Takami becomes the No. 2 Pro Hero after All Might’s retirement, and quickly eclipses Endeavor in terms of general appeal and public popularity. Fans don’t love him just because he’s intelligent, but because Takami does everything in his power to protect the world from harm.

12/20 Tomura Shigaraki Is One Of The Few Villains To Get Widespread Fan Support

3,357+ Favorites

Tomura Shigaraki In My Hero Academia

Tomura Shigaraki has always been a major presence in My Hero Academia, but he has since risen in both power and eminence. As a representative of All For One’s will, this key villain is hell-bent on destroying society. Tomura’s Decay Quirk is far more dangerous after he assimilates the All For One Quirk, turning him into a slightly weaker version of All Might.

He wears the hands of deceased family members as part of his villain outfit, which explains the atmosphere of dread surrounding him at any given time. Fans might be fond of Tomura purely because he’s such a great villain. That said, Tomura will hopefully obtain redemption at some point, most likely through Deku.

11/20 Despite His Late Introduction, Mirio Togata Quickly Garnered Thousands Of Fans

3,836+ Favorites

Mirio Togata in MHA

Despite his somewhat late introduction, Mirio rapidly garnered a spectacular amount of admiration from fans. Given his genuinely lovable personality, however, it’d be rather puzzling if he didn’t make it as a fan favorite. A character of Mirio’s depth is a valuable asset for any anime, even in a goldmine like My Hero Academia.

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Mirio radiates hope and warmth from every fiber of his being. He chooses Lemillion to be his hero name, indicating that he wants to save at least 1,000,000 people over the course of his career. Mirio loses Permeation while saving Eri but later recovers his Quirk with Eri’s help, much to the manga fandom’s delight.

10/20 Dabi Becomes The Surrogate For Hero Killer: Stain’s Warped Philosophy

4,328+ Favorites

Dabi Burns My Hero Academia

Dabi’s very existence is riddled with spoilers for anime-only viewers, but manga readers know exactly what this character is all about. Thankfully, the final episodes of My Hero Academia‘s 6th season are going to reveal Dabi’s backstory. He enters the series when Deku, Shoto, and Tenya defeat Hero Killer: Stain.

Dabi continues preaching Stain’s anti-hero message, claiming that society doesn’t need someone to protect it. Dabi is essentially a broken man with a virulent desire to see his family burn, even if it means burning the entire world in the process. As such, it’s strange that he has gathered so much fan support.

9/20 As A Controversial Character, Himiko Toga Is Either Deeply Loved Or Intensely Hated

5,157+ Favorites

Himiko Toga in MHA

Himiko Toga is an exceptionally crafted anime bad girl, but some viewers can’t even stand the sight of her. Her character is the subject of intense discussion, especially on My Hero Academia subreddits, where fans heap both praise and condemnation on Himiko. Whatever the opinion of the fandom, there’s no doubting her supreme popularity.

Himiko is by far the most celebrated villain in the story, and for good reason. She never fails to deliver the full gamut of her complex personality in every scene. Himiko truly doesn’t care what other people think of her, something even Endeavor struggles with on a daily basis.

8/20 Tsuyu Asui Is Class 1-A’s Conscience And Voice Of Reason Rolled Into One

4,762+ Favorites

tsuyu asui from My Hero Academia

Very few students at U.A. Academy can be considered as well-balanced as Tsuyu Asui. If they don’t have self-esteem issues like Deku and Momo, then they have serious anger management problems like Bakugo. Indeed, almost every U.A. student has some sort of negative characteristic that dominates their personality in the early episodes.

That said, Tsuyu, or Tsu-chan as she insists on being called, displays an unflinchingly rational attitude toward every situation, no matter how complicated or dangerous. Fans particularly enjoy Tsuyu’s blunt demeanor and her adorable habit of croaking like a (Japanese) frog.

7/20 Ochaco Uraraka Is One Of The Most Compassionate Characters In The Series

5,501+ Favorites

ochaco costume my hero academia

Ochaco Uraraka might as well be the most prominent female character in My Hero Academia. She’s had a front-row seat to almost every major event in the first five seasons. In fact, fans often argue that Ochaco is Class 1-A’s shiniest star, obviously excluding Deku, Bakugo, and Shoto.

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Although Ochaco loses her composure when people bring up her friendship with Deku, she showcases her poise and compassion at various points in the story. Her relatively inoffensive Quirk notwithstanding, Ochaco has all the trappings of a legendary hero. She placates a mob of irate civilians in the manga’s Final Act Saga, an impressive exhibition of her oratory skills.

6/20 Eijiro Kirishima Is My Hero Academia’s Poster Boy For Tender Masculinity

6,077+ Favorites

Kirishima ready to fight in MHA

Eijiro Kirishima doesn’t hide his true nature behind a mask, nor does he need to overcompensate for his failings. Armed with his Hardening Quirk, he merely grins and powers through his problems. Kirishima stringently abides by his own self-imposed philosophy, which, on the surface, seems like a stereotypical example of Shonen toxic masculinity.

However, Kirishima often expresses himself through tears, indicating that even the manliest men can cry without feeling ashamed. Fans love, respect, and cherish Eijiro Kirishima, especially after he somehow manages to break into Bakugo’s armored heart.

5/20 Shota Aizawa’s Cool Factor Won Him Many Fan Votes

7,284+ Favorites

Aizawa Eraserhead in MHA

Characters who look as cool as Shota Aizawa are destined to stand out, but appearance isn’t the only factor that makes him such a beloved personality. More commonly known as Eraser Head, Aizawa chooses not to become a Pro Hero because he would rather spend his time molding the new generation, a distinguished endeavor by any measure.

While he frequently proves his capabilities, he sometimes gets shortchanged by viewers. In any case, his fan following on MyAnimeList categorically demonstrates his near-universal popularity. Furthermore, Aizawa’s relationship with his young students is particularly endearing.

9,210+ Favorites

all might my hero academia

All Might has always been a sensation within the fandom, long before debuting his superhuman strength. His quirky and unique character design easily makes him one of the most iconic figures in Shonen anime — he’s just that brilliant. That said, All Might’s current status is awkward, as he sacrifices One For All during his battle with All For One.

A few fans think it’s rather humiliating for a legend such as himself to be nothing more than a minor character. However, it’s clear that All Might fights just as hard from the sidelines, earning the respect of his colleagues as well as students. All Might continues to maintain his place among the top five fan-favorite My Hero Academia characters on MyAnimeList.

3/20 Katsuki Bakugo Ranks Surprisingly High As A Fan-Favorite Character

21,950+ Favorites

Katsuki Bakugo in MHA

Despite his devastating Quirk and combat prowess, Katsuki Bakugo is a pile of raging insecurity for most of My Hero Academia. He bullies Deku throughout their shared childhood, and later expresses indignation when his former victim rapidly and unexpectedly surpasses him.

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It’s only natural for Bakugo to take center stage, given that he’s supposed to be Deku’s primary rival. Bakugo gradually sheds his anger and hatred over time and grows more and more attached to Deku, even if he seldom acknowledges his feelings. Bakugo finally apologizes in the Final Act Saga, an act of redemption that the fandom appreciates.

2/20 Izuku Midoriya Is A Refreshing Change From The Typical Shonen Protagonist

24,792+ Favorites

Izuku Midoriya (Deku) in MHA

Izuku Midoriya, or Deku, is the main protagonist of My Hero Academia. He strives to inherit All Might’s position as the No. 1 Pro Hero, even after he inherits the latter’s Quirk. As an anime protagonist, however, Deku’s character build is drastically different from his loudmouthed counterparts like Naruto Uzumaki and Monkey D. Luffy.

Deku inhabits the calmer and smarter section of the Shonen spectrum because he understands the value of his own hard-earned strength. His level-headed approach to danger is extremely admirable, at least until he turns into what the fandom refers to as “Madman Deku.”

1/20 Shoto Todoroki Effortlessly Steals The Show From Its Main Protagonist

25,578+ Favorites

shoto todoroki mha

Shoto Todoroki can be described as the Sasuke Uchiha of My Hero Academia, minus the adolescent angst. Shoto receives overwhelming support from the fandom, dominating the spotlight from the moment he’s introduced. He blows his competition out of the water when it comes to character development.

Unlike Deku and Bakugo, Shoto’s evolution is painstakingly slow but incredibly rewarding. In other words, his current attitude is radically different from his original personality. Shoto’s future hasn’t been set in stone, which means there’s no telling how much he can accomplish if he sets his mind to it.


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