The 12 locations of Bianca’s diary


Bianca’s diaries They are collectible in Juan. These are records written by an adventurer named Bianca, who undertook an expedition to investigate the ballasts, their disappearance and their relationship with the loss of rain caused by Jusant. Read on as we share all of Bianca’s magazine locations on Juan.

There is a total of 12 pages from Bianca’s diary They are found throughout the game and are often found on tables illuminated by lamps or lights. You can review the collected diary pages by going to the Pause Menu > Letters > Bianca tab.

Collecting all of Bianca’s Diary pages will unlock the Final promotion achievement.

This is where to find Bianca’s diaries by chapter:

Bianca’s Diary #1 Location

Starting from the tower, go down the bridge that connects to the smaller tower, then cross it to reach the small room where the journal can be found.

Bianca’s Diary #2 Location

From the base of the large settlement, head to the left side where the Chapter Altar can be found, then climb the nearby ladder to reach the upper floor. The journal can be found on a table in the corner near the railings.

Bianca’s Diary #3 Location

As you begin Chapter 3, turn around and look around the corner to find the diary.

Bianca’s Diary #4 Location

Before climbing two light bulbs from the wall and swinging to the next ledge, climb the blue rope and ladder, then head inside the small settlement on the left to find the journal.

Bianca’s Diary #5 Location

At the wall junction where you first encounter the wall bugs, head inside the opening along the main path and look at the table on the left to find the journal.

Bianca’s Diary #6 Location

Climbing the wall of bugs and seeing the ladder full of yellow birds, turn left to find a small settlement where the diary can be found.

Bianca’s Diary #7 Location

Once you reach the creature pens, head to the corner near the cave entrance to find the table where the journal is.

Bianca’s Diary #8 Location

At the end of the chapter, before interacting with the stone wheel, head to the left side to find the table where the journal is.

Bianca’s Diary #9 Location

From the alley where you will find more sparks in front of the fabric store, follow the path to the end, where you will find the journal on a desk.

Bianca’s Diary #10 Location

After crossing the wooden bridge that leads to another settlement, you will find the table with the journal near the blackboard.

Bianca’s Diary #11 Location

Place the two windmills on top of each other and go up to the right side until you reach a large settlement. The diary can be found deep in the settlement, but before reaching the fresco room.

Bianca’s Diary #12 Location

Progress through the chapter until you reach Bianca’s cabin next to a cave opening; The diary is on a table, it’s hard to miss.


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