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The 10 Worst Jobbers In Naruto, Ranked

the naruto The universe is made up of many epic and formidable shinobi. Over the years, they gained status and prestige among their respective peoples and even around the world for how well they performed in battle. However, there are a number of characters whose strength was used to support others and make others look better in comparison.

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Despite supposedly being powerful themselves, their entire arcs can be summed up as an excruciating series of defeats. Known as “workers”, the many failures of these individuals were not always appreciated by fans due to their charismatic qualities and flashy jutsu arsenal.

10/10 Kurama was repeatedly defeated before being sealed in Naruto

Despite being the most powerful Tailed Beast, Kurama was easily defeated. He lost to Hashirama during Madara’s betrayal of the Blade, and his own attack on Konoha proved equally ruinous several years later.

When Naruto lost control and attacked his allies, Yamato sealed Kurama almost instantly. This showed that despite the monster’s impressive strength, he was a trivial opponent against the correct jutsu. Although Kurama may have helped Naruto win numerous fights, he would be nothing without his host.

9/10 Mu failed as Tsuchikage

Moo from Naruto.

Mu was a former Tsuchikage from Stone Village. Wielding the infamous disintegration style, he had access to the most destructive ability on the planet. When he combines with the strength of the previous Kage, he should have been a force to be reckoned with during the final shinobi war.

However, Mu was unable to kill a single person and was eventually sealed away. Although he helped resurrect Madara, he accomplished nothing on his own. The only thing that saved Mu from utter humiliation was the fact that he had little reputation to match.

8/10 Zaku was Orochimaru’s worst henchman.

Zaku Abumi attacking with his air tubes

Zaku was a surgically enhanced shinobi from the Sound Village. A loyal member of Team Dosu, he represented his people in the Chunin Exams, though he failed terribly. Zaku’s entire life is filled with brutal defeats.

He lost his arms against Shino and almost his life when he ambushed a weakened Sasuke. The villain’s only “win” was against Rock Lee, and his teammates helped him out. In the end, Zaku was such a minor ninja that Orochimaru sacrificed him to resurrect Hashirama and Tobirama.

7/10 Kiba wasted the screen time he had

Kiba and Akamaru in Naruto.

Kiba got more screen time than many other members of Konoha 11, and with it came high expectations. However, he never lived up to them, losing in almost every case he fought.

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Kiba was eliminated in the first round of the Chunin Exams when Naruto disoriented him with a fart. He too would have been killed by Sakon/Ukon if Kankuro hadn’t saved his life and finished the battle himself. Although Kiba may have been able to damage the Gedo statue and spawn it from him, this wasn’t particularly impressive given that other shinobi performed similarly against him.

6/10 Hanzo did not deserve to be the nemesis of the Sannins

Hanzo The Salamander in Naruto

Hanzo earned his nickname “the Salamander” by summoning a huge beast that spits venom. He was a major obstacle to the legendary sannin in a previous war, suggesting that he was a skilled and experienced man. However, nothing could have been further from the truth.

Pain killed Hanzo without much of a fight, and also failed against Mifune in the Fourth Shinobi War. Considering the samurai had no ninjutsu or even standard taijutsu, this was a pathetic end for a well-established villain.

5/10 Rasa was a disappointing Kazekage

Rasa-Naruto Shippuden

Rasa was the former Kazekage of the Sand Village. Despite the supposed power of him, Orochimaru killed him off-screen. Considering he had no visible injuries and no fatigue afterwards, it’s safe to assume the fight was one-sided.

When he was resurrected to fight in the Fourth Shinobi War, Rasa was hardly more impressive. Despite being reborn as an immortal ninja, Gaara dominated the villain’s golden sand with his own. Since he had already lost Shukaku to Akatsuki by this time, Rasa was completely humiliated in a fair fight with his own jutsu.

4/10 Sasori was lacking as a puppet master

Sakura punches Sasori using chakra-enhanced strength in Naruto Shippuden.

As a member of the Akatsuki and the self-proclaimed best puppeteer in the world, Sasori had high expectations to live up to. To his credit, he defeated Kankuro and the Third Kazekage without considerable effort. However, Sasori’s subsequent defeat showed just how inadequate he really was.

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Chiyo and Sakura overwhelmed him with a handful of poison antidotes and some old dolls. Considering Chiyo outmaneuvered Sasori to deliver the killing blow, he can’t be considered the world’s greatest puppeteer. This was further definitively proven during the Fourth Shinobi War when Kankuro got his revenge on him.

3/10 Tsunade underperformed Hokage

Tsunade uses Chakra's enhanced strength, Naruto

Tsunade’s promotion to Hokage was more out of necessity than her credentials. She couldn’t defeat Orochimaru on her own, even in the absence of her ability to weave hand signs. When supported by Jiraiya, the two were still unable to capture or kill their fallen ally.

Also, Tsunade was mostly useless throughout. shippuden. She overexerted herself in the arc of pain to such an extent that she slipped into a coma. Immediately after waking up, he fought alongside the four Kage and lost to Madara Uchiha without weakening him at all.

2/10 Kisame wasn’t as scary as he seemed

Kisame Learning about Madara

Kisame may have called himself the “Tailless Tailed Beast”, but their fights proved otherwise. The villain was forced to withdraw from Killer Bee, Jiraiya, and Team Guy. He couldn’t even finish off Suigetsu despite his superior jutsu and swordsmanship.

In theory, Kisame’s ability to drain chakra was extremely powerful and made him a serious threat. However, he was fundamentally useless against taijutsu masters like Rock Lee and Might Guy. The latter ultimately defeated him, and the villain chose to take his own life rather than experience the shame of the interrogation.

1/10 The fourth Raikage failed at every turn.

Fourth Raikage from Naruto.

The Fourth Raikage may have presented himself as an indomitable shinobi, though his track record suggests otherwise. He lost a fight against Tsunade and was bested by Minato, suggesting that he wasn’t as strong or as fast as he would like others to believe.

Also, the Raikage was unable to capture Sasuke even with the help of the most powerful shinobi of the five nations. He was equally embarrassed in the battle against Madara Uchiha, with nothing to show for being knocked unconscious. The only notable victory of his was against Kisame. However, he still couldn’t kill Kisame even with Killer Bee’s help.

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