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The 10 Most Satisfying Revenge Moments In One Piece

One piece it leans towards the idea of ​​revenge more than most anime, especially as shonen. Over the series’ two-decade runtime, there have been many instances where one character tries to right a wrong another did to them.

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What makes the series particularly interesting is that the heroes get just as much revenge as their antagonistic counterparts. Their actions are usually justified through years, if not decades, of prior injustice, and the context makes the impending beating all the more cathartic. These cases prove that revenge is not an inherently evil concept.

10/10 Luffy avenged Nami when she was fighting with Arlong.

Coming from Orange Town, Luffy quickly came to appreciate Nami as one of the founding members of the Straw Hats. When she tried to betray him for Arlong’s sake, he visited her island and found out the truth.

The evil fish-man had been hoarding the resources of his people under threats of violence. By defeating Arlong, Luffy freed Nami’s home, gained his trust, and ensured that his divided pirate band would never trouble an innocent soul again. Arlong’s crew scattered after his defeat, and he finally realized how weak he was compared to even a rookie fighter.

9/10 Luffy hit Charloss to stop him from buying Camie.

Luffy's decision to hit Charloss changed the whole world.

Charloss was unpleasant even for a Heavenly Dragon. She treated other people like property, using the threat of the Marines’ power to exert dominance over her. When the villain tried to buy Camie during Sabaody’s black market auction, Luffy couldn’t take it anymore.

Instead of watching his friend get enslaved, Luffy knocked out Charloss with one punch. While this was an incredibly satisfying moment of revenge, it had serious implications as it drew Kizaru’s attention to the region. At that time, not even the entire Worst Generation could deal with him.

8/10 Usopp defeated Jango of the Black Cat pirates

Jango, one piece

The Black Cat Pirates threatened Syrup Village, attempted to steal Kaya’s fortune, and nearly killed Luffy. To make matters worse, his second in command, Jango, attacked a trio of children who identified themselves as Usopp’s crew.

Despite Usopp’s cowardice, this eventually led him into action. After Zoro got a clean shot at him, he unleashed a barrage of projectiles at Jango that knocked him out of the fight. It was Usopp’s way of getting revenge and illustrating that he had the potential to become a great warrior of the sea.

7/10 The samurai attacked Kanjuro after discovering his identity.

Kanjuro's Traitor's Revelation

Even after it became very clear that there was a traitor among the samurai, none wanted to accuse their comrades. He made the revelation of Kanjuro especially painful, since Kin’emon considered him a brother up until that point.

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Regardless, the heroes had no qualms about fighting him after his betrayal came to light. Kikyo fully intended to kill him during his first confrontation outside Onigashima, and Ashura Doji gave his life to minimize the damage the spy inflicted. Kanjuro’s unapologetically nastiness made the revenge enacted against him all the more satisfying.

6/10 Luffy stopped Eneru from kidnapping Nami.

luffy kick eneru

When Luffy met Eneru on Skypiea, the villain had a lot to answer for. Until now, he had electrocuted Sanji, Zoro, and Usopp to the brink of death, kidnapping Nami in hopes of gaining his loyalty. To make matters worse, Eneru also intended to slaughter his own people since he got bored with them.

As a result, Luffy’s attack was extremely personal and partially motivated by revenge. He was the only person who could have stood against Eneru, as the villain’s Logia body made it difficult for most to hit without using Haki.

5/10 Trafalgar Law’s fight against Doflamingo was a long time coming

An injured Trafalgar Law looking at Doflamingo in Dressrosa in One Piece

Trafalgar Law had a grudge against Doflamingo ever since Corazon’s death. He was more interested in the Warlord’s doom than Kaido’s, having attempted to defeat him once before during the arc.

Although Law may not have ultimately been Doflamingo’s undoing, he weakened him considerably by injuring his internal organs. He was also instrumental against Trebol, who would have been a major obstruction to the heroes’ efforts had he not been dealt with promptly. Having sought revenge for nearly a decade, Law’s justice was incredibly satisfying.

4/10 Cat Viper and Dogstorm avenged Zunisha against Jack

Jack comes to Wano

The grudge between Jack and the Minks was personal. During the Zou arc, Jack laid waste to his civilization, decimated his people, poisoned the land, and even attacked Zunisha himself. If it wasn’t for Momonosuke’s presence, he might have destroyed the entire Mink race.

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When Cat Viper and Dogstorm found him on Onigashima, his revenge was quick and merciless. Both heroes brought the mammoth to its knees in a matter of moments, energized by the full moon. Jack lost so completely that he felt compelled to apologize to Kaido.

3/10 Nico Robin avenged Sanji against Black Maria

Screenshot of One Piece Black Maria episode 1011

Black Maria was one of the most sinister Tobi Roppo. She quickly identified Sanji’s chivalrous code and used it to beat him relentlessly. Although Sanji was much stronger than her, the woman’s size and arsenal of abilities proved to be threats on their own.

Maria insisted that Sanji summon Nico Robin so he could capture her for the Beasts Pirates. When Sanji finally did, Robin was furious at how Maria had abused her teammate. This sparked a brutal fight in which Robin illustrated the full extent of her abilities for the first time since Skypiea.

2/10 Sanji avenged Nami against Absalom

Sanji vs. Absalom in One Piece

Despite Absalom’s invisibility and bazooka, Sanji was undeterred. After finding out how he kidnapped and tried to marry Nami, the young hero beat him up without remorse. He illustrated the darker side of Sanji’s chivalry and that he would not tolerate transgressions against women lightly.

However, Sanji also had a more ridiculous grudge against Absalom. He was upset that the villain stole the Clear-Clear no Mi because he wanted it for himself. As expected, he had less than noble intentions for the ability to turn invisible.

1/10 Nico Robin broke Spandam’s spine at the end of Enies Lobby

Spandam suffers a humiliating loss

When the Straw Hats tried to escape from Enies Lobby, Spandam gave chase. He didn’t want to let the pirates who destroyed a major Navy stronghold get away easily, especially since he’d have nothing to show for the carnage.

However, Spandam did not remember that a vengeful Nico Robin was aboard the Going Merry. She used her devil fruit to brutally break the man’s spine in two, taking him out of commission and administering a long overdue revenge for his capture. Unfortunately, Spandam’s injuries were not permanent as she later reappeared alongside Lucci.

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