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The 10 Most Popular Shojo Protagonists, According To MyAnimeList

The shojo genre has been around almost as long as its shonen counterpart, and the genre’s popularity continues to rise long after its creation. Over the decades, shojo has remained consistent in its portrayal of grounded characters and their struggles.

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With so many amazing shojo main characters, some got more fame and fans than others. MyAnimeList is one of the leading sources of data when it comes to determining the prestige of all things anime as decided by the anime community.

10/10 Sakura Kinomoto is the quintessential magical girl (5.2K favourites)

card captor sakura

A pioneer in the magical girl genre, the titular character of card captor sakura captured the hearts of anime fans in the late 1990s. The show was one of the first animes to be officially brought to a younger Western audience with the advent of cartoon networks acquiring the rights to broadcast anime on television .

After she accidentally releases a set of magical cards into the world, her normal life is turned upside down when she becomes the “Cardcaptor”. Tasked with retrieving the letters, Sakura must balance her double life as an elementary school student by day and an underground card-capturing hero by night.

9/10 Misaki Ayuzawa is the definition of Gap Moe (6.7K favourites)


misaki ayuzawa happy maid-sama

In Kaichou Wa Maid-sama!, Misaki Ayuzawa is the “demon president” of the now co-ed Seika High School. Infamous for her iron fist and her steel trap, she recently clashed with local heartthrob Takumi Usui over her carefree attitude. Her dynamics turn upside down when Takumi discovers the student council president at her secret job: working as a maid at the maid cafe.

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Misaki’s determination is her charm point, whether it’s to “protect” the girls at school, to keep her secret safe, or to pay off her father’s debt with a part-time job. These strong qualities are what make her a “gap moe” character and she won over the public as well as the most popular boy in her school.

8/10 Fujioka Haruhi is a Shojo icon for both boys and girls (6.7K favorites)

Ouran High School Host Club

Haruhi Fujioka in Ouran High School Host Club episode 1

As the only student not from a wealthy family, Haruhi Fujioka feels like a fish out of water among the rich kids at Ouran High School. After breaking an absurdly expensive vase belonging to a certain club, the only option he has to return it is to become one of the holder’s members. Ouran High School Host Club.

Haruhi is an icon for anime fans as she effortlessly pulls off the boyish girl look with her short hair and positive attitude. Like her in her series, she quickly became a favorite for both male and female fans.

7/10 Kuronuma Sawako reminds fans not to judge a book by its cover (6.9K favourites)

kimi ni todoke

In kimi ni todokeSawako Kuronuma wants friendship and relationships more than anything in the world, but the stigma surrounding her name and her grim disposition keep her away from those things. A single chance encounter changes her life for the better, and the rest is history.

At its core, Sawako is a kind and sincere girl who is incredibly hard to dislike, assuming her appearance doesn’t fire someone’s heart first. In a sense, one can almost consider Sawako as Komi’s spiritual predecessor from Komi can’t communicate.

6/10 Yona becomes a warrior princess to save her kingdom (7.3K favourites)

yona of the dawn

Yona from Yona of the Dawn

The “disgraced nobleman” trope is rare but often welcome to general audiences because it portrays the struggle of someone who used to make everything crawl up and earn their title. That is exactly what happens in yona of the dawn.

As sole heir to the Kingdom of Kouka, Princess Yona has more lives than her own to protect and the fate of an entire civilization on her shoulders. Unfortunately, it took the destruction of her homeland for her to realize this, catalyzing her growth journey from spoiled daughter of the emperor to righteous warrior princess.

5/10 Natsume Takashi just wants to make things right with the spirits (9.5K favourites)

Natsume’s Book of Friends

The image features an image from Natsume's Book of Friends: (From left to right) Nyanko-sensei, or Madara, (chubby, white, brown, and orange cat) is sitting on top of Takeshi Natsume (short brown hair and white shirt, black pants ) shoulder.

The lonely young Natsume has an unnatural gift: he can see and interact with yokai, an ability he inherited from his grandmother. With his passing, he also bequeathed to her the Book of Friends, a bestiary filled with the contracts of various yokai, both tame and dangerous. One creature in particular, Madara, is tasked with protecting his new master from the most menacing yokai confined in the book.

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Although he is a soft-spoken and somewhat lonely boy, Natsume is a kind soul, and he decides to return the names of all the yokai his grandmother imprisoned in the book. Despite the potential danger and cost to himself, he refuses to give up on this goal.

4/10 Honda Tooru is kind to everyone around her (9.7K favourites)

Fruit basquet

Tohru Honda with Yuki, Shigure, and Kyo Sohma in animal form at Fruits Basket.

Bonds can be forged in the most unseemly places, as demonstrated by Tooru Honda and the Souma family in Fruit basquet. Souma’s ability to transform forced them into social isolation long ago. However, Tooru is not only not bothered by them, but he also wants to help them.

Tooru is adept at doing housework, which comes in handy in a male-only household. She is a rare breed of person, the type who is ready to go out of her way without thanks to help others, even complete strangers.

3/10 Osaki Nana is one of the most relatable Shojo protagonists (10.7K favourites)


Nana Osaki from Nana

Sometimes all someone needs to keep moving forward in life is a friend. lullaby follows the story of two young adults who emerge into the world with little to depend on except each other. The bubbly Nana Komatsu has the fan share of her, but the moody Nana Osaki stole the show with her cold and dark exterior contrasting with her complex and caring interior.

At a young age, she was abandoned by her parents and raised by her grandmother after a rumor got out of hand, meaning her life got off to a rocky start. On top of that, she’s also saddled with all the other worries of adulthood, making her one of her most relatable shojo protagonists.

2/10 Tomoe is The Ultimate Gentlemen Fox Spirit Familiar (10.8K favourites)

kamisama kiss

Tomoe's Foxfire in Kamisama Kiss.

Nanami Momozono can be the heroine of kamisama kiss, but MyAnimeList decided that Tomoe, her familiar fox spirit, is the real star with her pretty-boy demeanor and troubled past. The main draw of the show and the crux of his character arc is the master-servant relationship between him and Nanami.

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Since he is essentially Nanami’s servant, he spends his waking hours meeting her every need and protecting her when necessary. In a sense, he is the ultimate gentleman, waiting hand and foot for the lady from her, purely out of a sense of affection and respect.

1/10 Aslan Jade Callenreese is a noble gangster (13K favourites)

banana fish

In banana fish, 1980s Manhattan subway is a dog-and-dog world, riddled with the blood and bullets of gangsters and criminals. Raised under the name “Ash Lynx” in the biggest gang in the city, young Aslan Callenreese reluctantly spent his teenage years learning the tricks of the trade.

He may be in a deceitful line of business, but that doesn’t make him reprehensible as a person, as evidenced by the fact that he’s taken it upon himself to clean up the streets after the “Banana Fish” killer starts freaking out. . Handsome, strong, somewhat noble and gifted, it’s no wonder he became so popular so quickly.

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