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The 10 Most Disliked Cartoon Characters

Any number of factors can influence how someone feels towards a certain character, from their actions and designs to their role in the plot. Sometimes audiences are even supposed to hate, or love to hate, an anti-hero or villain. That being said, some characters are doomed from conception.

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Viewers are often united in their contempt for a character. Whether the culprit is bad writing, bad acting, a scratchy voice, or any number of factors, some characters just make everyone in the audience look down on them.

10/10 Vinny was unlucky enough to replace Brian

Family man (1999-)

Vinny the dog is actually one of the kindest characters in the cynical and exaggerated world of Family man. Despite the overuse of Italian-American stereotypes on the show, Vinny’s personality and actions are not what mobilized fans against him.

Instead, Vinny earned hate by being Brian Griffin’s in-universe replacement, after the previous family’s dog was hit by a car and killed. With this twist already unpopular with fans, replacing Brian immediately in the same episode outraged many. The fans’ anger towards Vinny only subsided somewhat after Brian returned.

9/10 The Tibble twins are spiteful and one-dimensional

Arthur (1996-2022)

Timmy and Tommy Tibble exchange handkerchiefs in Arthur

Although of arthur Massive cast over 25 seasons, the show doesn’t have many annoying characters. The exceptions are the Tibble twins, Arthur and DW’s neighbors from DW.

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Despite being ostensibly friends with DW, the twins often spend their screen time doing terrible things to her or Arthur, ranging from breaking their toys and smashing Arthur’s expensive glasses to taking DW to the hospital. Most of the time, they are never disciplined, and even when they do apologize, they revert to the same behavior on their next appearance.

8/10 Aquaman is memetically useless

Best friends (1973-1986)

Aquaman looking at the camera in Superfriends

For a long time, the character of Aquaman was associated with useless situational superpowers and of little value to a team full of superheroes. Jokes about him abounded both in real life and on TV shows like Big Bang Theory.

This stemmed from his appearance in Best friends, where his only contributions to the team consisted of talking to the fish. As a result, Fish often had to shoehorn into plotlines to make it relevant, earning him the ire of fans. He would take Jason Momoa’s portrayal of Aquaman in League of Justice to redeem it.

7/10 Sparky left after just one season

the fairly odd parents (2001-2017)

Timmy with his dog Sparky from Fairly OddParents

Sparky’s inclusion in the The magical godfathers Many saw the ninth season as an attempt to add another character popular with children to an already full cast in the form of a fairy dog. Ignoring the continuity issues, Sparky came off as nasty, annoying, and selfish.

More damning was that her character felt redundant. Cosmo already played the role of a less-intelligent character who often unintentionally caused trouble, and was also kinder and funnier. Sparky didn’t last more than a single season.

6/10 Yeah the boy’s got a single joke

The Simpsons (1989-)

The Yes Guy says 'Yes' on a phone on The Simpsons

The Simpsons is known for its large cast of supporting characters, many of whom are well-developed, with unique personalities, real depth, and even stories of their own.

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‘Yes Guy’ had none of this, he just appeared in scenes to say the word ‘Yes’ in a long and exaggerated way, imitating character actor Frank Nelson. While initially funny, the one joke quickly became beyond welcoming of him and he became one of the most hated characters on The Simpsons.

5/10 Gearhead takes up too much screen time

rick and morty (2013-)

Gearhead and Morty are together in Rick and Morty

Of all of Rick’s friends who act as temporary characters throughout rick and morty, ‘Gearhead’ has earned particular anger for his antagonistic actions. Despite Rick’s frequent forays into immorality, Gearhead made sure the fans didn’t like him by selling his friend for money. Gearhead also looks more generic than Rick’s other friends and screen time away which could be used by better supporting characters. His appearances are often seen as low points of the series.

4/10 Red Claw’s accent was scorned

Batman: The Animated Series (1992-1995)

The villain Red Claw from Batman the Animated Series

some of the villains Batman: The Animated Series it earned enough fan adoration to break into the mainstream DC universe. The most emblematic example is, of course, Harley Quinn, who is now one of the emblematic characters of the company.

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Many others aren’t so lucky, being mocked or shunned by fans for their overly slick (even by Batman standards) designs and limited impact. Red Claw represents all of these issues, and she also served as a generic femme fatale character with a Russian accent that fans couldn’t help themselves.

3/10 Mako lacks development and interferes in romance

the legend of korra (2012-2014)

Mako behind bars in Avatar: The Legend of Korra

zuko’s Avatar the last airbender he became an iconic character, a harrowing yet lovable antagonist turned leading man at the center of some of the show’s most memorable moments. mako in legend of korra is an attempt to recreate this lightning in a bottle, with much of the same angst, but none of likeability or development that made Zuko iconic.

Mako also interferes in the fan-favorite pairing of Korra and Asami, dating both at different points in the show and creating a love triangle. She is one of the least popular main characters on either show and is particularly hated in the series’ fandom.

2/10 Leo Wong is a nasty stereotype

futurama (1999-)

Leo Wong with the floating head of Richard Nixon from Futurama

futurama Leo Wong is a deeply unlikeable character, loathed by fans for his rudeness, arrogance, and cruel treatment of his daughter, Amy Wong.

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In particular, it’s hard not to dislike the way Leo is a combination of several troublesome Asian stereotypes. With his thick accent and cold parenting style, Leo often puts a brilliant show to shame just by showing up.

1/10 Scrappy-Doo is the most hated character in the Scooby-Verse

Scooby-Doo and Scrappy-Doo (1979-1980)

Scooby-Doo with his nephew Scrappy-Doo

Scooby Doo is one of the longest-running cartoon franchises of all time, and for many its worst stints were when Scrappy-Doo was running the show. Brought in to help combat declining ratings, Scrappy ended up replacing Fred, Daphne, and Velma. He was also associated with a move to a three-short format, and later The Thirteen Ghosts of Scooby-Doo, that turned the series into a battle with supernatural monsters.

Although Scrappy was not directly responsible for all of these changes, fans resented him for replacing more popular characters, and for his annoying, one-dimensional personality. The fans’ hatred for Scrappy-Doo is so legendary that he became the antagonist of the live-action film after upsetting all the members of Mystery Inc.

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