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The 10 Greatest Avengers Rivalries

Depending on who you ask, the avengersIntrapersonal dynamics could be closer to any number of a variety of social groups: that of co-workers, a family, even a military unit. While the truth of the matter really depends on the media outlet in question, the Avengers have plenty of one-on-one dynamics that define the heroes of the team.

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Some Avengers are lovers; others, best friends. However, quite a few of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes are defined by a spirit of competition with their teammates (or, in some cases, mutual antagonism). For dozens of heroes who have spent time as the Avengers, rivalry is a key team dynamic.

10/10 The rivalry between Hank Pym and Iron Man is mostly one-sided

When Tony Stark and Hank Pym helped found the Avengers, they both measured themselves as scientists. Stark’s background lies primarily in engineering, while Pym’s knowledge spans the impressive breadth of biology, chemistry, physics, and robotics. However, Pym still got quite jealous of Stark.

Tony Stark’s suave charm and good looks made Hank Pym jealous, despite his prolific knowledge. This would partially inspire Pym to develop Ultron and adopt new identities, particularly Yellowjacket. Although Stark never saw Pym as anything more than a friend, Pym’s jealousy made him see the Armored Avenger as a rival first.

9/10 Hawkeye and She-Hulk had chemistry in the schoolyard

Hawkeye gestures and rides away from She-Hulk on a motorcycle while yelling.

Hawkeye and She-Hulk are some of the most fan-favorite members of the Avengers. The two first met in the Jim Shooter era of the team and quickly developed a flirtatious, if antagonistic, relationship.

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Clint Barton and Jen Walters’ fiery tempers meant that the two had some difficulty getting along. In fact, in their initial encounter, She-Hulk flipped over Hawkeye’s cockpit after he tagged his taillight with an arrow. Despite this raucous beginning, the characters would come to see each other as friends, and even have a child together in an alternate universe.

8/10 Wonder Man and Vision think alike too much

Wonder Man tries to hit the Vision while the Vision phases.

While some characters clash over their differences, others clash over their similarities. Such is the case with Wonder Man and Vision, especially considering that Ultron used Wonder Man’s brainwaves to create Vision’s mind.

Upon his return to life, Simon Williams felt particularly uncomfortable about someone else having his mind without his consent. The confusion was increased by Williams’ attraction to the Scarlet Witch, Vision’s partner at the time. The characters came to blows regarding this on multiple occasions, but eventually reconciled, with Williams once again offering his brainwaves to replicate Vision’s mind when she was erased.

7/10 Black Panther and Namor are not allies

An image from the cover of Black Panther #21, showing Black Panther and Namor fighting

Like his relationship with many others, Namor’s relationship with Black Panther was based in part on pride. These two heads of state were initially not wary of each other, but their high-powered status in the Marvel Universe led them to butt heads over and over again.

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In truth, Namor and Black Panther are closer to enemies than rivals. Each has tried to destroy the other and his kingdom, ever since Namor destroyed Wakanda in avengers vs. X Men to when T’Challa stabbed Namor and threw him into a dimensional rift. Although circumstances have forced Namor and T’Challa together, the two men hate each other very much.

6/10 Hawkeye and the US agent think each other is a fool

Hawkeye and US Agent look at each other

When Hawkeye broke away from the main Avengers team to lead the West Coast branch, he attracted a new brand of heroes. From cursed women like Tigra to masked vigilantes like Moon Knight, the West Coast Avengers were full of weird superheroes.

One important exception to this rule was the US Agent, a state-sponsored conservative member. Like Hawkeye, John Walker was headstrong and did not like to take orders. Hawkeye and his star minion fought so often that it resulted in both being suspended from the team. Even today, the two maintain an animosity, evidenced by the fact that Hawkeye took pleasure in knocking out Walker in a recent edition of Ray.

5/10 Namor and Hercules made each other’s royal blood boil

Namor and Hercules fight while Black Knight and Captain America look on.

The Crown Prince of Atlantis and the Lion of Olympus have a lot in common: they are strong, proud, and at one point, they were together in The Avengers. This combination of personality traits did not make a peaceful team, and the two clashed frequently.

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Hercules sought to prove his strength over Namor; Namor tried to prove that Hercules was a jester. The two came to blows several times and once threatened the stability of the Avengers hydrobase with their violence. In the end, Namor and Hercules became friends and held a clambake together on the beach at the base.

4/10 Hawkeye and Hawkeye prove that Hawkeye Will Hawkeye

Hawkeyes Clint Barton and Kate Bishop release their bows after shooting

Clint Barton’s stubbornness and capacity for sarcasm are a big part of what defines him as a character, so it should come as no surprise to learn that Kate Bishop, the next bearer of the Hawkeye name, has those things in spades. Since their first meeting, Hawkeye and Hawkeye have been as much rivals as anything else.

The Barton/Bishop dynamic is based on a core friendship. Although each character constantly teases the other, there is a lot of love in their relationship. Exploring the mentor-mentee relationship of these two characters was a key dynamic of Fraction/Aja/Hollingsworth’s career in the early 2010s. Hawk Eye.

3/10 Iron Man and Captain America have lost each other’s trust

Iron Man and Captain America fight in the final fight of Civil War

Most of Avengers history saw Captain America and Iron Man as charismatic co-leaders of the team. Perhaps most importantly, he also saw them have a strong friendship. However, the two grew apart during the events of Operation: Galactic Storm, when Iron Man tried to kill the Kree Supreme Intelligence and Cap tried to keep her alive.

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Civil war turned Iron Man and Captain America into enemies while Cap sought to protect superhero civil liberties from the grasp of Iron Man’s rule. Though the two’s relationship began to mend in avengers primeCap and Iron Man still have trouble trusting each other.

2/10 Hulk and Thor wonder who is stronger

Thor and Hulk fight in a cover for the Avengers and Defenders War

Ever since the Hulk and Thor stomped their way onto the comics page in the early 1960s, fans have wanted to know which of the two would win in a fight. In-universe, characters have also wondered about this, most notably the Jade Giant and Goldilocks.

Hulk and Thor generally work well together, but have always relished the opportunity to test each other in battle. Time and time again, the two have fought, but a true victor has never been conclusive. As powerful as they are, the Avengers powerhouses are still looking to determine who is the strongest.

1/10 Captain America and Hawkeye became rivals the moment they met.

60's Captain America and Hawkeye joke with each other

When Hawkeye joined the fledgling Avengers in the title’s sixteenth issue, he brought a loud mouth and disruptive attitude along with his bow and arrows. The newly crowned Captain America didn’t take kindly to Hawkeye’s anti-authoritarian stance, and Hawkeye didn’t take kindly to Cap’s subdued demeanor.

Over the course of hundreds of issues, Captain America and Hawkeye went from antagonists to fast friends. Captain America taught Hawkeye to fight and lead, while Hawkeye helped Cap integrate into the modern world and maintain his faith in humanity. Hawkeye’s best teacher and Cap’s best student, the two have maintained a healthy rivalry ever since.

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