Tetsuya Takahashi Wants The Next Xenoblade To Be Vastly Different From Previous Games



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  • Director Tetsuya Takahashi’s message in the Xenoblade 3 OST box reveals his plan to make the next Xenoblade vastly different from the previous games.
  • In terms of style and music, he wants it to betray everyone’s expectations in a good way.
  • This does not confirm that there is a Xenoblade game in the works but shows that if there were one, it would take a different direction from the series.
  • Takahashi also stated that one of the themes of Xenoblade 3 is to “not be afraid of change and walk into the future,” which could resonate with the series’ future.

Monolith Soft Inc. director, Tetsuya Takahashi, had a message for fans in the Xenoblade 3 OST box. At the end of this message, he reveals that if there were another Xenoblade, he would want it to be something vastly different from previous games. Takahashi touched upon several topics of conversation in his long message, and it seems like the continuation of the series would betray everyone’s expectations in a good way.

Tetsuya Takahashi's Message
Tetsuya Takahashi’s Message.

The message was originally in Japanese but was later translated by someone (thanks. XenoMira) who has the Xenoblade 3 OST box. Takahashi’s message discussed many things related to the soundtrack of Xenoblade games and how it has evolved in the past 15 years. Throughout this, some subtle statements made his words at the end a bit more sensible.

A game that cannot serve its fans has no future. A game that doesn’t take on new challenges also has no future. Striking this balance is very difficult, and I still don’t have a clear solution. You just have to do it through trial and error each time,” says Tetsuya Takahashi.

These words were said concerning the less use of the popular OST “Carrying the Weight of Life.” He acknowledged that while fans would have appreciated it if the track was used more often, this compromise between “service” and “goal” turned out pretty well. It seems like he has adopted this form of “change” over the past thirty years and will carry it to a bigger extent with the next Xenoblade game if there will be one.

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Rather than playing on defense, going on the offense; change rather than maintain. This is a stance that I have continued to hold for thirty years. If there is another “Xenoblade,” it will likely be something vastly different from what came before. In style and in music, I would like to make my next goal something that will betray everyone’s expectations, in a good way,” says Tetsuya Takahashi.

While this does not confirm the existence of a Xenoblade game in the works, it shows us Takahashi’s vision of how he wants to carry it into the future. He has often emphasized the importance of change and even made it one of the recurring themes of Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Although a change in video games often comes with heavy criticism, Tetsuya Takahashi could be one of the few to make us fall in love with it.

Xenoblade Chronicles is an ARPG series developed by Monolith Soft and published by Nintendo. The series is loosely part of the Xeno metaseries co-created and directed by Tetsuya Takahashi.

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