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Terraria crafting works a bit differently than most other games in this particular genre, even if the core concept remains the same. It’s nothing too outlandish; it’s simply a bit more unrestricted. And because Terraria has so many unique items, there are also many crafting stations in the game. A lot of these are used to craft a wide variety of items, but some are also extremely specialized. So with this Terraria crafting guide, we’ll show you exactly how the system works and how you can acquire every major station in the game.

Key Highlights

  • Terraria on the surface look like a small 2D game but inside it has A LOT of things to craft which gets complicated at times.
  • Crafting in Terraria works a little differently since it has different crafting stations to craft unique items.
  • The first form of crafting stations are Standard Crafting Stations and before hardmode, there are 18 of them.
  • Some of them are Heavy Work Bench, Imbuing Station, Cauldron, Loom, and Demon/Crimson Altar.
  • Then comes the heavy crafting stations that come after reaching hardmode and there are 6.
  • Some of the crafting stations in Hard Mode are Mythrill Anvil, Crystal Ball, and Ancient Manipulator.

Terraria Crafting Guide

Terraria Crafting
Crafting In Terraria.

To start with, there are a number of different Terraria crafting recipes that can be created by hand. These range all the way from simple Torches and Platforms, to more complex items like Keys to hidden dungeons in the world. Almost none of these are items with tiers that require the creation of multiple other components.

After this, however, are the many workstations that have to be made in order to craft Tools, Weapons, and Armor. Due to this game’s nature as a progression-based experience, crafting the best equipment is always a process that requires multiple different stations and other necessary items.

When any of these Terraria crafting tables are created, they have to be placed in your home base or anywhere of the ground. As long as they are in your immediate vicinity, they can be used even if the player is not directly standing next to them.

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For example, someone can designate a room inside their base as a Terraria crafting area and fill it with workstations. Now anytime they enter this room, they can open up their inventory to see all of the crafting options available to them in a single menu.

This is convenient because you don’t have to remember what each and every one of your stations does. A single button shows you all of the options available to you. The only downside is that due to the sheer number of craftable items in the game, this menu can get extremely difficult to navigate at times.

Now with the basics out of the way, we’ll show you what each workstation does in the game and how to build or find them with this Terraria crafting guide.

Standard Crafting Stations

Terraria Crafting
Standard Crafting Stations.

To start off our Terraria crafting guide list, these are all the Crafting Stations that are available before Hardmode:

  1. Work Bench: The Work Bench is the most basic station in the entire game, and there are 34 different variants of this item. It can be constructed with a wide variety of materials, but the most common variant is crafted with 10x Wood.
  2. Furnace: A basic Terraria crafting furnace can be used to smelt different ores into usable materials and craft other items such as weapons. This requires 20x Stone Blocks, 4x Wood, and 3x Torches.
  3. Hellforge: It serves essentially the same function as a Furnace, except it can also smelt Hellstone ore. This station cannot be crafted; it can only be picked up from Ruined Houses in the Underworld with either a Deathbringer or Nightmare Pickaxe.
  4. Iron Anvil/ Lead Anvil: These two anvils serve the same purpose in Terraria, but the materials required for both cannot exist together within a single game world. To craft these, you need either 5x Iron Bars or 5x Lead Bars.
  5. Placed Bottle: The Placed Bottle is a station where players can create different potions. This isn’t crafted, so much as it is set up by placing a bottle on any table or similar piece of furniture.
  6. Alchemy Table: This functions identically to the Placed Bottle, except a proper workstation with a 33.33% chance to not consume each ingredient. It can only be found in the Dungeon after the Skeletron boss has been defeated,
  7. Sink: As the name suggests, the Sink is used to craft items that otherwise require a water source. It has 41 different variants, but the most simple one can be created with 6x Wood and 1x Water Bucket.
  8. Sawmill: A Sawmill is used to craft more complex wooden items like Terraria, crafting furniture, and other decorations. You require 10x Wood, 2x Iron Bar, and 1x Chain.
  9. Loom: You can check out our full detailed guide on the Loom here, but basically, it allows you to weave clothing items. This requires 12x Wood to craft.
  10. Table and Chair: Combining these two furniture pieces lets you craft different Watches and the Depth Meter. Place any Table and Chair next to each other to establish this Terraria crafting station.
  11. Work Bench and Chair: Another combo that only lets you create the Goggles and Sunglasses accessories. You create this by placing any Work Bench next to a Chair.
  12. Cooking Pot: Players can cook raw ingredients with this to create dishes that give the Well Fed buff. It can be crafted using 10x Iron Bar and 2x Wood.
  13. Cauldron: The Cauldron is functionally indistinguishable from the Cooking Pot, with the only difference being that it is Halloween-themed and more animated. You can only purchase this from the Witch Doctor for 1 Gold and 50 Silver during the Halloween Seasonal Event.
  14. Tinkerer’s Workshop: This Terraria crafting station lets you combine different trinkets into more powerful items. It’s featured heavily in our Terraria Ankh Shield Guide. You can also only purchase this from the Goblin Tinkerer for 10 Gold.
  15. Imbuing Station: An Imbuing Station can be used to craft Flasks that can buff weapons with different abilities. It’s available to purchase from the Witch Doctor for 7 Gold, but only after defeating the Queen Bee boss.
  16. Dye Vat: Craft different Dyes and Paints that can change the color of your equipment, home, and furniture. You can buy it from the Dye Trader for 5 Gold.
  17. Heavy Work Bench: Use this to create Statues, Chests, and Locks for your home base. The ingredients required for this are 12x Wood and 8x Iron Bar.
  18. Demon Altar/ Crimson Altar: These are unique Terraria crafting stations that can be used to craft boss summoning items and a few other special pieces of gear. Depending on whether the world has The Corruption or The Crimson biome, only one type of these will spawn on your map. They cannot be picked up.

Hardmode Crafting Stations

Terraria Crafting.
Hardmode Crafting Stations.

Now, as we move towards the Hardmode section of our Terraria crafting guide, we’ll detail all of the crafting stations that become available after you defeat the Wall of Flesh boss:

  1. Mythril Anvil/ Orichalcum Anvil: Both of these stations are the upgraded versions of the Iron and Lead Anvils, respectively, allowing players to craft Hardmode equipment. You require 10x Mythril Bars or 10x Orichalcum Bars to craft these.
  2. Adamantite Forge/ Titanium Forge: On top of serving the main functions of the Furnace and Hellforge, these Terraria crafting stations allow you to smelt some additional Hardmode ores. To build them, you require a Hellforge and 30x Adamantite Ore or 30x Titanium Ore.
  3. Bookcase: The Bookcase is a specialized workstation required for a few Hardmode magic weapons. There are 35 different variations of this item, but the simplest one can be made crafted using 20x Wood and 10x Books.
  4. Crystal Ball: You can use this to create decorative blocks and gain the Clairvoyance buff. It can be purchased from the Wizard for 10 Gold.
  5. Autohammer: Another specialized Terraria crafting station that lets players create the Shroomite Bar component and Mini Nukes. You can purchase it from the Truffle NPC for 1 Platinum after defeating the Plantera boss.
  6. Ancient Manipulator: An end-game station that allows the creation of powerful gear from Luminite and Lunar Fragments. It drops from the Lunatic Cultist upon death.

This has been eXputer’s Terraria crafting guide.

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