Tekken 8 To Have A Substantially Larger Story Mode Than Tekken 7



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  • During an interview with Famitsu, it was confirmed that Tekken 8 will have a larger story mode than Tekken 7 due to an increase in budget.
  • This would allow for a more immersive story and expand upon characters other than Jin Kazama and Kazuya Mishima.

Tekken 8, the eagerly awaited upcoming installment in the renowned fighting game franchise, has officially confirmed to feature a substantially larger story mode in comparison to its predecessor, Tekken 7. In a recent interview with Famitsu, the development team revealed that they were granted a significantly bigger budget, enabling them to create a more expansive experience. The interview, translated by NoisyPixel, provides further details on this exciting development.

Interviewer: Could you tell us more about the Story Mode’s volume?

Yasuda: Of course, it will be more than Tekken 7. …As a matter of fact, when I was informed of how much of the budget we had used for the Story Mode, I went, ‘O…Oh, my. This is quite the price’ (laughs).

Ikeda: When we first saw just how much we made, even I was very surprised. ‘No way that we made this much!’ I thought (laughs). Since there are, at the very least, 32 characters, I had a hard time connecting them in my head, but fighting games are all about the charm of the characters, so we made sure to bring out the most out of each of them.”

In an average estimate, Tekken 7’s entire story mode can be completed in 4 hours. Given the significant increase in budget, this would give greater depth to the characters other than Jin Kazama and Kazuya Mishima. Also, the mysterious return of Jun Kazama, who was absent from the mainline games since Tekken 2, will play a significant role in the conclusion of the Mishima Saga.

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Overall, the increase in budget provides a great opportunity for a more immersive experience that the previous entry couldn’t achieve. In addition, the inclusion of Arcade Quest mode further enhances the participation among players where they can create their own avatars, and compete worldwide to be the next King of Iron Fist Tournament. Tekken 8 will be released on January 26, 2024, on the PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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