Tekken 8 alternate character outfits from the upcoming beta test have leaked online.


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  • Alternate costumes for all Tekken 8 characters from the closed beta have been leaked online. Modder Ultraboy has shared a wide assortment of apparel on Twitter.
  • The characters’ outfits also seem to have solved this dilemma with Paul Phoenix’s hairstyle, giving him different choices that change his hair. The rest of the roster looks great too.
  • Tekken 8 is scheduled to launch on Friday, January 26, 2024 for PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S, and more. Xbox Series X. The closed beta test will run from October 20 to October 23.

All of the characters in Tekken 8 have wardrobes full of alternate outfits to enhance their appeal. The coming son will present most of these costumes. But as usual in the gaming industry, all alternate outfits in the beta have already been leaked online. Data miner Ultraboy on Twitter What outfits have been shared — most of which haven’t been officially shown off — quell some of our concerns with some of the default character designs.

Kazuya’s alternate choices look particularly striking, making him look as menacing as possible in both a shirtless outfit and a formal suit. Some old organizations are unfortunately not returning to the Tekken 8 closed beta test, such as Hwoarang’s open taekwondo organization. Asuka is also missing her classic outfit, so players suspect that the final release of the game will feature an even wider selection of alternate outfits.

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The Tekken community was also in turmoil at the time. Paul Phoenix’s trailer dropped.; Her choice of hairstyle and design was the cause. Quite a stir among some players. Regardless, the alternate costumes solve this dilemma by giving her different hairstyles. There may be many characters whose default outfits weren’t aesthetic enough for some of us, but alternative choices come with different color schemes and changes.

The closed Tekken 8 beta test has been scheduled October 20 To October 23. It is set to bring more features than the closed network test, such as cross-play for all platforms, battle matching with other users in the Tekken Fight Lounge, and more. You can. Register for the closed beta test here. If this piques your interest. Players are very excited about the beta as the last closed network test proved to be a huge success.

Most recently with the Tekken franchise Climbing the 50 million sales mark, Bandai Namco is trying to push the boundaries of Tekken’s entry with the upcoming sequel. The devs will. Bring a “total package” experience. On the table with some older features like Tekken Ball mode. Additionally, Tekken 8 will. Add a big story mode. Compared to its predecessor.

Tekken 8 is coming out on Friday, January 26, 2024for PC and current generation consoles, incl PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X. Unfortunately, we can’t expect to enjoy the entry on possibly last-gen platforms, due to hardware limitations.

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