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Tears of Themis Marius MR ‘First Glimpse’ Special Consultation event guide

The classic Tears of Themis special query event is back with its first MR reward after a series of outfits. This time Marius von Hagen appears in MR’s exclusive “First Glimpse” as well as a special name card with the same motif. The event runs from November 18th, 2022, to November 28, 2022and consists of completing Special Consultations of Cases and Trials in Field Work.

How to Unlock the Tears of Themis Marius MR ‘First Glimpse’ Special Query Event

To participate in the event, you must first unlock Fieldwork by completing the main story scenario. 4-18. Then, access the event page by entering Field work at the bottom left of the home screen and selecting special inquiry. This is a limited time event, so we recommend starting as soon as possible.

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How to Get Special Reports in Marius MR ‘First Glimpse’ Special Consultation Event in Tears of Themis

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Most of the event rewards can be obtained from the exchange shop through special reports. You can farm for them by completing Cases and Lawsuits. Every debate costs 10AP and will reward you with the following:

  • cases: x60 Special reports
  • Lawsuits: x180 Special Reports

Click on the Automatic mode at the bottom left of the screen to automatically fight cases. This feature cannot be used for Lawsuits. You must complete all three cases to unlock the lawsuit. If your deck’s power is too low, don’t worry, as you can slowly whittle down the Lawsuit boss’s HP, but each attempt will cost 10 AP. Use Marius cards to get a demand bonus: a drop increase of one percent per card (max 15 percent).

After completing all the cases and lawsuits, you need to wait for DAVIS to update the lineup. This can take a whole day, which means you can only get a limited number of special reports for free. If you want to get the MR card reward, you have no choice but to spend S-Chips to refresh the page (x80 S-Chips per refresh).

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How much does it cost to get Marius MR & Namecard in Tears of Themis?

Marius “First Look” ID Card

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The ID card can be purchased from the exchange shop at the top right of the Special Inquiry page for 5,000 special reports. It can be obtained for free or with minimal upgrades depending on your demand bonus, assuming you play every day:

  • Demand Bonus of 5 Percent and More – Completely Free
  • One upgrade (no claim bonus): 80 S-Chips

Make sure to trade in your Special Reports before the event period ends, as they will then be converted to Stellin at the rate of 1:10. There is no way to get the badge after the event unless Tears of Themis decides to do a replay.

Marius MR “First Look”

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The Marius MR “First Glimpse” can be obtained by collecting 15,000 special reports. No need to redeem them, just claim the reward in the Event To Do List located at the bottom right of the Special Inquiry page. It is impossible to get the MR without updating. See below for the cost breakdown based on your Demand Bond:

  • 30 Upgrade (0% Demand Bonus): 2400S-chip
  • 28 upgrades (5% demand bonus): 2240S-chip
  • 27 Upgrades (10% Demand Bonus): 2160S-chip
  • 26 Upgrades (15% Demand Bonus): 2080S-chip

Don’t forget that in addition to S-Chips, each upgrade also costs 40 AP, assuming it only takes one round for you to win the Lawsuit. Additional attempts will cost 10 AP each.

Should you get the Marius MR “First Glimpse” in Tears of Themis?

Image via HoYoverse

The Marius MR “First Glimpse” is a Logic card with preemptive strike, making it an awesome card to have in your deck. It also features a shirtless Marius, a rare feast for the eyes. Overall, the card is worth getting if you love Marius von Hagen and need a DPS boost for your Logic deck.

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