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Knowing all the stable locations in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom will make your journey through the open world much easier. With the stables, you can bring any horse you have managed to find in the wild and register it to become your faithful mount. You can even earn multiple rewards just by interacting with these stables.

There are main stables and mini stables in Tears of the Kingdom. Main stables are slightly larger than mini stables and can be found more frequently on the map. Check out all the Tears of the Kingdom stable locations below.

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Stable Map Locations
All Stable Locations – Full Map
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Main stable locations

  • duel spike stable – Can be found south of Kakariko Village, near West Necluda.
  • Eastern Akkala Stable – At the eastern end of the Akkala Highlands, near the Akkala Sea and Deep Akkala.
  • stable at the bottom of the hill – East of Eldin Canyon on the road that leads to Death Mountain.
  • Gerudo Canyon Stable – Can be found at the Gerudo entrance on the path leading to Gerudo town.
  • Hateno Pasture Barn – Can be found in Hateno Village located to the southeast of the map.
  • Highland Stable – At the southern end of the map, west of the stable by the lake.
  • lakeside barn – To the far south of the map below Faron and near the sea.
  • Serenne’s New Stable – Just to the northwest after leaving the central region of Hyrule following the road.
  • suburban barn – Southwest of Hyrule Field on the road.
  • snowfield stable – Can be found in Tabantha Thundra just up the road.
  • South Akkala Stable – South of Akkala Highlands on the way through the forked path.
  • Tabantha Bridge Stable – To the far west of the Hyrule Ridge region on the road just before entering the Tabantha border.
  • wetland stable – It can be found to the west of the central region of Hyrule, near the river by the road.

Mini Stable Locations

  • Landing lookout: In Central Hyrule you can unlock a mini stable by completing the side quest, The Incomplete Stable.
  • Gerudo Canyon Pass: Near the outskirts stable at the pass leading to Gerudo.

Those are all the stable locations for Tears of the Kingdom. For more guides and walkthroughs, check out our other The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom articles here.



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