Tears Of The Kingdom Has A Rip-Off Version On Mobile; Fans Call It Zolda: Wheeze Of The Wild



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  • Kung Fu Saga, an Asian RPG, recently made an advertisement sharing many similarities with the upcoming Tears of the Kingdom.
  • This blatant rip-off is likely one of the many we will see once Tears of the Kingdom releases on 12th May.
  • Tears of the Kingdom fans on Reddit have given this mobile game the nickname “Zolda: Wheeze of the Wild,” mocking the gameplay and its poor attempt at copying the popular franchise.
  • Among the many features Kung Fu Saga has ripped off, we can see the new mechanics ‘Fuse’ and ‘Recall’ in the promotional video shared on the official Tears of the Kingdom subreddit.

A mobile RPG, Kung Fu Saga, recently made a promotional video containing an uncanny resemblance to Tears of the Kingdom. Aside from the Zelda rip-off character, the promotional video also reveals some mechanics from Tears of the Kingdom, including Fuse and Recall. If that wasn’t enough, we could see the player riding a piece of fallen debris and going to an aerial dungeon.

We got a copy cat game already
by u/niteowwl in tearsofthekingdom

We know this is just another shameful marketing tactic, but the similarities Kung Fu Saga shares with Tears of the Kingdom are certainly amusing. Right off the bat, we can see a green-dressed hero who is surely not Zelda, riding falling debris to get to an aerial dungeon; again, nothing to question here. This not-Zelda character then uses his ‘weapon synthesis feature’ to ‘fuse’ a boulder to their stick and attack the pile of enemies.

These references will hardly go over anyone’s head, and the funny thing is that the game does little to no effort to hide their blatant rip-off. This has given the fans on r/tearsofthekingdom their dose of entertainment, and many are even calling this game “Zolda: Wheeze of the Wild,” which is an obvious jab using the name ‘Breath of the Wild.’

Another user on the Reddit post pointed out that this game was originally called Avatar Saga and did the same tactics of ripping off Avatar: The Last Airbender, but recently changed it to Kung Fu Saga, likely due to legal issues. If true, the game’s remaining days will be numbered since Nintendo doesn’t tolerate these things and will surely take action very soon.

Lastly, Kung Fu Saga’s gameplay hardly resembles what is shown in the promotional video. These are pure marketing tactics; although they work, Nintendo won’t take this well. Tears of the Kingdom already had a hectic week as the entire game was leaked online way before its release, and Nintendo would not want another thing smearing mud on its name.

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