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Construction Site Cave is a location in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, which can be found in Akkala that is a region located in the northeastern part of the game’s map, best known for its rough landscape, including mountains, forests, and beaches. You might find it while wandering Hudson’s construction site. One problem that you will face is that when you get to this cave, you will find that the Entrance is blocked by metal bars. But, you don’t need to worry; there is a way to get past them and enter the forbidden room.

Key Takeaways

  • The Construction Site Cave is located in the Akkala region in the northeastern part of the Tears of the Kingdom map.
  • The cave can be found within Hudson’s construction site., and the entrance is obstructed by metal bars, but there’s a way to bypass them.
  • There are three entrances to the Construction Site Cave in Tears of the Kingdom, only one leads to the room.
  • East entrance (3753, 1538, 0087) is uninteresting, skip it.
  • West entrance (3666, 1547, 0089) houses valuable collectibles:
    1. Bright Caps: Luminescent mushrooms that make one glow when consumed.
    2. Brightbloom Seeds: Seeds that grow into a faintly glowing flower.
    3. Sticky Lizards: Useful for climbers, can stick to wet surfaces.
    4. Bubblefrogs: Hide in the cave, emit bubbles when threatened, and leave behind valuable items when defeated.
  • To bypass the metal bars in Tears of the Kingdom, use the northern entrance via the Construction Site Well at (3719, 1586, 0090).

What Is The Construction Site 

location of Construction Site Cave (Image Credits: eXputer)

The Construction Site Cave in Zelda’s Tears of the Kingdom is a mysterious location situated within the rugged Akkala region. Hidden within Hudson’s construction site, this intriguing spot presents an exploration challenge due to its barred entrances.

Yet, it houses treasures like luminescent mushrooms, useful seeds, peculiar lizards, and elusive Bubblefrogs, making it a must-visit for adventurers seeking a dash of thrill and surprise. The cave perfectly encapsulates the game’s essence of exploration and discovery.

How To Enter The Construction Site Cave

The Construction Site Cave in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom has three entrances, but only one of them leads to the room. The other two entrances are blocked by metal bars.

  • You can skip the East entrance (3753, 1538, 0087) because it doesn’t have anything interesting inside.
  • However, you should visit the west entrance (3666, 1547, 0089) because you will find many things there that are worth collecting in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

Items Found In Construction Site Cave

I have discussed here all the items that you should not skip and collect by going through the West Entrance of the Construction Site in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

1. Bright Caps

Brightcap (Image Credits: eXputer)

There is a type of mushroom that grows in the construction site cave of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom and has a special property. It contains luminescent enzymes that make it glow in the dark. If you cook this mushroom and eat it, you will also start to glow. This effect can be really fun and make you stand out in the dark.

2. Brightbloom Seeds

Brightbloom seed
Brightbloom seed (Image Credits: eXputer)

Brightbloom Seeds is a type of seed that can be found in caves or wells. When you strike this seed, it will take root and grow into a small flower. This flower gives off a faint light that can be useful in dark places. It is a great source to light up a room without any other light source.

3. Sticky Lizards

Sticky Lizards is a type of lizard that has unique toes that allows it to easily cling to the walls. These toes have a suction effect that helps the lizard stick to surfaces. If you were a climber, this lizard could be very helpful on wet surfaces

4. Bubblefrog

Bubble frog
Bubble frog (Image Credits: eXputer)

Bubblefrogs are mysterious creatures that live in the construction site cave of Tears of the Kingdom. These creatures like to stay hidden and are difficult to find. When they feel threatened, they will spew bubbles at you.

If you are able to defeat them, they will disappear and leave behind mysterious objects. These mysteries could be anything from gems and minerals to special items that can help you in your adventure.

Bubbul gem
Bubbul gem (Image Credits: eXputer)

Even though you can’t get into the room inside the cave, you can still shoot the Bubblefrog with your bow. This will give you a Bubble Gem that you can give to Kotlin. Bubble Gem is an important item in the game because you need to collect several of them to complete several quests. 

How To Get Past Metal Bars Of Construction Site

There is a Construction Site with Metal Bars blocking your path in Tears of the Kingdom. To see the area beyond the metal bars you have to use the northern entrance by going down through Construction Site Well located at (3719, 1586, 0090). Once inside use Bomb Flowers to destroy two layers of breakable walls.

construction site well
construction site well (Image Credits: eXputer)

Just be careful when using explosives like Bomb Flowers, and make sure to be at a safe distance before shooting, or you might get hurt from the blast in the small space. Inside the secure room, you will find several Zonai Devices Capsules spread on the floor. Remember to take breaks and not get too caught up in exploring.

You don’t want to forget about your main quest and lose sight of your goals. But at the same time, it’s fun to explore and see what you can find in the game world. While exploring, just be cautious when using explosives like Bomb Flowers, and have fun.

Inside, one can find diverse items, from Bright Caps mushrooms to elusive Bubblefrogs. Be sure to use Bomb Flowers responsibly while breaching the secure room’s walls, and remain mindful of your main objectives even while delving into the joys of exploration. This cave serves as a shining example of the adventure and mystery that Tears of the Kingdom provide.

In conclusion, the Construction Site Cave in Akkala offers players a unique and captivating exploration experience. Despite the obstruction of the main entrance, clever use of the northern route allows entry into this intriguing cave. For more detailed information just go through these amazing guides Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Ganondorf, Wing Tears, and Archaic Tunic Location


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