Tears of the Kingdom Best Recipes (General, Elixirs & Trade)

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Tears of the Kingdom features 200+ hearty recipes that will fill up anyone. Among those recipes, a few best ones are crucial to stay alive; therefore, knowing some of the Tears of the Kingdom Best Recipes on the tip of your fingers might be helpful while you are busy adventuring! 

Important: Cooking and consuming food can become daunting if you don’t know the basics of cooking in Tears of the Kingdom.

Key Takeaways

  • Overall, 200 recipes can be used to attain different benefits in Tears of the Kingdom!
  • The best general recipes include Energizing Elixir, Sunny fried wild greens, warding meat skewer, bright elixir, heart mushroom skewer, enduring fried wild greens, mighty simmered fruit, spicy sauteed pepper, tough mushroom Skewer, and more. 
  • The best elixirs include some Electro, chilly, bright, fairy tonic, energizing, enduring, hearty, fireproof, hasty, sneaky, mighty, spicy, tough, and sticky. 
  • The best food to sell is cooked food and different types of elixirs. 
  • Raw Ingredients can grant hearts, be cooked, and be incorporated into different recipes. 
  • Food can be cooked in cooking pots, and properly cooked food grants more hearts, and meals that have been combined are better!
  • Different types of food include hearty, energizing, enduring, gloom restoration, gloom resistance, stealth, heat, cold, fire, shock resistance, and hasty, mighty, tough, and bright. 

Best General Recipes 

General Recipes (Image Credits Exputer)

Now, first things first, one of the main things that you should know is that there are different types of Tears of the Kingdom Best Recipes that you can make, including specific recipes that are catered to heat, cold, shock resistance as well as different types of elixirs.

Below are some of the best general recipes you can use, which have a mix and match of different recipes that can be useful. 

Recipes  Effect 
Energizing Elixir It can restore 0.25 of your total stamina wheel, which is used to traverse further through the land, such as doing activities like swimming or climbing. 
Sunny Fried Wild Greens  It is a food that can restore hearts that have managed to get damaged by Gloom, and it is a basic vegetable dish made by sauteing fresh wild plants. 
Warding Meat Skewer  It can grant you low-level Gloom resistance, and it is a juicy snack made by grilling small chunks of meat on a skewer. 
Bright Elixir  It can grant a glow effect and illumination at a low level for a bit, and iot immediately makes your area glow. 
Heart Mushroom Skewer  It can grant full recovery, restore your health, and temporarily boost up your maximum heart. 
Enduring Frield Wild Greens  It is a food that can restore and overfill your stamina wheel and is a basic vegetable dish made by sauteing fresh wild plants. 
Mighty Simmered Fruit  It can grant an attack power buff at a low level, and it is a sweet dish made by heaping tasty fruits into a pan and simmering it until it becomes tender. 
Spicy Sauteed Pepper  A food that can grant you a bit of cold resistance and is made using spicy peppers. 
Tough Mushroom Skewer  The food is a simple mushroom-packed skewer and can boost your defense
Sticky Elixir  It can make you resistant to slipping for a little while at a low level while being on wet surfaces
Hasty Mushroom Skewer  If you want to increase your overall movement speed, then the Hasty Mushroom Skewer can be used. Rushrooms can be used to make it. 

Best Elixirs 

Elixirs (Image Credits Exputer)

Moving on, let’s discuss some of the Tears of the Kingdom Best Recipes For Elixirs that you can try out, which can include the following from Bright Elixirs, Chilly Elixirs, Enduring, Energizing, and many more types of elixirs. 

Elixirs  Ingredients  Effect
  • Thunderwing Butterfly / Electric Darner 
  • Electric Keese Wing 
  • Monster Part 
Using the elixir grants you electric resistance for a short while until its effect wears off. 
  • Winterwing Butterfly/Cold Darner 
  • Monster Part 
It grants you heat resistance for a short while until the elixir no longer works. 
  • Deep Firefly 
  • Monster Part 
The Bright Elixir grants temporary illumination
Fairy Tonic  It grants you resurrection, but only once after consuming the elixir. 
  • Energetic Rhino Beetle / Restless Cricket 
  • Monster Part 
The elixir can give you 20% regeneration of your stamina wheel which can help during traversal during your adventures. 
  • Tireless Frog 
  • Monster Part 
It grants you maximum stamina after the elixir has been consumed. 
  • Hearty Lizard 
  • Monster Part 
After the elixir is used, it adds maxed hearts but only temporarily. 
  • Fireproof Lizard / Hot-footed Frog 
  • Monster Part 
Using the elixir can provide you with temporary heat resistance
  • Hightail Lizard 
  • Monster Part 
The hasty elixir will increase your overall speed for a short while until the effects of the elixir wear off. 
Sneaky  Increases your overall strength briefly until the elixir’s effects wear off completely. 
  • Bladed Rhino Beetle 
  • Monster Part 
It enhances your overall attack until the elixir stays active, which greatly helps in combat and taking out opponents or bosses
  • Summerwing Butterfly / Warm Darner 
  • Monster Part 
To increase your chances of survival in colder areas, the Spicy elixir can boost your cold resistance using this elixir. 
  • Rugged Rhino Beetle 
  • Monster Part 
Enhances your defense for a short while after the consumption of the elixir. 
  • Sticky Frog / Sticky Lizard 
  • Monster Part 
It allows you to climb up wet surfaces for a short while. 

Best Food To Sell 

Selling Foods
Selling Foods (Image Credits Exputer)

Moving on, the next thing we should consider is discussing which of the Tears of the Kingdom Best Recipes To Sell might include elixirs and cooked food. 

Below are a few elixirs and cooked food you might want to sell if it is in excess. As for the elixirs, they have already been listed. 

Dishes  Ingredients 
Meat Skewer  Any type of meat 
Mushroom Skewer  Any type of mushrooms 
Steamed Mushrooms  Any kind of mushrooms and Hyrule Herbs
Fish Skewers  Any kind of fish 
Sauteed Peppers  Use spicy peppers 
Fried Wild Greens  Use any kind of wild greens 
Salt Grilled Meat  Raw Meat and Rock salt can be used 
Pepper Steak  Meat, Spicy pepper, and acorns can be used

Basic Cooking Guide 

Another thing that players might want to know about recipes is that the actual cooking process to achieve the Tears of the Kingdom Best Recipes is pretty easy. 

For example, looking at the Energizing Mushroom Skewer is typically able to easily refill some of your stamina wheels, which can further help you traverse across the lands and further aid you in your adventuring. 

Recipes (Image Credits Exputer)
  • However, the recipes below provide a certain number of hearts and show how much stamina it can heal. 
  • For example, the recipe displayed here shows the restoration of five hearts, filling up 1 full stamina and then a little more. 

Other than that, the main way to cook Tears of the Kingdom Best Recipes is by roasting it, or raw ingredients can simply be lit on fire, making it much easier to increase its heart value. 

  • Food can be cooked in any cooking pot that can be found, or a portable cooking pot can also be used whenever necessary. 
    Cooked Food
    Cooked Food (Image Credits Exputer)
  • Food that has been cooked properly tends to give more hearts, or it can also up the overall period that the food effect lasts, or the effect can also become more viable. 
  • Food can be used together to make more lavish meals, but if two ingredients with the same food effect are used, they will not stack, but they will rather negate each other, and it will just give you a simple meal that restores a little bit of heart. 
    Cooking (Image Credits Exputer)

Types Of Food 

Types Of Food
Types Of Food (Image Credits Exputer)

Below are listed the types of food that can be used to make the Tears of the Kingdom Best Food Recipes

Types Of Food  Effects 
Hearty  Grants temporary hearts 
Energizing  It grants you extra stamina regeneration and also gives you a few hearts. 
Enduring  The food is used to restore stamina that has been lost and overfills your stamina wheel as well. 
Gloom Restoration  The food can be used to regenerate or restore hearts affected by Gloom. 
Gloom Resistance  Food that grants you temporary resistance to Gloom. 
Stealth  It makes it so that enemies have difficulty detecting and attacking you. 
Heat Resistance  The food can be used in areas that are hotter and can be used to survive for longer there. 
Cold Resistance  Opposite of Heat Resistance food and can be used to survive for longer in colder areas and thrive there. 
Fire Resistance Food that can come in handy to prevent yourself from being affected by Fire for a short while. 
Shock Resistance  As the name suggests, shock-resistance food grants temporary protection from Shock after ingesting the food. 
Hasty  Food that is used to boost the overall movement speed. 
Mighty  Food that can grant attack buffs that can come in handy during combat. 
Tough  Foods that bump up your overall defense allow you to stay alive longer and tank more damage from enemies. 
Bright  Used for the glow. 


And that’s just about it! All that players need to know about the Tears of the Kingdom Best Recipes, and with that, let’s wrap up this guide! While you’re here, why not read up on the Tears of the Kingdom Best Bow guide, which goes into detail about what the best bows might be? In order to stay stocked up on Rupees, read the How To Get Rupees Tears of the Kingdom guide!

While you’re at it, the Tears of the Kingdom Cherry Blossom Tree guide will entail all of its locations! 

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