Tears of the Kingdom Best Fusions (Top 18)



In Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, fusion emerges as a game-changing mechanic, allowing players to create over 100 unique weapon combinations from melee, ranged, shields, elemental, and boss weapons. Utilizing the right fusion can drastically enhance your combat effectiveness, opening up strategic opportunities and making even the strongest foes manageable. This guide spotlights 18 best fusions in Tears of the Kingdom that stand tall for their versatility, effectiveness, and sheer power.

Key Takeaways

  1. Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom features melee weapons, ranged weapons, shields, elemental items, boss weapons & other utility options. 
  2. If you use the best fuse materials of any two weapons from the categories I mentioned above, you will create fusion weapon that will have properties of both weapon types. 
  3. Fusion in Tears of the Kingdom can give you more than 100+ weapon combinations that can be used in various situations while fighting enemies & bosses. 

Comparison Table of Best Fusions In Tears of the Kingdom

Here is a table listing all 18 best items describing what they are & where to use them best. I have also compared them with each other, so you know which is best for you. 

Item Short Description Best Usage
18 Jelly Arrows Exploits elemental advantages Versatile combat
17 Rock Stick Offers raw strength Smash enemies
16 Melee Spiked Iron Ball Augments damage output Early-game survival
15 Bokoblin Arms Powerful unconventional weapon Melee combat
14 Duo Lizalfos Arms Immense yet brittle power High-risk fights
13 Shield Rockets Mobility-enhanced defense Speedy evasion
12 Shield Fan Fends off multiple enemies Crowd control
11 Duo Shields Doubles defense capacity Against tough foes
10 Mushroom Spear Crowd control with bounce Keeping enemies away
9 Canon Spear Long-range damage dealer Dispatching enemies afar
8 Monster Horn Weapons Amplified melee attacks Overpowering enemies
7 Bomb Flower Arrows Ranged explosive weapon Obstacle clearance
6 Wing Arrows Long-range precision weapon Sniper mode
5 Eye Ball Arrows Tracks enemy movements Target tracking
4 Keese Eyeballs Arrows Homing accuracy and efficiency Maximizing precision
3 Gemstone Swords Exploit elemental weaknesses Adaptive combat
2 Zonai Powered Weapons Ancient offensive technology Powerful strikes
1 Ancient Blade Arrow Destructive ranged fusion Effortless kills

18. Jelly Arrows

Jelly Arrows

In Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, Jelly Arrows, crafted by fusing Chuchu Jelly with Arrows, make a unique fusion combination with notable usability and weapon effectiveness. Chuchu Jelly, with its variety of elemental properties, can impart these characteristics to your arrows.

When fused with arrows, Chuchu Jelly not only deals elemental damage to enemies but also helps Link traverse the environment. For instance, arrows infused with Ice Chuchu Jelly can generate small ice blocks on water surfaces, akin to the Cryonis ability in Breath of the Wild.

However, it’s important to avoid using Jelly-infused melee weapons, as Link might suffer from the elemental effects. Given these unique benefits, Jelly Arrows are a versatile tool in Link’s arsenal, enhancing combat effectiveness and aiding environmental navigation.

17. Rock Stick

Rock Stick

In Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, Rock Stick Weapons emerge as a Tears of the Kingdom Best fusions choice. These are created by merging a Wooden Stick with a Rock, and they pack a punch in usability and effectiveness. Why? Firstly, it’s a straightforward process – you can easily make them using a tree branch and a small rock or a sturdy stick and a boulder. This fusion boosts the stick’s base damage, delivering a more powerful attack.

More than its combat capability, the real value of a Rock Stick Weapon is its utility. It’s a handy tool for cracking open walls, revealing hidden passages, and extracting valuable resources like rare stone and Zonaite. So, keeping a Rock Stick Weapon ready in your inventory is smart gameplay.

16. Melee Spiked Iron Ball

Melee Spiked Iron Ball

The Melee Spiked Iron Ball fusion in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is an excellent choice for players seeking to boost their offensive power, particularly in the game’s early stages. By fusing any melee weapon with a Spiked Iron Ball, the resulting hybrid weapon enjoys a significant damage bonus of +15.

This fusion truly shines when you’re facing off against tougher foes, with the added punch of the Spiked Iron Ball cutting down enemies with greater ease. Moreover, it provides Link with a wider attack range, enabling him to tackle enemies from different directions.

In terms of usability, the fusion’s simplicity means that players can capitalize on the power of the Spiked Iron Ball without altering their familiar combat styles. Consequently, it offers a smooth yet effective upgrade to your weapon, enhancing both power and versatility in combat.

15. Bokoblin Arms

Bokoblin Arms

In Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, the fusion of a Bokoblin Arm and any weapon is a winner in both usability and weapon effectiveness. As you journey through Hyrule after dark, you’ll encounter Stalkoblins – weak skeletal foes that drop a Bokoblin Arm upon defeat. These arms, although having low durability due to their boney composition, are impressively strong, especially in the early stages of the game.

A Bokoblin Arm boasts a substantial 20-base Attack Power, making it a fantastic fusion material. While it may break after some use, the smart strategy is to fuse it to a base weapon, providing a potent 20 Attack Power boost. Once it crumbles, if you have spare arms in your inventory, just fuse another to your base weapon. This tactic ensures your offensive power remains high throughout your adventure.

14. Duo Lizalfos Arms

Duo Lizalfos Arms

In the early stages of the game, one of the best weapons & Tears of the Kingdom Best fusions you can craft surprisingly comes from Skeletal Lizalfos. Once you defeat them, they drop their arm, which can be used as a unique weapon. By fusing two Lizalfos Arms, you effectively double their base power of 22 to a whopping 44, which is significant in the early game.

While this fusion offers a strong start, the real thrill comes from continuously experimenting with different fusion combinations to discover powerful and fun results. Always keep exploring new options!

However, these skeletal arms are fragile and break easily, so it’s best to use this formidable weapon for early boss battles where you need that extra firepower. Remember, these skeletal creatures appear at night, usually near the glowing rocks scattered across Hyrule, so adjust your playtime accordingly.

13. Shield Rockets

Shield Rockets

The Shield Rocket Fusion is a standout choice for its exceptional usability and strategic advantages. This fusion involves combining any Shield with a Zonai Rocket. While it might not directly enhance your combat power, it equips Link with an upward launch ability.

This airborne maneuver can be a game-changer in various situations. It enables slow-motion attacks on enemies from a vantage point and can help Link reach areas that are otherwise inaccessible, even with his Ascend ability. However, keep in mind that this fusion is a single-use solution – the Rocket disappears from the shield after launch. Despite this, the strategic edge it offers makes Shield Rocket fusion an essential tool in your Tears of the Kingdom adventure.

12. Shield Fan

Shield Fan

The fusion of any Shield with a Fan gives birth to Shield Fan, an excellent fusion choice due to its significant usability. The beauty of Tears of the Kingdom lies in its emphasis on creative freedom, allowing you to turn ordinary Zonai devices into valuable tools.

While attaching a fan to your weapon might not make a significant difference, pairing it with a shield opens up new gameplay possibilities. With the Shield Fan Fusion, you get wind power on demand as long as your battery power lasts. This on-demand wind can come in handy in various situations, offering a strategic edge over your foes. In terms of usability, the Shield Fan Fusion stands out as a top-tier choice in your adventure through the Kingdom.

11. Duo Shields

The Duo Shield fusion in Tears of the Kingdom is a practical yet powerful option for those who prioritize defense in their gameplay strategy. By fusing two shields together, the resulting weapon exhibits enhanced durability.

In simpler terms, this fusion significantly boosts the damage absorption capacity of your shield, allowing it to withstand more enemy attacks before it breaks. This means that Link can maintain his guard for longer periods, making him less susceptible to damage and providing more opportunities to counter-attack.

This combination is particularly useful during intense battles where the enemy offense is high or when facing powerful bosses that require a more defensive strategy. It’s a solid choice for players who appreciate the importance of a sturdy defense in their approach to conquering the challenging world of Hyrule. So, when it comes to durability and longevity in the heat of combat, the Duo Shield fusion truly shines.

10. Mushroom Spear

In Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, a fusion between a Mushroom and a Spear creates a unique weapon called the Mushroom Spear. This is one of the Tears of the Kingdom Best fusions you can manage right at the start, as both components are readily available in the Great Sky Island and throughout Hyrule.

The Mushroom Spear’s key trait is its bouncy effect, which pushes back enemies upon impact. Pair this with the Spear’s inherent reach, and Link can maintain a safe distance from his adversaries. This unique fusion is particularly beneficial in the early game stages when Link’s damage output is relatively low. It provides a helpful method to keep enemies at bay, combining both offense and defense in one neat package.

9. Canon Spear

Canon Spear

Fusing a cannon with a spear in Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom creates a fantastic weapon that is as exciting as it sounds. This fusion brings together the reach and precision of a spear with the sheer destructive power of a cannon, transforming your weapon into a sort of battlefield gun.

With a Cannon Spear, you can attack enemies from a safe distance, launching cannonballs accurately at targets. This fusion weapon truly shines in situations where you need to control the battlefield from afar, whether you’re handling groups of enemies or facing a formidable boss. The Cannon Spear is not just a formidable weapon but also a thrilling one that adds a unique flavor to the combat in Tears of the Kingdom.

8. Monster Horn Weapons

Monster Horn Weapons

The fusion of Monster Parts with any weapon in Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom notably enhances the weapon’s potency, creating a robust ally in battles throughout Hyrule. Monster Horns are particularly valuable, significantly boosting a weapon’s base Attack Power.

Obtaining these as loot from vanquished foes, players can increase their arsenal’s strength early in the game. The durability factor of Monster Parts makes this fusion highly advantageous; they never wear out and stay attached till the weapon’s demise or the player’s removal of fusion. Therefore, these Monster Part Weapons not only provide a tactical edge but also deliver a reliable tool, making it a remarkable fusion in the game.

7. Bomb Flower Arrows

Bomb Flower Arrows

The fusion of Bomb Flowers and Arrows creates a potent tool for ranged destruction. These Bomb Flower Arrows are, quite simply, Link’s mobile artillery. As alternatives to traditional bombs, they provide an impressive range, allowing you to detonate explosive charges on enemies, barrels, and obstructive rocks from a safe distance.

Without needing a heavy rock or boulder weapon in your loadout, these explosive arrows offer a lightweight yet powerful solution for clearing paths and handling enemy clusters. Just a single well-aimed Bomb Flower Arrow can wreak havoc on a large group of foes, dealing substantial damage and causing temporary stunning.

Bomb Flowers themselves can be found in caves and are especially prevalent around rock-blocked paths, typically in the Depths. Therefore, whenever you come across these natural explosives, be sure to stock up. After all, in the dynamic and dangerous world of Hyrule, you can never have too many Bomb Flower Arrows at your disposal. It’s an explosive twist to your conventional archery, adding a strategic layer to your combat tactics in Tears of the Kingdom.

6. Wing Arrows

Wing Arrows, a fusion of a Wing and Arrows, offer a significant advantage in Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom by revolutionizing long-distance combat. When you attach a wing to an arrow, it boosts the arrow’s flight performance, allowing it to travel straighter and further. This increased range and accuracy nullify the typical drop-off due to gravity that affects normal arrows.

Specifically, fusing Aerocuda wings into arrows produces an even more impressive result. The game’s item description hints that these Wing Arrows can maintain their flight “even in a slight wind.” This property is particularly handy in certain scenarios, like taking down the boss in the Wind Temple, where gusty conditions are commonplace.

In essence, Wing Arrows are the snipers of Hyrule – excellent for dealing with enemies from afar. With these in your quiver, you’re armed with the precision to take out foes before they even know you’re there.

5. Eye Ball Arrows

In Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, the fusion of Eye Balls and Arrows forms Eye Ball Arrows, an excellent combination for usability and weapon effectiveness. While the concept of attaching an eyeball to an arrow may initially seem unappealing, the benefits are remarkable.

Eye Ball Arrows come with a homing ability, enabling the arrow to lock on and strike the target as long as the shot is in the enemy’s general vicinity. This feature is invaluable when dealing with fast-moving enemies or skittish wildlife, offering increased accuracy.

Whether you struggle with aiming or face airborne monsters, Eye Ball Arrows guarantee a hit. Eye Balls can be collected from flying monsters found in caves and enemy camps. Overall, this Tears of the Kingdom Best fuses combination significantly improves your targeting precision, making it a top choice in your arsenal.

4. Keese Eyeballs Arrows

Eye Ball Arrows

The Keese Eyeball Arrows, made by fusing a Keese Eyeball with Arrows, is an incredibly practical and effective weapon fusion in Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. Keese, the pesky bats in Hyrule, drop eyeballs that, when fused with arrows, give the projectiles the power to home in on targets. This upgrade provides a significant boost to Link’s combat capabilities.

With the challenge of moving targets, especially fast ones like the Aerocudas in the sky or the Bokoblins on horseback, these homing arrows are an invaluable asset. Instead of painstakingly aiming and hoping for the best, these arrows will track the enemy’s movements, making hitting your mark significantly easier.

Not only does this fusion dramatically increase the accuracy of your shots, but it also allows for more strategic gameplay. You can focus more on evasion and positioning, knowing your Keese Eyeball Arrows will find their target. It’s a game-changer for those tricky battles where precision is key.

3. Gemstone Swords

Gemstone Swords

Gemstones Swords in Tears of the Kingdom stands out as the best fusion due to its versatility and elemental power – the Gemstone Sword. When a gemstone is fused with any sword, it transforms the weapon into an elemental powerhouse, able to shoot specific elemental orbs based on the type of gemstone used.

A Ruby-imbued sword, for instance, can shoot fire orbs, perfect for dealing with enemies vulnerable to heat or for environmental interactions requiring fire. Similarly, a Topaz-infused sword can hurl electricity orbs, giving you an edge in battles where electric attacks are more effective. A Sapphire-enhanced sword, on the other hand, can release water orbs. This is particularly useful during the Zora quest line, where water manipulation often plays a crucial role.

The beauty of the Gemstone Sword fusion is its adaptability. Depending on your current mission or the enemies you face, you can always switch up the gemstone to meet your needs. So not only does it offer combat advantages, but it also brings strategic depth to your gameplay in Tears of the Kingdom.

2. Zonai Powered Weapons

Zonai Powered Weapons

In Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, fusing Zonai Devices with any weapon can give rise to Zonai Powered Weapons, a top-tier fusion combination in terms of usability and weapon effectiveness. Fire Emitter or Shock Emitter Zonai Devices, when fused with weapons, can enhance the elemental potency, resulting in a stronger output than traditional gemstone fusions.

Beyond elemental power, Zonai Devices like Rockets or Fans can boost your weapon’s damage. Among the plethora of Zonai devices available in the game, cannons take a special spot. Despite their compact size, they pack a powerful punch, firing away at foes. Attach one to your weapon, and you’re essentially wielding a firearm. Especially when added to a spear, you can safely and accurately launch cannonballs at your enemies. In summary, Zonai Powered Weapons offer an unbeatable blend of power, versatility, and fun & are easily Best fuses in Tears of the Kingdom.

1. Ancient Blade Arrow

Ancient Blade Arrow

Fusing an Ancient Blade with Arrows creates a formidable weapon that can disintegrate enemies with surprising ease. The Ancient Blade Arrows are highly potent and can swiftly deal with foes, offering players a significant advantage in battle.

Acquiring an Ancient Blade, though, can be a bit challenging due to its rarity. You can find them scattered across Hyrule or purchase them from a Construct, a special vendor that becomes accessible after completing the Fifth Sage quest chain. Each Ancient Blade comes with a price tag of 50 Zonaite, a premium currency that you can accumulate by mining ores in the Depths.

This fusion, while it may seem pricey, is well worth the investment for the sheer power it brings to your arsenal. Not only do Ancient Blade Arrows greatly increase the damage output of your shots, but they also add an edge of dominance to your ranged combat, letting you defeat foes from a distance with minimal effort.

Final Remarks

This brings me to the end of Tears of the Kingdom Best Fusions guide, where I have listed the top 18 combinations & the byproduct of the best-fused materials you get from them. Now before you leave the page, you must visit Games Like Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, All Characters, Plot, and Ganondorf Guides.

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