Tears of the Kingdom Best Fuse Material (Top 22)



In Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, hunting for the best fuse materials is not just a game perk but a survival strategy. By enhancing Link’s best weapons and best shields from over 100 unique materials, you’re drastically tipping battles in your favor, strategizing enemy encounters, and unraveling the vibrant world of Hyrule in new, exciting ways.

Key Takeaways

  1. There are more than 100 fuse materials in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. 
  2. Players can fuse various materials to Link’s melee, ranged weapons & shield & creative, and unique elemental effects & increase the overall attack power of that particular gear.
  3. While all fuse materials either offer increased attack power, elemental effect, or both, not all of them are super helpful. 
  4. I have listed here 22 Tears of the Kingdom Best Fuse Materials for players to try & dominate the situational troubles while fighting bosses and enemies in the game.
    1. Spiked Iron Ball: Infuses your weapon with extra piercing power.
    2. Chuchu Jelly: Adds a gel-like coating that slows enemies’ movements.
    3. Fire Fruit: Ignites your weapons, dealing burn damage over time.
    4. Flame Emitter: Transforms your shield into a fiery barricade against foes.
    5. Blue Moblin Horn: Enhances your weapon with a cold aura to freeze enemies.
    6. Amber: Adds a robust defense boost when fused with shields.
    7. Gibdo Bones: Gives your weapons a spooky charm that terrifies enemies.
    8. Puffshrooms: Fuses your weapon with spores to induce status ailments on enemies.
    9. Gleeok Guts: Boosts weapon durability for prolonged battles.
    10. Brightbloom Seeds: Enhances your arrows with a tracking effect on enemies.
    11. Muddle Bud: Coats your weapon with a confusion effect, disorienting enemies.
    12. Blue Bokoblin Horn: Adds a chilling frostbite effect to your arrows.
    13. Topaz: Electrifies your weapons or shields, stunning adversaries on contact.
    14. Frox Fang: Increases the critical hit rate of your weapons.
    15. Elemental Wings: Bestows your arrows with elemental damage based on the wing type.
    16. Black Bokoblin Horn: Inflicts a paralyzing poison on foes when used on weapons.
    17. Dinraal Monster Parts: Supercharges your weapons with dragon’s might for increased damage.
    18. Bomb Flowers: Grants your arrows’ explosive properties for area damage.
    19. Eyeballs: Makes your weapons and shields gaze upon foes, terrifying them.
    20. Gleeok Horns: Fortify your shield with a draconic defense boost.
    21. Silver Lynel Saber Horn: Supercharges your weapon with devastating lacerating power.
    22. Diamond: Provides the ultimate defense boost when fused with shields, reflecting enemy attacks.

22. Spiked Iron Ball

The Spiked Iron Ball is a unique fuse material used for enhancing weapons in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. To acquire the Spiked Iron Ball, you need to fuse a one-handed weapon with a Spiked-Iron-Ball Hammer. This action is done in the game’s weapon fusion interface.

What makes the Spiked Iron Ball the Tears of the Kingdom Best Fuse Material is its versatility and strength. Adding it to any weapon can increase the base attack by 9 points. It offers enhanced power, giving you an edge in combat. The Spiked Iron Ball is suitable for one-handed weapons, making it a practical choice for many players who prefer balanced speed and strength in battles. Furthermore, its ability to upgrade weapons brings a new layer of strategy to the game, enabling you to handle more challenging foes with ease.

21. Chuchu Jelly

Chuchu Jelly

Chuchu Jelly is a versatile monster part in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, used in various tasks like elixir cooking, armor dyeing, and weapon fusion. To obtain Chuchu Jelly, you have to defeat Chuchus. These creatures are commonly found in areas like Hyrule Field and East Necluda.

Chuchu Jelly shines as a fuse material due to its multipurpose nature. Its unique trait is its elemental adaptability; it can alter its type based on the element it’s struck with—fire, ice, or electricity. When attached to weapons, it bursts into flame-dousing water, enhancing attack power and adding a strategic depth to battles. As a cooking ingredient, it increases effect durations, and in the Kochi Dye Shop, it’s used to dye armor light blue. Its easy accessibility and versatility make it a top fuse material.

20. Fire Fruit

Fire Fruit

Fire Fruit is a unique resource in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, known for its capacity to start fires and add spice to meals.

To gather Fire Fruit, look for small trees with yellow leaves in areas such as Hyrule Field and Eldin Canyon. The red glow of the fruit is visible from afar, especially at night. Notably, In-isa Shrine, located on Great Sky Island, offers up to eighteen Fire Fruits per respawn.

Fire Fruit stands out as a top fuse material for several reasons. When attached to weapons, Hylian shield, or arrows, it grants a fire element that can ignite enemies or start campfires on impact. Moreover, it increases attack power, providing a significant combat advantage. Fire Fruit also adds a Scorching effect to cooked meals, boosting your damage in hot weather. This range of applications, combined with its accessibility, makes it an invaluable resource.

19. Flame Emitter

Flame Emitter

Flame Emitter is a potent tool in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, known for spraying fire when attached to an object and swung at. To get a Flame Emitter, you need to use Device Dispensers found in various locations on the Sky Islands, such as the Simosiwak Shrine and Gutanbac Shrine. These require Zonai Charges or Construct Horns, obtained by defeating enemies, to activate.

The Flame Emitter distinguishes itself as an excellent fuse material due to its fire-emitting capability. When equipped with a weapon or shield through the Fuse ability, it can spray a horizontal line of fire, dealing damage and creating a strategic barrier. This function also sets grass on fire, repelling enemies. Furthermore, when attached to a shield, it emits fire for over 20 seconds per charge. Another innovative use is to attach it under a balloon, creating a flying hot air balloon. The varied applications and impactful damage make the Flame Emitter a top-tier fuse material.

18. Blue Moblin Horn

Blue Moblin Horn

Blue Moblin Horn is a valuable material in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, known to enhance weaponry and act as a significant currency. To acquire Blue Moblin Horns, you must defeat Moblins. These creatures are abundant throughout the map, notably in areas like the Forest of Time and Hyrule Field. Remember, Moblins also spawn during every Blood Moon, offering more opportunities to collect their horns.

The Blue Moblin Horn is considered a superior fuse material for several reasons. First, it can be fused with weapons, shields, or arrows, increasing your attack power significantly – adding 13 power points to your weaponry. This enhancement can turn even the most modest sword into a lethal weapon. Furthermore, being a monster part, it can be combined in elixir recipes, offering a handy resource during gameplay. Finally, it’s a good source of income, with each horn worth 9 rupees, providing an economic advantage to the players. These features make Blue Moblin Horns a top pick as a fuse material.

17. Amber

Amber Item

Amber is a valued resource in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. This ancient, caramel-colored resin is often used in crafting and decoration. 

To get Amber, you should focus on breaking rare ore deposits. These golden deposits can be found in various caves and areas throughout the game. Additionally, setting your Sensor+ to detect rare ore deposits can increase your chances of finding Amber. You might also discover Amber in treasure chests located in various shrines, such as the Ukouh and Kikakin Shrines.

What sets Amber apart as an excellent fuse material is its versatility. When fused to your weapons, it boosts your attack power by four, turning any basic weapon into a more potent tool. Moreover, Amber can be sold at various shops and merchants across Hyrule for 10 rupees, providing a useful source of income. With its decorative and crafting uses, Amber offers a lot of value in Tears of the Kingdom, making it a top choice as a fuse material.

16. Gibdo Bones

Gibdo Bones

In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Gibdo Bones are unique monster parts with sharp points. These bones are known to significantly boost the attack power of any weapon they’re attached to, despite their tendency to break due to their unusual shape.

Acquiring Gibdo Bones requires defeating Gibdos. These creepy monsters mainly inhabit the Gerudo Desert and the depths of the same area. Whether it’s a standard Gibdo or the more menacing Moth Gibdo, each slain enemy offers a chance to obtain a Gibdo Bone.

What makes the Gibdo Bone a fantastic fuse material is its impressive attack power boost of 40. By attaching it to any weapon, you can massively increase your offensive capability, making your battles considerably easier. Apart from that, you can use Gibdo Bones in a Cooking Pot with any critter to create useful elixirs. However, note that not every best item can be fused with Gibdo Bones, and the specific effects depend on the combination, so experimentation is key. In essence, Gibdo Bones’ versatility and strength-enhancing properties make them an excellent choice for fuse material in the game.

15. Puffshrooms

In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Puffshrooms are unique fungi that are primarily found near large trees in The Depths. Being brown in color, they can be hard to spot without adequate light; hence activating Lightroots to illuminate the area is recommended. To get Puffshrooms, you need to explore The Depths, especially around the large trees. Remember, these mushrooms aren’t always easy to spot, so keep your eyes peeled and make sure the area is well-lit by activating Lightroots.

The true beauty of Puffshrooms lies in their versatility. Not only can you use them in cooking to create dishes that offer valuable buffs and increased health recovery, but they also serve as useful fuse materials. When fused with weapons, arrows, or shields, Puffshrooms can provide impressive effects that enhance your combat capabilities.

The exact effect, however, depends on the specific combination you opt for, inviting you to experiment and find what works best for you. Additionally, Puffshrooms can also be thrown at enemies to stun them, providing an advantage in battle or a chance to escape.

14. Gleeok Guts

In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Gleeok Guts are a potent fuse material that players can obtain from defeating Gleeoks, a formidable type of enemy. These guts are monster parts and are recognized for their impressive fuse attack power.

Gleeok Guts can be collected as drops from slain Gleeoks. To find Gleeoks, players must venture into areas where these formidable creatures dwell and engage them in combat. Be warned, though, Gleeoks are tough opponents, so ensure you’re well-prepared for the fight.

What makes Gleeok Guts so valuable is their high fuse attack power. When used as a fuse material, they significantly boost the offensive capability of your weapons. Additionally, as monster parts, Gleeok Guts can be combined with critters to craft powerful Elixirs. However, caution is advised when cooking with them. Mixing Gleeok Guts with inappropriate food items could waste valuable ingredients. With proper use, the Gleeok Guts can be a game-changing resource, especially when facing tougher opponents, proving it to be one of the Tears of the Kingdom Best Fuse Materials.

13. Brightbloom Seeds

Brightbloom Seeds

Brightbloom Seeds in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom are glowing seeds that illuminate dark areas. Found in well-lit caves or sometimes near the entrance to darkened ones, they’re a crucial tool for successful cave location exploration.

Acquiring Brightbloom Seeds requires a bit of spelunking. Found mostly in caves with good natural lighting, these seeds are usually nestled in groups of three. Just approach the cluster and press ‘A’ on your controller to pick them up. Be sure to inspect around, as seeing one cluster usually means more are nearby.

These radiant seeds offer more than just light, though. When fused with weapons, arrows, or shields, Brightbloom Seeds enhance their effectiveness, providing a distinct edge in combat. Additionally, by throwing these seeds or shooting them with your best bow, you can illuminate further distances, an asset when exploring dark environments. Lastly, their frequent occurrence makes them a plentiful resource, ensuring you won’t easily run out. This multitude of uses, combined with their accessibility, make Brightbloom Seeds a top choice for fuse material in the game.

12. Muddle Bud

Muddle Bud

Muddle Buds in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom are unique flowers with a potent disorienting effect. When used correctly, they can turn foes against each other, adding an extra layer of strategy to your combat encounters.

To get Muddle Buds, you’ll need to venture into the Depths of Hyrule, primarily found around mushrooms and large trees. Alternatively, you can seek out the Bargainer Statues scattered around Hyrule, where you can acquire these unusual flowers for just 16 Poes.

What sets Muddle Buds apart as a fuse material is their versatility and power. When attached to an arrow or weapon or even thrown as a bomb, these flowers release a cloud that causes enemies to attack each other. This makes them particularly useful in crowded combat situations, where turning enemies against each other can create chaos and confusion. But beware: if there are no other enemies around, the affected foe may turn on you! 

11. Blue Bokoblin Horn

Blue Bokoblin Horn

The Blue Bokoblin Horn is a distinct, axe-like monster part collected from the formidable Blue Bokoblins in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Valued for its capacity to boost attack power, it can be fused with weapons and shields or used in creating powerful elixirs.

Obtaining this sought-after fuse material requires bravery and skill. You’ll have to confront and defeat Blue Bokoblins, notably their leaders. These challenging foes are often found in Bokoblin camps throughout Hyrule, making them accessible but a true test of combat abilities.

The value of the Blue Bokoblin Horn lies in its versatility, and the significant attack boost it offers. When fused with weapons or shields, it adds substantial power, transforming your gear into formidable tools. Its power also extends to arrows, adding extra punch to your ranged attacks. Beyond combat, it’s useful in cooking, where it can extend the duration of elixirs, and at the Kochi Dye Shop, it serves as a unique ingredient for armor dye.

10. Topaz


Topaz is a precious gem in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. It’s recognized for its vivid yellow color and is often found inside rare ore deposits throughout the kingdom of Hyrule.

To get Topaz, players must smash these rare ore deposits, which exhibit a distinctive golden hue. These ores can be found in various locations, including the Sahasra Slope Skyview Tower, Death Mountain, and the overhead cave at Puffer Beach.

Topaz stands out as the Tears of the Kingdom Best Fuse Material due to its electrifying properties. When attached to weapons or shields, it can shock enemies, providing a tactical advantage in combat. It enhances your shield’s defensive capability, allowing it to electrocute adversaries on contact. Likewise, when fused with a boomerang, it can stun targets and return them to you.

9. Frox Fang

Frox Fang

The Frox Fang is a rare, potent material you can find in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. It’s an oversized fang from the formidable Frox, a monster known for crunching ores, and it’s great for boosting your weapons or crafting elixirs.

Getting your hands on a Frox Fang isn’t easy; you’ll have to go toe-to-toe with a Frox. These formidable beasts usually reside in rocky areas of Hyrule. When you encounter a Frox, be prepared for a tough fight. Only by defeating these creatures can you claim their fangs as your prize.

As a fuse material, the Frox Fang stands out due to its significant attack boost when attached to weapons, arrows, or shields. This edge in combat can turn the tide of many encounters. However, its utility doesn’t stop there. In the world of elixir crafting, a Frox Fang can add a significant duration boost when cooked with a critter, making your beneficial effects last longer. Lastly, it’s used in upgrading certain types of the best armor, such as the Hood, Tunic, and Gaiters of the Depths, enhancing your defense.

8. Elemental Wings

Elemental Wings

Wings in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom are versatile fuse materials that come from various creatures. These appendages can be attached to arrows, increasing their flight distance and accuracy, which is incredibly beneficial in combat.

You can obtain wings by defeating airborne creatures like Keese or Aerocuda. Once these creatures are defeated, they often drop their wings, which you can collect. Also, be on the lookout for nests or roosts where these creatures gather, as you’re likely to find wings there.

The reason wings make excellent fuse materials lies in their unique ability to enhance your arrows. When attached to an arrow, a wing provides added aerodynamic properties, causing your shots to fly straighter and reach farther than usual. This can make a significant difference in long-range combat, allowing you to strike enemies from a safe distance. Additionally, certain types of wings, like the Aerocuda’s, even offer enhanced performance in windy conditions.

7. Black Bokoblin Horn

Black Bokoblin Horn

In Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Black Bokoblin Horn is a robust fuse material. Gained from the formidable Black Bokoblins, these horns can be utilized to enhance your weapons, offering a unique edge in battle.

To acquire this fuse material, you need to defeat Black Bokoblins. These enemies are not the most common, but you can find them lurking in the more perilous parts of Hyrule. Upon their defeat, they often drop their horns, which you can collect for future use.

The strength of the Black Bokoblin Horn lies in its versatility. When fused with your weapons, it boosts their attack power, allowing you to deal more damage to your enemies. It can also be used to modify certain weapons, bestowing them with unique attributes that echo the ferocity of the Black Bokoblins. Furthermore, when combined with arrows, it enhances their attack power, ensuring your long-range strikes pack a harder punch.

6. Dinraal Monster Parts

Dinraal, The Fire Dragon

Dinraal Monster Parts are prized items in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, often obtained from the fire dragon, Dinraal. These components can enhance your weapons or be sold for a good sum of rupees.

You can gather Dinraal Monster Parts by encountering Dinraal, a fire dragon often seen soaring in the skies of Hyrule. When you meet Dinraal, you need to aim for its body parts – scales, claws, horns, or fangs – with your arrows. Successful hits will cause the desired part to fall to the ground for you to collect.

The value of Dinraal Monster Parts stems from their distinct capabilities. When fused with weapons, they imbue these with fiery attributes, allowing you to launch flame-charged attacks against your foes. This can be invaluable against enemies susceptible to fire. Additionally, they are worth a pretty penny, with each scale selling for about 150 rupees. This makes them a reliable source of income, especially when you’re low on rupees. Moreover, these parts can be used in cooking to extend the duration of meal effects, offering additional strategic options in battle.

5. Bomb Flowers

Bomb Flowers

Bomb Flowers in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom are unique plants with explosive properties, used as potent fuse material to add an explosive punch to your weapons or shields.

To acquire Bomb Flowers, embark on a cave exploration adventure. Pay special attention to areas blocked by breakable rocks or green vines – breaking these barriers often reveals hidden rewards, including Bomb Flowers. Also, keep an eye out for the elusive Blupee, a glowing creature that often leads to a nearby cave. Notable locations include Whistling Hill Cave, which boasts up to five Bomb Flowers.

Despite their low Fuse Attack Power of 1, Bomb Flowers significantly enhance your combat strategy. Fusing these explosive Cherry blossoms into your weapons, shields, or arrows transforms them into powerful bombs, useful for eliminating enemies, breaking rocks, or accessing new areas. Additionally, they can even facilitate bomb jumps, providing a unique mobility option. This explosive versatility, combined with their ready availability, makes Bomb Flowers an excellent choice as a fuse material in Tears of the Kingdom.

4. Eyeballs


Eyeballs in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom are monster parts, specifically from Keese, that can be used as a unique fuse material. They significantly enhance the accuracy of your arrow shots.

You can get these eyeballs by defeating Keese, a common enemy found in locations like Hyrule Field and West Necluda, particularly during the night and in caves. Be ready for their nocturnal swoops and attacks.

Despite their seemingly macabre nature, Eyeballs serve as a surprisingly useful fuse material. Fusing them with your arrows not only increases the attack power but also imparts a remarkable homing ability to your shots. This functionality makes them highly effective against agile enemies, letting you prioritize headshots for increased damage. Moreover, you can cook them with critters to prepare durable elixirs or use them to dye your armor in Hateno Village’s Kochi Dye Shop.

3. Gleeok Horns

Gleeok Horns in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom are robust fuse materials acquired from the formidable three-headed Flame Gleeok bosses. These dragon-like creatures drop horns upon defeat, offering players a potent boost to their arsenal.

To obtain these horns, you’ll need to defeat Flame Gleeoks, found in locations like Eldin Canyon and Lake Hylia, particularly at Bridge Hylia. These intimidating beasts are hard to miss due to their size and fiery demeanor, but they pose a significant challenge, making the horns a prized commodity.

The unique allure of Gleeok Horns lies in their exceptional Fuse Attack Power of 30, the highest in the game. When attached to a weapon, it considerably enhances the attack power, outperforming even the ancient dragon horns. This capability makes any confrontation with Flame Gleeoks worthwhile despite their difficulty.

2. Silver Lynel Saber Horn

The Silver Lynel Saber Horn, a high-powered fuse material in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, is obtained from defeating Silver Lynel mini-bosses. Known for their exceptional damage bonus of +55, these horns are crucial for players aiming for high damage output.

To get your hands on these rare materials, you’ll have to engage in combat with Silver Lynels. These imposing creatures inhabit various parts of Hyrule, including the West Hyrule Plains, Gerudo Highlands, Tabantha Frontier, Deep Akkala, and Hyrule Depths. But be warned, their power matches their size, so prepare for an intense fight.

Why is the Silver Lynel Saber Horn such a standout fuse material? The answer lies in its unrivaled Fuse Damage of 55, significantly boosting any weapon’s attack power. When attached to a weapon, it drastically improves its performance, making you a formidable force in any battle. It’s also handy for brewing elixirs, extending the potion’s duration by +40 seconds.

1. Diamond


Diamonds are precious resources in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, boasting a high fuse attack power and are sought after for their rarity. They are unique items that don’t appear in the Hyrule Compendium, adding a touch of mystery to their acquisition and use.

To uncover these valuable gems, you’ll need to delve into the depths of Hyrule, particularly treasure chests and shrine rewards. One location to get your first diamond is hidden within Hyrule Castle, specifically the Royal Hidden Passage cave. Other diamond-rich sites include the Jochi-ihiga Shrine, the Sihajog Shrine, and the Yomizuk Shrine.

Why are diamonds such a superior fuse material? Their fuse attack power of 25 provides a substantial power increase for any weapon, even though they don’t add elemental power. The rarity of diamonds also adds to their value, making them a highly sought-after resource for early-game players lucky enough to find them.


With this, I have concluded my Tears of the Kingdom Best Fuse Materials guide & I hope you’ve learned a lot from it. Now that you’ve read it all, Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Orochium Shrine, Hearty Durian, Giant White Stallion, and Bladed Rhino Beetle guides also offer useful insights, so make sure you read these too. 


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