Team Fortress 2 assets leak

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A new report has now revealed that Team Fortress 2 assets have been leaked online.

The popular team-based multiplayer shooter developed by Valve has now experienced another attack and this time, the entire repository of assets has been shared online. Sources claim that this is now the biggest leak for the game.

Team Fortress 2 has a history of many breaches in the past. These included small asset leaks and even the source code was leaked in 2020. Unfortunately, it was affected by another one; this time, it’s the entire asset pack.

This new information comes from Twitter user Overtime Richter. They confirm that the ENTIRE Team Fortress 2 resource repository has been leaked. They say that many never-before-seen maps, models, PSDs, VMFs, and more are now available for the public to access.

The post also revealed the size of the big leak, which is 61 GB. This is also the last installment of official Team Fortress 2 content that fans will get to see, as Valve won’t be releasing anything else. This is now all.

The leak may not be a good thing, but the results could help the community. They may be able to ask Valve now to make the release of all content official and make it available for the public to use. Anyway, the game is mostly supported by the fans and this new content will make them happy at least.

Team Fortress 2 is now available for PC.

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