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Are you one of the many affectees of the error on post Tarkov issue? Many reports have been pouring in detailing how players cannot log into the first-person shooter’s online servers. As it turns out, there are a bunch of different measures you can take to get right back into playing. Thankfully, the game’s unofficial community has come forth with everything you can do to resolve the issue at hand.

Key Highlights

  • The error on post-Tarkov is usually a result of technical problems on the part of the developer or sometimes due to network problems.
  • The wisest course of action is Waiting it out since a large influx of players causes server downtime.
  • You can use a high-quality VPN to switch up your IP address and then try running the game.
  • Another potential fix for the error on-post issue is altering your Windows PC’s DNS settings.
  • Try switching up your internet connection from a wireless one to an ethernet one since it provides a stable connection.
  • If nothing works out, you can always try reinstalling the game.

What Is The Escape From Tarkov Error On Post Issue? 

The phrase “Tarkov down” has seemingly become notorious in recent times since the game actually has people looking this up on the internet. Apparently, technical issues from the side of the developer are causing the error on post Tarkov issue to surface.

Therefore, the vast majority of the blame is shifted toward the server side, which you, the regular user, have no control over. But don’t rule things out that easily yet. The problem might as well pertain to your end of things too. A problem with your DNS settings or missing game files could bar you from getting into Tarkov.

To get back to playing on the fly, you’ll need to tick off a bunch of items from your to-do list that we’re going to give you in the next section. From checking the Escape From Tarkov server status to resetting your network, some of the forthcoming fixes are bound to do the trick for you. 

Let’s check out all that in the section ahead. 

How To Fix Tarkov Error On Post

The following is our cherry-picked collection of all the different ways you can resolve this vexing Escape From Tarkov issue yourself. Please note that the problem in question mostly relates to the server end, and that is something you’ll have to sit out, unfortunately.

Still, if there’s a chance that the error on post hassle doesn’t relate to the side of the developers, there are multiple potential fixes that you can attempt on your end. We’ve outlined what you need to do in that regard ahead.

Wait For A Patch

From what we can gather after researching around in community forums and reading player reports, the error on post Tarkov affair isn’t something that you can tend to on your own. Apparently, a large influx of players right after the recent-most update is causing some sort of server outage. 

As it turns out, the multiplayer Tarkov servers cannot bear the load of an immense number of players trying to log into the game at the same time. Somewhere along those lines spurts up the error prompt on your end, thereby locking you out of the FPS altogether. 

Fortunately, the developers—Battlestate Games—are already aware of the technical turmoil that Tarkov is under. They’ve taken to their official Twitter handle and have posted the following, encouraging the concerned user base that things will be all right soon. 

escape from tarkov
Battlestate Games on Twitter

The best course of action, therefore, is to sit tight until the matter is resolved from the side of the developers. Sadly, there’s not much that you can do apart from checking the Tarkov server status at the moment because the servers are suffering from downtime. 

However, since work has already begun on issuing a patch for error on post Escape From Tarkov, it won’t be long until the servers are up and running again. We strongly advise staying up-to-speed with updates that the developer drops on its social signals.

That way, you’ll know that the game is fixed as soon as the problem has been resolved. With that being said, there is still the possibility of your device or internet connection not cutting it quite right for Escape From Tarkov. Exploring that scenario, let’s take a deep dive into your side of things and try the following potential fixes. 

Try A VPN 

The error on post hassle pertains to your internet in the case that you’ve confirmed the issue isn’t from the back-end. It surfaces when a stable connection to the game’s servers cannot be established. The issue could link with your pertinent IP address and the locality you reside in.

Therefore, in cases such as these, it’s definitely worth taking up the service of a Virtual Protocol Network, or better yet, a VPN, and confirming whether doing so helps resolves the issue or not. 

You can find plenty of effective VPN software out on the internet, both paid and free. If you don’t have a premium program for the purpose already, we advise you to check out the diverse offerings of Windscribe.

It’s a high-quality and free-to-use VPN that switches up your IP address and lets you browse with anonymity, which is something everyone should strive for in 2022.

In this scenario, however, it’s not the privacy functionality that concerns us but how the program can attempt to connect to Escape From Takov for multiplayer access.

Start your connection with another region, therefore, to check the potency of the solution in question. Countries like Iceland, Spain, Russia, and Canada are all quite well-known for having effective multiplayer servers for games, so it might be beneficial to connect to one of these using a VPN. 

After you finally establish a link to any foreign country with your VPN, try going online in Escape From Tarkov like you normally would and see whether the problem still exists. If you still haven’t lucked out, though, there are a couple of more fixes to shoot at that’ll possibly sort you out with this endeavor. 

Use Alternate DNS Settings

One of the most helpful ways players have utilized to resolve this resilient Escape From Tarkov issue is to change your DNS settings to different ones on your Windows PC.

DNS is short for Doman Name System and is a crucial component of computing devices that house the capability of using an internet connection. It makes access to different IP addresses possible and allows devices to communicate with the internet, thus the alternative name “Phonebook.” 

There is a high probability that the solution to the bothersome Tarkov issue rests within changing your DNS settings. It is what we’re going to do here in the fix at hand, basically. Let’s get right down to it with the following steps. 

  1. The first step is to open the “Settings” of your device. This can be done through the Windows Start menu or through the Taskbar if you have the app pinned there. 
    Opening Settings on Windows 10
    Opening Settings on Windows 10
  2. The next step after having the “Settings” application opened is to select the “Network and Internet” option. The following screenshot describes where to click. 
    Clicking on the "Network and Internet" Option
    Clicking on the “Network and Internet” Option
  3. Doing so will take you to all the internet-related settings of your Windows PC. You now have to select the “Change adapter options” button under the “Status” page of the whole section. Check out the following screenshot for more information.
    Changing Adapter Options
    Changing Adapter Options
  4. A new window will now open called “Network Connections.” You’ll be met with four different types of connections here. The way forward is choosing the right connection that you’re actually using on your PC. If you’re using a wired Ethernet connection, you’ll have to go with that one to move further, so do evaluate this crucial point right now. We’re going to go with Wi-Fi as an example here. Double-click on the correct connection type and then click on “Properties” to get to the next step. 
    Selecting the Correct Connection Type
    Selecting the Correct Connection Type
  5. You’ll now be seeing another small-scale window on your screen. This is where you’ll be able to adjust your DNS settings, but not quite right now. Scroll down the list of the items on show and select “Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPv4).” Then, click on “Properties” to get to the next step.
    Opening the Properties of IPv4
    Opening the Properties of IPv4
  6. The final step is where you’ll have to deal with another window that will pop up on the screen after clicking on the “Properties” button. This is where you’ll finally be putting in the DNS settings and switching them to alternate ones. To get started, toggle the “Use the following DNS server addresses” as specified in the screenshot below and enter “” in the “Preferred DNS server” bar.
  7. You’ll subsequently have to enter “” in the blanks for “Alternate DNS server” as well. As soon as you’re done with all that, don’t forget to check the box beside “Validate settings upon exit” before finalizing the process by clicking on “OK.”
Inputting the Right DNS Settings
Inputting the Right DNS Settings

That’s all about changing your DNS settings to alternative ones for fixing the relative Escape From Tarkov error. We suggest restarting your PC afterward to apply the changes to your system properly.

After the device boots back on, check whether the game runs without getting interrupted by the error prompt in question. You should be able to play perfectly now, but if the problem still continues to exist, keep on reading, and don’t lose hope just yet. 

Switch Up Your Internet Connection

This is yet another measure that you can take that relates to your network connection. There are slim chances of fixing the problem at hand with the help of another internet connection, but it’s sure worth an attempt, as pointed out by a bunch of different users Tarkov players.

One user tried connecting to the game’s multiplayer servers with their personal hotspot, and it surprisingly allowed them to connect. Now, obviously, we cannot guarantee whether the same strategy will work for everyone, so it’s only a matter of you trying it out. 

Before you start diving into the first-person shooter, make sure to test the internet speed of this alternative connection as well. Furthermore, we highly encourage using a wired connection instead of a wireless one. You get more dedicated bandwidth that way, not to mention lesser interruptions too.

The benefits of gaming with a wired connection are multifold, and you should definitely look into it. However, if such a commodity isn’t available at the moment, you can try any other connection apart from the one with which you usually get the error prompt.

Give it a go and see if there are any noticeable changes in server connectivity. You’ll either be thrilled to find out that the game works online now, or you’ll simply have to continue to the next fix. 

Reinstall Escape From Tarkov

Similar to how you can work things out with Diablo Immortal: Please Check Your Internet Connection or Valorant: A Critical Error Has Occurred, reinstallation is the way to go to fix the error on post Tarkov hassle.

While we realize that uninstallations are boring, onerous, and a massive pain to deal with, they do happen to be one of the most prominent solutions one can ever try on their preferred system to fix a certain game.

In the case that you’ve already tried everything entailed by our curated guide, but nothing still has come to fruition, a reinstall is the only plausible method to get back to playing Escape From Tarkov, from what we can gather. It’s not like you’re trying to reinstall something like COD: Warzone to fix the Dev Error 5573 Warzone.

We’d be talking about a 100 GB+ file size, give or take, for that matter. Tarkov is much more forgiving in this respect and features a base download size that’s somewhere around 12-15 GB. 

Since you’re playing the game on PC, uninstall the title accordingly. Complete the procedure by heading over to the “Add or remove programs” area on Windows 10, scroll down in the “Apps” section to find “Escape From Tarkov,” and uninstall it from there painlessly.

With some spell of luck and fortune, the game should be up and running once you have it back on your PC now. Once you finally manage to delete the app, proceed toward installing it one more time. Wait until the installation finishes, and then launch the famous FPS rogue-lite to confirm whether you can log in comfortably now.

There’s a great possibility that the issue at hand will cease to exist in the wake of applying this potential solution. Do let us know whether the reinstallation bears fruit for you or not, so other users can draw benefit from your feedback.

In our case, the developers have acknowledged the technical turmoil and have taken measures to issue a fix accordingly. If you still happen to experience trouble logging in to the game, try what we’ve outlined for you above, and you should be good. Do let us know down in the comments section how it goes. 

As always, eXputer wishes you good luck! 

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