Tales of Arise: Beyond the Dawn


Heat It is the second main mission of Tales of Arise: Beyond the Dawn. Alphen, Shionne, and the rest of the gang decide to bring Nazamil to the group as they head to one of the mausoleums to investigate it.

Read on as we progress through the Warmth events in Tales of Arise: Beyond the Dawn and share some tips on how to complete each of the quest objectives.

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Look for the mausoleum at Lake Adam.

Return to Lake Adam and follow the marker to the southwest. You will soon enter a door that is just south of a pond. Before you can continue, Nazamil’s stomach growls, causing everyone to relax for a while and eat.

Collect Adam’s Pepper

First, you will have to search for x3 Adan Pepper for Kisara to use as an ingredient. Continue along the path northwest from the door, then once at the fork, head towards the southeast section and you will find the peppers in a corner that is directly southwest of the door (on the map).

From here, you’ll notice that there is a teleporter near the plants. Nazamil also finds a good luck charm or binding charm that Alphen gladly keeps.

To camp

Once you have all the ingredients, head to the next objective to set up camp. Watch the camp scene to continue.

Find and explore the mausoleum

Continue heading towards the next marker.

After the short scene with Nazamil, you will encounter a giant Zeugles. These are elite monsters that roam the land and are quite a bit stronger than the normal variants. You can choose to accept the challenge and fight him for rare items and SP, or you can simply ignore him and avoid him.

Explore the mausoleum

Enter the mausoleum through the entrance.

Upper Surface Concretion Layer

The first level it will be on is the top surface concretion layer. Turn immediately east to find a canine vest in a chest.

Go down the stairs to the lower level to continue.

Bottom surface concretion layer

From the stairs, head north past the circular path, enter the room to the east, defeat the Destructive Boars, and then get the orange gel.

Continue west and enter the room with the ominous landmasses, clear them, then head south where there are more of the same enemies to take out.

Follow the path east and look to the right to find a Treat. Then, climb the ladder to the upper surface.

Go through the next group of enemies, then follow the path past the door to find a witch dress. Now she returns to the door and crosses it to continue.

Convection control top layer

In the next area, continue moving through the next rooms, where you will find Sweeper Apes. Once you reach the second room, head to the southwest corner and go down the ladder to reach the lower section.

Convection control bottom layer

Follow the path until you reach the next door, where you can obtain a Holy Cloak. Head south and then west to reach the Astral Flower. Jump off the cliff behind him to reach the ladder from before, then head back up.

Back on the upper level, continue moving to the east side and you will find a Pineapple gel in the central area. Head east and you can jump to another section of the lower area or take the ramp.

Take the south path and follow it to the end to reach the Elemental Cloak. Then, retrace your steps and take the west path to the door. Defeat all the enemies guarding the door and then proceed to the next door, where another cutscene will play.

Nazamil interacts with one of the panels and activates something in it. She hides and flees the party immediately afterward.

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