Superman shouldn’t be considered “too powerful” for his own AAA game.


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  • Superman is one of the most popular DC characters, and it’s surprising that we haven’t seen his dedicated AAA game yet.
  • One of the main reasons is that many believe that he is “too powerful” for a proper video game adaptation, making it difficult to portray his character well.
  • There are many versions and different storylines of this powerful superhero, many of which could be used for video games. In fact, Spider-Man has done some things well, which can serve as an example.

Superman—one of DC Comics’ most prominent superheroes and defender of the fictional city of Metropolis—is an integral part of the Justice League. Although he’s one of the most influential presences in the comics, we haven’t seen much of him in video games. Injustice portrayed his evil side incredibly well, but with the exception of fighting games, no AAA title is dedicated to the symbol of hope.

There will be another superhero of similar caliber in terms of popularity. Batman, and it’s represented really well in the Batman: Arkham series. So why is one character getting more attention than the other? Many believe that Superman, unlike other characters, is the wayVery powerful“And it will be almost done It is impossible to achieve his abilities in a single game..

Well, I’m here to tell you that this argument is outdated and that Superman deserves his own AAA game. Back when Superman 64 was released, the face of video games was very different. Now, after portraying so many superheroes, some of them brilliantly executed, we should begin to see how there are enough reasons and resources to complete this long awaited task. are

Yes, professional boxer Muhammad Ali once knocked out Superman in a boxing match.

Superman 64 was not helpful.

First and foremost, Superman: The New Superman Adventures, aka “Superman 64,” did not leave a good impression. It’s one of the first titles many people will think of when the word “Superman game” comes to mind, and for all the negative reasons. Looking back now, the game didn’t portray our hero as well as one would expect from a game that’s over a decade and a half old.

Still, what really made the game so bad was its clunky and poor controls and its almost non-existent story. It was also a poorly made game for the late 90s, and fell short of some of the other Nintendo 64 titles. Since then, there have been titles like Superman: The Man of Steel, Superman: Countdown to Apokolips, Superman Returns, etc., which many would consider trivial.

The thing is, Superman didn’t have a good start in the video game industry. Although he has had some acceptable portrayals as a supporting character or one of the main characters, as in this case Injustice., he is not a good example as a titular character. And since the early titles, developers and gamers have used the same reasoning, blaming its power as the sole culprit for why it hasn’t been made for games.

Spider-Man is the perfect example.

Let’s take it. Marvel’s Spider-Man For one example, as I believe it did some things that other superhero games could be influenced by. Many would say that since Superman can travel at lightning speed and is essentially an alien, he should be able to traverse the entire Earth and even space. But there are ways to add enough content, such as quests, points of interest, and story, to a limited map, just like Marvel’s Spider-Man does.

Marvel’s Spider-Man and Miles Morales are set in parts of New York City and only allow the characters to explore the island of Manhattan outside of missions. Only now, with Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, the game brings more New York locations such as Queens, Brooklyn, and Coney Island into the mix. Even though our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man can swing by other cities, that doesn’t mean he should.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Map – via State of Play.

Could be set in a Superman game. Metropolis And have more than enough content with a weaker version of the flight to allow for more excitement during the trip. Spider-Man and Batman in the games are much weaker versions of their comic book counterparts, and that’s fine. There are also many versions of Superman, some of which may be perfect candidates for this.

However, before we start discussing the different Superman versions that would be appropriate, let’s figure out what kind of content can be put inside this AAA game. In all comics, there are big baddies who give our superheroes a tough challenge, so how can they be featured here? Those enemies can dominate the main story, while their weaker counterparts, or “fodder,” will be spread throughout the city.

In Spider-Man, we had inner demons, a group of bad guys working for. Mr. Negative, one of the main opponents. Now, these fodder enemies share the same abilities as the main enemies but are much weaker. Their strength is in their numbers, and if you’re not careful enough, they can do a number on you. Likewise, as with Superman’s enemies General Zod, There would be Kryptonians, and Lex Luthor Can be an extended bully.

Superman is an interesting character with many versions.

One of the other “issues” I discussed earlier is Superman’s power level, which if you’ve read the comics, you know is a weak argument. Superman is a well-written character with dozens of different versions. While I can’t dive into every single one of them, I can definitely show you that many of the images of our beloved superhero are dull.

Since the whole point of this is the lack of Superman games, let’s look at some popular animated series. First, we have the classic Superman: The Animated Series From 1996, which, if you watch it again now, you’ll see how vulnerable Superman becomes in certain situations. Even so, this is one of the best portrayals of the hero, and his ability to always come back to power is what makes him so great.

Reborn Superman – New 52 Superman – Post-Crisis Superman.

A modern example would be this. My Adventures with SupermanEspecially, A fight scene with some villains led by General. Here the hero is humiliated by the villains and seems almost powerless against them. However, if we were to imagine a Rebirth, New 52, ​​or even a post-Crisis Superman, those villains wouldn’t stand there for more than 10 seconds. Still, this image of Superman isn’t considered bad at all.

The thing is, there’s plenty of material to write a Superman that fits into a video game narrative. Honestly, it would even work if the writers created their own version of the various Superman stories, though it would be a difficult task to get right. But in terms of gameplay, it will work well and be similar to the animated series. It could also become a popular video game exclusive version of Superman.

The technology is definitely there, our imaginations are not.

Now let’s talk about technology; Are the currently available resources worth making a AAA Superman game? The answer is a resounding yes. Returning to the example of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, web wings are now included. While they don’t make you fly at mach speeds, they’re fast enough to make the experience 10 times more fun.

The reason I go back to Spider-Man is because if we look at the abilities of these two heroes, you would think that Spider-Man would be a difficult character to portray because of his abilities. Swinging through buildings, gliding, diving, and having these complex abilities work perfectly in every single fight in a fairly large open world. It’s not that his abilities are dominant, but that they’re different from the norm.

Whereas Superman has fast flight, invulnerable skin, incredible strength, and of course, laser eyes. These capabilities are mostly insane in terms of their power, not their complexity. This is one of the biggest reasons why, throughout my time playing Marvel’s Spider-Man and Miles Morales, I kept asking myself why it works, but Superman doesn’t.

The simple answer I could think of was our lack of imagination towards Superman. We have a complete write-up. Cyborg Superman And even a young man Jon Kent, son of Clark Kent and Lois Lane. There are many different timelines and versions or even variations of superheroes with their specific abilities, which developers can look at and see which one will best fit the game’s narrative.

We were so close to getting a Superman AAA game.

I’m sure many developers would agree that it wouldn’t be too difficult if done right. In fact, it was considered for a video game at one point but that just led to another idea being replaced. Warner Bros Warner Bros. Rocksteady Studios, as the creator of Batman: Arkham series, wanted to make a Superman game, but Warner Bros. forced them to. Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.

We even had a piece of concept art from the game, the only proof of its existence. Still, there are hopes for a Superman game. A few months ago, James Gunn Revealed that DC’s future will span gaming. Also, some of these games are also set up for potential movies. There has been strong interest in potential Superman games, which is the biggest ray of hope in this regard.


Ultimately, if we look at Superman as more than this one character and a catalog of different stories and people, we can create a version of Superman that fits perfectly into a AAA video game. Marvel’s Spider-Man series is one of the most innovative superhero games and has shown that the technology is certainly capable of taking on the task.

Superman is one of the most beloved superheroes that I would love to play as a game, and I think that statement will resonate with many who read this article. While the superhero has had a rough start in the gaming industry, it’s time to look at these entries and maybe break down the weak argument that Superman is too powerful for a AAA video game.

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