Core points of Gamers


Core points of Gamers

Superman Has a Forgotten Brother Who is a C.I.A. Agent

Superman He has a diverse upbringing: born on a distant planet to an alien race, then raised on a farm in Kansas by an unassuming Midwestern farm couple. To most, the Kents are her only human relatives. However, there is a mysterious brother that Clark never knew existed until later in life. That brother, an adopted son of the Kents, surprisingly became a double agent for the CIA.

Cory Renwald, the original boy brought into the Kent household, first appeared in The New Adventures of Superboy #19 (by Cary Bates and Kurt Schaffenberger). Cory, a 17-year-old juvenile delinquent, meets his prospective adoptive parents, Jonathan and Martha Kent, while his house is being robbed. He is subsequently arrested and sent to a juvie. Later, the Kents take pity on the young thief and decide to legally welcome him into the family. Cory lives with them for a while, reaching the age of eighteen and establishing himself as a changed man.

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Superman’s brother works as a spy for the Russians

Years later, Cory emerges as a spy for the Russians after defecting from the United States. During a secret mission to steal valuable American technology, he recognizes Jonathan Kent and his teenage adopted son Clark on a camping trip, but does not make his presence known. Although Jonathan Kent identifies him as well, he remains silent as Clark grew up unaware of Cory’s existence. Unfortunately, the two campers have chosen an inconvenient site for Cory’s clandestine operation, and he is forced to eliminate the threat. Unbeknownst to his Russian friends, Cory is a CIA double agent and orchestrates the deaths of Jonathan and Clark to avoid detection. Jonathan is tranquilized by a harmless dart, while Clark plays dead, ultimately thwarting the sinister plan as Superboy.

The last time Cory Renwald appeared was in Superman #389 (by Cary Bates and Paul Kupperburg). On the run from his government, branded a traitor and unable to remember who he was, he seeks out Clark Kent thinking he might have some connection to his past. After regaining his memory, Cory is kidnapped by a secret enemy responsible for his situation and is forced to pilot a small plane loaded with dynamite on a collision course with the White House. Superman intervenes and the crisis is averted.

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Superman’s brother hasn’t been seen since the ’80s

clark and cory

Clark Kent’s long-lost brother disappeared after his encounter with the group trying to frame him. At the time, he was still under suspicion by his own government for treason. However, with Superman vouching for him and the evidence of the downed plane packed with explosives, he probably would have been exonerated. Unfortunately, that part of the story is unclear as he hasn’t reappeared yet.

Superman’s ability to track Cory’s heartbeat with his enhanced hearing was how he managed to save him from the failed assassination attempt. Logic would dictate that she probably kept an ear open for him over the years, especially considering the family connection to the Kents. Unsurprisingly, a CIA agent with deep covert ties has the know-how to lie low for years, but avoiding the Man of Steel’s watchful eye is nearly impossible. Cory Renwald may show up one day, or he already has and Superman is the only one who knows.

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