Street Fighter 6: Plot & Story (Explained)



Street Fighter 6 plot takes place after the events of Street Fighter III games, which makes it the latest installment within the official timeline. As for the Street Fighter 6 Story and Setting, it’s Open World Hub based, meaning you’re free to roam in various parts of the world and meet other characters.

Key Takeaways

  • Street Fighter 6 takes place after the events of Street Fighter III, making it the latest installment in the official timeline.
  • In the Street Fighter 6 plot, players embark on a journey through the World Tour mode, starting at Buckler Security and facing challenges to pursue true strength.
  • Players can encounter renowned fighters who act as masters, offering to mentor and teach them unique fighting styles.
  • Street Fighter 6 features 16 stages with unique background themes for immersive battles.
  • The World Tour mode allows players to explore various locations, interact with characters, and progress in their journey.
  • The launch roster includes 18 fighters, with additional characters to be added through DLC updates.

SF6 Plot

Street Fighter 6 Ryu plot story
Ryu in the Trailer of Street Fighter 6

Street Fighter 6 is set in the aftermath of the Street Fighter III games, making it the latest installment in the official timeline. Street Fighter 6 plot revolves around the player’s created avatar, who embarks on a journey through the World Tour mode.

The adventure begins as the player’s avatar enters Buckler Security, where they encounter Luke. In this initial phase, known as the “Basic Training Course,” Luke serves as the player’s mentor, providing tutorial lessons to hone their skills. The avatar’s first challenge arises when they face off against Bosch, a fighter who had previously attempted to ambush the player. Through a fierce battle, the player emerges victorious over Bosch.

With Bosch’s defeat, Luke urges the player to venture beyond Buckler Security and carve out their own unique path. The avatar sets off on an epic quest across the globe, driven by the pursuit of true strength. Along their journey, they will encounter various renowned fighters, some of whom may be familiar faces from the Street Fighter universe.

  • These experienced fighters, acting as ‘masters,’ recognize the potential in the player and offer to mentor them.
  • Under the guidance of these masters, the avatar learns and adopts their distinctive fighting styles, enabling them to evolve and advance closer to their ultimate objectives.
  • In Street Fighter 6 plot, players will unravel their own story, traveling the world, meeting legendary fighters, and forging their destinies by mastering an array of fighting techniques.
  • The path to true strength awaits, and the avatar’s journey is about to unfold in a thrilling and action-packed experience.

Story Setting

SF6 Chun Li story
Chun Li in the Trailer of Street Fighter 6

Street Fighter 6 will feature a total of sixteen stages for players to engage in thrilling battles. Each stage possesses its unique background theme, adding to the immersive atmosphere of Street Fighter 6.

  • In online matches, both Player 1 and Player 2 will have the freedom to select their desired stage for the same match, allowing for a personalized and varied experience.
  • It’s worth noting that some characters, namely E. Honda, Ken, Juri, and Kimberly, do not have specific stages associated with them.

However, this doesn’t diminish their impact as formidable fighters within Street Fighter 6. Players can focus on mastering their skills and strategies regardless of the absence of character-specific stages.

What Is World Tour In Street Fighter 6?

Open World Roaming SF6
Roaming in Open World in the World Tour Trailer

Finally, the most expected feature of Street Fighter 6 is the World Tour mode. Capcom describes this Open World as an ‘Immersive Single Player Mode.’ Here, players’ Avatars will have the opportunity to explore and visit various locations in each country. These locations serve as hubs where players can interact with different characters and embark on their journey to seek mastery.

Here are some of the notable locations in different countries:

  • Buckler Security Services
  • Metro City
  • Haggar Memorial
  • Skywalk Lane
  • Masters Foundation Building
  • Abigail’s Scrap Metal Yard
  • Metro City Police Station
  • Edomon Chanko House
  • Urban Park – Municipal Parking Lot
  • Grace Marina
  • Essential Eats
  • Old Nayshall

Each country will have its own unique set of masters whom players will meet and learn from. These masters will play a significant role in guiding the players’ Avatars toward achieving their goals and enhancing their skills.

Exploring these diverse locations and interacting with the masters will be key to the players’ progression and development throughout their World Tour adventure.

All Street Fighter 6 Characters

Street Fighter 6 Dhalsim
Dhalsim in Street Fighter 6

At its launch, Street Fighter 6 will feature a roster of 18 fighters, and additional characters are set to join the lineup in future updates. Street Fighter 6 first DLC season, as confirmed in the SF6 Showcase, will introduce four new fighters, expanding the roster to a total of 22 unique combatants.

Each character brings their unique fighting style and abilities to Street Fighter 6, accompanied by their own theme song that adds to the immersive experience of Street Fighter 6. As the game evolves, players can look forward to an expanding roster, with more fighters joining the fray and enhancing the diverse gameplay options available.


That’s it on our guide covering the SF6 Plot and Story. With the Street Fighter 6 Open Beta, fans were able to get a glimpse of the open world. Street Fighter 6 not only gives access to the open world but includes many RPG elements, which are sure to be exciting. 

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