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Street Fighter 6  is right around the corner, and with its release nearing, character rosters are increasing, and one of the best characters is Lily. Therefore, players might want to know hands-on how to use Lily, her costumes, voice actors, and everything about Street Fighter 6 Lily

Important: Lily has yet to be released, 

Key Takeaways

  • Lily is a fighter in Street Fighter 6 that uses her war clubs in combat. 
  • She dual-wields her clubs to perform attacks, as she can envelope herself in the wind, move forward, make combo attacks, and charge them. 
  • She has a basic costume: a collared top with frills at the bottom and a blue, red and green theme. 
  • Her Alternative costume has an orange and green theme, which matches her hat and her club re-design. 
  • Tiana Camacho and Rie Kugimiya have voiced her for her Japanese voice actor. 
  • She belongs to the Thunderfoot tribe, is free-willed, and loves to travel. 

Who Is Lily In Street Fighter 6? 

SF6 Lily

First, let’s look at who Street Fighter 6 Lily is, who happens to be a fighter that belongs to the Thunderfoot tribe. 

    • She is a human who weighs 106 lbs and has her birthday set to June 3rd, which can be used to determine the Street Fighter 6 Lily Age.

Let’s discuss her likes and dislikes, how she typically acts around others, and her personality. 

  • She has a liking towards cameras as well as birds of prey. However, she does not like when people lie to her, and neither does she like lying. 
  • She is very free-spirited, but this can cause her to be clumsy at times, which can cause her to land in some rather dubious situations. 

How To Play Lily  

Now, when it comes to her overall playstyle, she uses war clubs that she can use in both hands, and she can carry out long-ranged attacks against other strongest opponents, which she uses to annihilate and bring them down, making her one of the most vicious enemies of her opponents. 

If you use Condor Wind, you can power up the special moves you may be using, which grants you even newer ways to make opponents vulnerable. 


Now, when it comes to her overall costumes, she has one main costume that appears on her select screen, and then recently, one more alternative costume was also revealed for Street Fighter 6 Lily

Basic Costume 

When it comes to her basic costume, it makes her look adorable. 

  • She is sporting a colorful collar top colored blue towards the bottom of the shirt, and the blue color stretches to the middle of the top. 
  • On top of the blue color, there are green lines that are curved and run all across the middle of her stomach, as well as carrying down to her left and right sleeves. 
    SF6 Basic Costume
    Basic Costume
  • There are also red lines that are the same as the green ones, and they also run from the middle of her shirt and then carry down from the left and right side of her sleeves. 
  • Towards the top of the shirt, there is red and green linework that is intricately done, and it all wraps up with her frills lined across the bottom of her top. 
  • She also has it all paired together with tassel earrings

Alternative Costume 

As far as her Alternative Street Fighter 6 Lily Costumes are concerned, they were recently revealed, and she looks absolutely beautiful. 

  • She is sporting an overall theme of orange and green this time, which carries from her clubs to her actual top and hat. 
  • Her clubs are traditional, with white running towards the side of her clubs, and there are red tear-drop-shaped emblems all along her clubs, and the rest are all colored green. 
    SF6 Alternative Costume
    Alternative Costume
  • As for her top, it’s a woolen material dyed orange and green, and there are vertical lines that alternate with orange and green that run along the length of her top, while her neckline has horizontal orange and green lines. 
  • She also has a hat with the same orange and green theme as her top, and it is all tied together with the bangles that she wears on both wrists, making her look adorable. 

Backstory And Plot

Last but not least, let’s briefly discuss who is the Street Fighter 6 Lily Voice Actor and what her backstory is. Her English Voice Actor is Tiana Camacho, while the Japanese Voice Actor is Rie Kugimiya. 

  • As for her plot, Lily belongs to the Thunderfoot tribe and is essentially a descendant of them, and she can look up to them, as she trusts them that they will guide her. 
    SF6 Backstory
  • While she may appear small, it doesn’t determine her actual power from the outside since she is monstrous when dealing with her enemies, as she can use her clubs and her devastating playstyle to take them out in a few strikes. 
  • She loves to travel worldwide, has a spirit that continuously communicates with her, and looks forward to the moment she might be able to. 
  • Lily is a force not to be reckoned with, yet she is just as carefree as her personality; it also shines in her combat style. 


And that’s just about it! All that players need to know about Street Fighter 6 Lily, so let’s wrap up this guide! While you’re here, why not read up on the Street Fighter 6 Characters, which details all the confirmed characters? Other than that, do not miss out on the Street Fighter 6 Editions guide. Lastly, the Street Fighter 6 Ken guide will showcase his costume, story as well as the voice actor!

Photo Credits: StreetFighter on Youtube

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