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Ken Masters, the fiery and charismatic warrior, returns to Street Fighter 6, captivating fans with his dynamic combat style and a transformative storyline. His classic outfit, aggressive combos, and newly introduced narrative challenges create a renewed experience for players, while controversies surrounding his voice actor replacement add an unexpected dimension to SF6.

Key Takeaways

  • Ken Masters returns to Street Fighter 6 with a new appearance, captivating fans with his dynamic and aggressive fighting style.
  • Ken’s character comes back with the original costume from the classic Street Fighter.
  • The replacement of Reuben Langdon as Ken’s voice actor in Street Fighter 6 sparks discussions on the impact of personal beliefs and social media in the entertainment industry.

  • Ken focuses on speed, pressure, and mix-ups, excelling in close-quarters combat.
  • Ken’s moves are fiery, reflecting his passionate and energetic personality.
  • He possesses high combo potential, allowing players to execute stylish and devastating attack sequences.
  • Ken’s special moves include the Hadoken, Shoryuken, and Tatsumaki Senpu-kyaku, adding diversity to his combat repertoire.
  • His playstyle is perfect for players who prefer high-speed and aggressive gameplay, with a variety of combos and mix-up potential.

Who Is Ken In Street Fighter 6?

Ken in Street Fighter 6
Ken Masters

The beloved character Ken Masters in the Street Fighter series returns to Street Fighter 6 with a new appearance and storyline. Known for his flashy martial arts moves and Red Karate Gi, Ken has always been a fan favourite. In Street Fighter 6, Ken’s character and playstyle continue to embody his dynamic and aggressive fighting style.

Ken’s Character & Playstyle

Ken in Street Fighter 6
Ken’s Playstyle

Ken Masters is a charismatic and dynamic character in the Street Fighter series known for his aggressive and flamboyant fighting style.

  • Ken’s playstyle revolves around speed, pressure, and mix-ups.
  • He excels in close-quarters combat.
  • His moves are often fiery, reflecting his passionate and energetic personality.
  • Ken has high combo potential, allowing players to link various attacks and special moves for devastating and stylish combos.
  • His special moves include the Hadoken (fireball), Shoryuken (uppercut), and Tatsumaki Senpu-kyaku (spinning kick).
  • His visually appealing moves showcase his fiery spirit and skilful martial arts.

Ken is an ideal choice for players who enjoy an aggressive, high-speed playstyle, as he offers versatility and excitement. Mastering his moves, combos, and mix-up potential will enable you to dominate the battlefield and deliver stylish victories in Street Fighter 6.

Ken’s Story & Backstory

In Street Fighter 6, Ken Masters’ story takes an intriguing turn, introducing a new chapter in his life. Ken’s appearance reflects a significant change from his clean-cut image, as he now sports a rough and messy look.

  • According to the official story of the Tokyo Game Show, Ken has been accused of orchestrating a criminal plot.
  • These accusations have led Ken to make a difficult decision, abandoning his family and business to go into hiding.
  • As a fugitive, Ken’s life takes a downward spiral.
  • Despite his attempts to hide, his extravagant wealth is still evident through stages featuring businesses named after him and his super yacht in Metro City harbor.
  • The details of Ken’s involvement in the criminal plot and his challenges have yet to be fully revealed.
  • Players will have the opportunity to experience Ken’s storyline in Street Fighter 6’s story mode.
  • Through the story mode, the depths of Ken’s predicament and the resolution to his circumstances will unfold.

Ken’s story in Street Fighter 6 presents a fresh and intriguing twist to his character, offering players a deeper understanding of his motivations and the challenges he must overcome. It adds an element of drama and suspense to Ken’s journey, showcasing his resilience and determination in the face of adversity.

Ken’s Classic Costume

Ken in Street Fighter 6
Ken’s Classic

If you are a fan of the Street Fighter 6 Ken Classic costume, you will be delighted to know that you can use Ken’s classic attire.

  • High-resolution images featuring Ken’s iconic costume were recently unveiled on the official Street Fighter Twitter account.
  • The classic costume pays homage to Ken’s original appearance in the Street Fighter series, featuring his iconic Red Karate Gi.
  • Players can dress Ken in his old threads, returning the familiar look that has become synonymous with the character.
  • The classic costume adds a touch of nostalgia to the gameplay experience, allowing players to fight as Ken while evoking memories of his previous iterations in the series.

The Street Fighter 6 Ken Classic costume adds an extra layer of customization and personalization to the gameplay experience, ensuring that fans can enjoy it in a way that resonates with their fondness for Ken and his iconic outfit.

Ken’s Voice Actor Controversy

The release of the title brought about a new Street Fighter 6 Ken voice actor controversy regarding the character of Ken Masters. Reuben Langdon, who had been the voice actor for Ken since 2008, is replaced by David Matranga.

  • The decision to replace Reuben Langdon as Ken’s voice actor appears connected to his public posts on social media regarding political issues.
  • Moreover, some Twitter users celebrated the change, considering Langdon’s tweets “problematic” due to his opinions on COVID lockdowns, forced vaccinations, and support for controversial personalities.
  • Additionally, Reuben Langdon responded to the news gracefully, expressing sadness about no longer voicing the character but also acknowledging the lessons learned from the situation.
  • He stated that he tried to empathize with people on all sides but ultimately chose to be true to himself and continue his journey.
  • Langdon expressed hope that the next actor would take the character to the next level and wished the audience would continue to love Ken Masters.

Ultimately, the change in voice actor for Ken Street Fighter 6 highlights the intersection of personal beliefs, professional roles, and the influence of social media in today’s entertainment landscape.


As this guide is concluded, you are now equipped with a deeper understanding of Ken Masters‘ journey in Street Fighter 6. Whether you embody his iconic Classic Attire or explore the twists and turns of his captivating story, you hold the key to unleashing the fiery spirit of Ken.


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