Street Fighter 6: How To Land Perfect Parry



Parry is a term used in Street Fighter 6, which means a deadly move that can change the course of the battle. The player can easily take on any opponent in one vs one if he knows how to carry out the perfect parry.

Key Takeaways

  • Street Fighter 6 Perfect Parry is just like an attack that gives you an edge over your opponent in a single-on-single battle
  • Street Fighter 6 has the Drive Parry which acts as a defensive mechanism in battles
  • Press and then hold on to the MP and MK buttons to start the parry
  • Timing is the most crucial part of launching the perfect parry
  • You will know that a successful parry has been operated as the gameplay will slow down
  • Street Fighter 6 perfect parry window has 2 frames for perfect parry which is much less as compared to Street Fighter 3 which had a 10 frame window.
  • It is highly recommended to use parry in the later stages of the fight when you think you are losing

What Is A Parry In Street Fighter 6?

Dealing with cross-ups
parrying in Street Fighter 6 – (Image Captured by eXputer)

When a parry is used in Street Fighter 6, you will receive no damage from the opponent, this will give you time to launch your attacks. Parry is often used in battles of Street Fighter 6. It is highly recommended when you are in a losing condition. This way, you may be able to make a better position by using parry. 

Another benefit you get from using a parry is that you will be healed much more quickly than your opponent. This will make your health bar stand out in a fight and you can counterattack on your opponent when his health is low.

How To Use The Perfect Parry In SF6?

The best parry used in Street Fighter 6 is known as the Drive Parry. You must note that the parry is just like another weapon. After the introduction of Street Fighter 6, a Drive Parry was introduced. This new introduction serves as a defense mechanism for players. This new version of the street fighter has made it quite easy to use Parry and even the new beginners to the game might be able to learn it. Be advised that learning how to use a parry is one thing and mastering the perfect parry is another.

Best Method For Using Parry 

The perfect parry combo is using both the medium punch and medium kick buttons simultaneously. You must press and hold both these buttons at the same time which aid you to block all the opponents’ attacks. This Drive parry will block all the aerial, highs, lows, and special attacks which are directed toward you. However, the only drawback of using Drive Parry is that it won’t be able to stop garbs and throws.

This Drive parry will be used till you keep on holding both the medium punch and medium kick buttons. As soon as you leave the buttons, the parry will end and you will now take on any damage that is headed your way. It is recommended to use parry when you don’t know what attacks your opponents will carry out. You can even use this Drive parry when you feel you are being cornered or when your health is low. This Drive parry can even defend against attacks like Drive Impact which is a bonus point in Street Fighter 6.

Perfect Parry Cost And Timing

When you start the parry, it will instantly start to drain your drive bar. Usually, a parry takes around half a drive bar to launch a parry. You must know that if you successfully defend the attacks from your opponents, the drive bar that you lost will be awarded back to you. This way you can keep on using Parry but do note this can be done only in the case where you know how to use the Street Fighter 6 Perfect Parry.

The timing for carrying out a parry has to be inch-perfect otherwise you will carry out a normal parry instead of a perfect parry. The best tip to use the parry is when the opponent is just about to launch his attack. Mistiming the parry will cause you to have a lesser boost from the damage. If the parry is wasted, you will be left with an enemy to defeat with no resources left.

Difficulty In Executing Parry

Sometimes, you may use everything as instructed but still fail to land in the perfect parry. This might be due to the internet lag or the ping lag. The timing has to be crucial, and you might try to use the parry 1-2 seconds before you normally do if you are facing some internet problem. This might solve your problem, but it won’t work every single time.

How To Know Parry Successfully Worked In Street Fighter 6?

Street Fighter 6
Street Fighter 6 (Image Credits: eXputer)

When you have launched a perfect parry, Street Fighter 6 slows down the gameplay. The camera also goes for full zoom-in, and you get a closer look at the perfect parry. The slowed attack also gives you ample time to think about your next move or perform a reversal. You must know that the street fighter 6 perfect parry window has 2 frames, therefore, your timing should be good.

Parry Versus Blocking In Street Fighter 6 

Parry comes out to be handy in many ways. Utilizing parry requires you to use fewer hands and this free hand can be required to launch a counterattack. This may seem like a small detail but in a battle where it is a race against time, this may aid you to win.

Some other comparison between blocking and parry is done below. Do remember that these comparisons are between blocking and a perfect parry. Otherwise, a normal parry and blocking have the same effects. 

Blocking Parry
Use Blocking as a standard move in every normal attack Use Parry when you don’t know whether your enemy will go with aerial attacks, high attacks or low attacks
Blocking contains more pushback compared to parry Parry contains fewer pushback which makes it better to use when you are moving in the enemy’s direction
This is cheap but is less effective against continuous attacks Expensive but can single handedly take on opponent as it is a complete defense system

You must note that when you use Street Fighter 6 Perfect Parry, the damage is caused by up to 50%. This makes it much more important that you should not use all the resources in one combo. The strategy should be to start with an average combo attack and time your position according to it. When you get the upper hand over the opponent, and then use the perfect parry to take an edge in the fight. Try to use parry when you think that you are going to lose the fight.


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