Street Fighter 6: Fighting Grounds (All Modes)



Street Fighter 6 Fighting Ground is where you can experience all kinds of battles that occur during the gameplay as downloadable content on the base game. You can partake in all kinds of battles ranging from training mode to online ones where you take on other players as opponents in casual or ranked matches. You can also test out your main fighter’s skills and improve them via the detailed training mode and its endless options.

Key Takeaways

  • The modes in the fighting ground range from the training ground to having online battles with friends.
  • You can go for one vs. one battle, online unranked or ranked mode, arcade mode, training mode, or arcade battle.
  • There is also the training sub-mode which you will frequently visit to learn more about fighters, their optimal combos as well as tricks to use them.
  • Some of the modes include fun experiences, like including a raging bull while fighting as well as other weekly or comical relief challenges.
  • You can even participate in the league system by earning league points.
  • Earn more league points to increase your rank, which ranges from rookie level to master level.
  • Players who are interested in playing a single-person story mode can opt for arcade mode.

All Modes In Street Fighter 6 Fighting Grounds 

This new version introduces various modes, which include online battles, training mode, versus mode, and many more. Each mode gives you a unique experience, and Fighting Ground is the best way to start playing Street Fighter 6.

Versus Mode 

This mode offers battles one vs. one where you can have the experience of taking on your opponent alone. It allows you to play against your friends so you can show off your skills. You can even opt to play against the system to get better at fighting.

It also offers you a one vs. one battle by allowing you to:

  • Play matches that are based on elimination
  • Can have matches for doubles as well

This way, you can improve your skills and learn how to take on real opponents. It is the best way to start Street Fighter 6 by learning how to fight.

Street Fighter 6 Fighting Grounds
Hagger Stadium

Online (Ranked) 

The online mode comes in two phases, one of which is ranked. This mode is the perfect way to judge how better you are as compared to other players. The ranks increase the competition in the game; therefore, Street Fighter 6 Fighting Ground offers League Points.

The league points and ranks are based on the following:

  • Your gameplay with the certain character you are playing
  • The ranks range from rookie and iron all the way to Diamond and Master.
  • You will play some placement games before you are given your rank.

When you play for the first time, you will be considered unranked and will take part in 10 placement games. These games will judge your gameplay and will grant you a rank based on how good you are. From then on, if you win matches, you will get League points but losing matches will also take away your league points.

Important: If you have achieved a Master’s level with one character and decide to play another one, you will play the ten placement games again. Every character has its level, which earns him some league points.

Online (Unranked) 

This mode is exactly similar to the ranked one, but here, there are no league points. This mode aids players in fighting battles without worrying that they will lose their rank. It is the best way to start fighting when you haven’t played Street Fighter for quite some time. It can bring your skills up to speed and warm you up to take on players for ranks.

This can be a great way to improve your playing style and surprise your friends by playing ranked online. Usually, players play this when they are solo queuing for their own practice.

Training Mode 

Training mode allows players to warm up at their speed. You can perform some training or some kind of special moves with certain characters. This mode allows you to get handy with any character in the game.

Training mode offers some features which can be quite beneficial to players:

  • Training mode can be used when you are searching for an online match
  • Use Frame Meter to check on the attacks performed so new combos can be tried
  • Reversal setting which allows players to learn how to wake up from the ground and take over control

These features, like frame meter and reversal setting, are crucial and can be core for winning battles. You can even make your own combos by using various frames that best suit you. Reversal setting aids you to get better in regaining control when you get knocked on the ground by the enemy. These features are the best to learn how to win battles.

Extreme Battles 

This mode is basically a custom mode where rules are slightly bent, unlike any other mode. It is to have fun while fighting the opponents.

Some of the variations can include:

  • Dodging a giant ball or multiple balls along with your opponent
  • Escaping the attack of a raging bull who comes running with pointed horns
  • Being beware of electricity poles can give us shock if we come in contact with them

These challenges are brought into the match to make it much more exciting. The variations brought in the match can be to your advantage or a disadvantage as well.

Street Fighter 6 Fighting Grounds
Showcasing the electricity poles while fighting

Arcade Mode 

This mode is a story mode for each character in Street Fighter 6. You can play various characters to get an insight into their backgrounds and a story related to them. You will battle out with other system opponents and defeat them to advance in the story.

This is a single-player experience, and it attracts those who like story mode. You will also be introduced to new characters along the journey. It may also recall some of the old characters from the history of Street Fighter to give the fans some excitement.

All the modes have their own purpose, and players can choose from any of them to continue fighting battles. It ranges from playing online against your friends to completing a storyline that is based on a single-player experience. Some of the modes, like training mode and extreme battle, can aid you in improving your gameplay while having fun as well.


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