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Mastering the Drive System in Street Fighter 6 is crucial for every player. It introduces new special attacks and defensive maneuvers that can change the tide of a match. By understanding and effectively managing your Drive Gauge, you can outmaneuver opponents using the best characters in Street Fighter 6, execute powerful attacks, and shield against incoming strikes.

Key Takeaways

  • The Drive System is a critical combat mechanic in Street Fighter 6, introducing new special attacks and limiting dodges.
  • The Drive Gauge in SF6 is a power measurement tool consisting of six bars that serve to indicate the number of Drives that each character or fighter can execute.
  • There are five Drive types in Street Fighter 6: Drive Impact, Drive Parry, Drive Rush, Drive Reversal, and Overdrive.
    1. Drive Impact is a powerful strike that can absorb an opponent’s attack using one bar of the Drive Gauge.
    2. Drive Parry is a defensive move that uses half a Drive Gauge bar to deflect an opponent’s attack.
    3. Drive Rush is a quick dash move that uses one to three Drive Gauge bars, useful for closing the gap with your opponent.
    4. Drive Reversal is a counterattack that requires two bars of the Drive Gauge, which is helpful when blocking an opponent’s combo.
    5. Overdrive is a combo move that uses two Drive Gauge bars to enhance special moves.

What Is Drive System In Street Fighter 6?

The Drive System in Street Fighter 6 is a fresh combat mechanic built around a special meter. It allows players to perform new and powerful attacks, but it also limits the number of dodges you can make.

Each player now has six stamina bars that are replenished by successful strikes, blocks, and the game’s automated regenerating system. If you drain all these bars, your character becomes vulnerable. In this state, attacks from your enemy will take out more of your health (HP).

Mastering SF6 Drive System is key to becoming a skilled player. You need to learn how to use the Drive Gauge and the different Drives properly.

Importance of Drive Gauge In SF6

The Drive Gauge is a six-bar power meter. It shows how many Drives or special moves your character can do. When the bars run out, your character goes into the Burnout State.

This state is bad news because you can take more damage. The positive aspect is that this gauge begins to rise once again at the beginning of each round as well as over the course of the match. It also helps protect you from small damage if you spend half a bar of the power meter.

  • Then we have the Drives. These are special moves you can make using the Drive Gauge.
  • Each character in Street Fighter 6 can perform five unique Drives
    1. Impact
    2. Parry
    3. Rush
    4. Reversal
    5. Overdrive
  • They add more skills like counterattacks and strong strikes to your moves.

How Drive Guage Revamps Combat In Street Fighter 6

The Drive Gauge in Street Fighter 6 is a special meter with six bars. These bars show how many Drives, or special moves, your character can do. Think of it like a battery. More bars mean your fighter can make more special moves in SF6. If the bars run out, though, your character goes into something called the Burnout State.

Burnout State

The Burnout State is not where you want to be. When your character enters this state in Street Fighter 6, they become more vulnerable to damage. You’ll be more vulnerable to assaults when you’re down to your last few health bars. It’s okay, however; the Drive Gauge automatically refills at the beginning of each round and over the course of the battle itself.

Connection Between The Drive Gauge & Super Move Bar

Now, the Drive Gauge is not the same as the Super Move bar. They work separately. The Super Move bar is another meter that lets your character make even more powerful moves.

  • If you use up your Drive Gauge, your Super Move bar won’t be affected.
  • It’s like having two separate gas tanks.
  • One can be empty, but the other one can still be full.
  • They do not depend on each other.
  • So, if you use all your Drives, you can still do a Super Move and vice versa.

That’s a basic overview of what the Drive Gauge is, what the Burnout State does, and how the Drive Gauge relates to the Super Move bar in Street Fighter 6. Understanding these will help you to manage your moves better in Street Fighter 6.

All Five Drive Types In Street Fighter 6

Mastering both the Drive Gauge and the different Drives will give you an edge in your matches. You’ll be able to use these features to gain an advantage over your opponents and turn the tide of battle in your favor. Remember, practicing all five drive types is key to understanding these mechanics and applying them effectively in Street Fighter 6. Drive Type Best Usage Drive Gauge Cost
1 Drive Impact Power Strike 1
2 Drive Parry Deflect Attacks 0.5
3 Drive Rush Quick Advance 1 to 3
4 Drive Reversal Break Combos 2
5 Overdrive Enhance Specials 2

1. Drive Impact

Drive Impact

Drive Impact is like a strong punch in Street Fighter 6 Drive System. To perform this, you hit Heavy Punch and Heavy Kick at the same time. It costs 1 bar of your Drive Gauge. When you land this move, your enemy gets pushed back, and they lose a Drive Gauge bar. To temporarily stun someone in the Burnout State, use Drive Impact on them when they have no more Drive Gauge bars left.

2. Drive Parry

Drive Parry

Drive Parry is a clever move to dodge and deflect enemy attacks. To do this, hold the Medium Punch and Medium Kick buttons. This move uses up half a bar of your Drive Gauge. If you time it right, you can freeze your opponent and then follow up with a counterattack. When you dodge attacks with Drive Parry, you get back some of your Drive Gauge. You can also bounce back enemy fireballs to fill up your bars faster.

3. Drive Rush

Drive Rush

Drive Rush is a quick move to get close to your enemy. You can do this in two ways: right after a parry or from a normal attack that you can cancel. It costs 1 to 3 bars of your Drive Gauge, depending on how you do it. After a Drive Rush, your next move will be stronger. That means you can start a combo easier.

4. Drive Reversal

Drive Reversal

Drive Reversal is a move to counterattack while you are blocking. To do this, hit Heavy Punch and Heavy Kick at the same time while blocking. It costs 2 bars of your Drive Gauge. This move is good for breaking free from enemy combos. It doesn’t do much damage, but it helps you turn the tables on your opponent.

5. Overdrive


Overdrive is a super strong combo of special moves. To do this, press two of the same type of attack buttons while making a special move. It costs 2 bars of your Drive Gauge. With Overdrive, you can turn a special move into an even deadlier attack.

Remember, using these moves at the right time is key. Keep an eye on your Drive Gauge to make sure you have enough bars for the moves you want to do. Practice each move to get better at using them in real matches.

Why You Should Manage Drives & Not Enter Burnout State In SF6?

The Burnout State happens when you use up all the bars in your Drive Gauge. Imagine your character has used up all their energy, and now they’re tired. That’s what the Burnout State is like. During this time, your Drive bar refills, but it’s slower than normal.

Consequences of Entering the Burnout State

When your character is in the Burnout State in SF6, they’re more vulnerable. That means they can get hurt more easily. You will take more damage from enemy attacks during this time. Also, you will lose HP while dodging or blocking. It’s like being in a boxing match without being able to defend yourself properly.

  • On top of that, you can’t make any of the special Drive moves in Street Fighter 6 while you’re in the Burnout State.
  • You have to wait until your Drive Gauge refills. So, managing your Drive Gauge and trying to avoid the Burnout State is very important in Street Fighter 6.

Important: Remember, when you’re in the Burnout State, your character is not as strong or quick as they usually are. It’s better to be defensive and wait until your Drive Gauge fills up again. Use this time to dodge and block as much as you can to survive. Once your Drive Gauge is full again, you can go back to attacking and using your Drive moves.

Best Ways To Manage Drive Guages In Street Fighter 6

best ways to manage drive gauges

Managing your Drive system and Gauge in Street Fighter 6 is like managing your energy. You start with six bars, and they get used up when you perform Drive moves.

So, you need to be smart about when to use these moves. If you use them all up too quickly, you enter the Burnout State, which we want to avoid.

1. Balancing Attack & Defense

Using your Drive Gauge effectively means balancing your offensive and defensive moves. For example, the Drive Impact move, which costs one Drive Gauge, can be an excellent offensive move. But if you’re always on the attack and neglect defense, you’ll find yourself running out of Gauge bars fast.

On the other hand, if you use the Drive Parry move, you can deflect incoming attacks while only consuming half a Gauge. This way, you can save your Gauge for when you need to launch a big attack or make a critical defense.

2. Timing Your Moves

Timing is essential when using your Drive Gauge. For instance, Drive Reversal is a powerful counterattack move that can break up enemy combos. But it uses up two bars of your Drive Gauge. Using this move at the right time – like when you’re caught in a combo – can turn the tide of the fight.

3. Avoiding The Burnout State

You enter the Burnout State when all your Drive Gauges are used up. In this state, your character will take more damage, and you can’t use any Drive moves. To avoid this, keep an eye on your Drive Gauge and try not to use up all your bars. For example, if you’re down to one bar, it might be better to save it for a Drive Parry or Drive Impact rather than using it for a Drive Rush, which could use up all your Gauge and leave you in Burnout.

4. Mastering Overdrive

Overdrive, a potent combo move, uses two bars of your Drive Gauge. Knowing when to use this move can have a big impact on your game. For example, if you’re up against a tough opponent, and they’re on the last bit of their health bar, you might want to use Overdrive to finish them off. This way, you’re using your Gauge efficiently to end the round quickly.

5. Building Up Drive Gauge

Remember, your Drive Gauge replenishes over time, and successful moves like Drive Parry can refill it. Therefore, using a combination of defensive moves and timed attacks can help build up your Drive Gauge so you have more bars available when you need them.

Overall, managing your Drive Gauge in Street Fighter 6 is about balance. You’ll need to balance attack and defense, know when to time your moves, avoid the Burnout State, and build up your Gauge efficiently. It’s a lot to think about, but with practice, you’ll get the hang of it.


This brings me to the end of the Street Fighter 6 Drive System guide. I strongly believe that if you’re coming from Street Fighter 4 or 5, this guide will help you understand the Guage system in SF6, Burnout & many other new features quickly. Before you move on to the next read, you must visit Street Fighter 6 Voice Actors, SF6 Plot, and all Editions guides.


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