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Choosing the best character in Street Fighter 6 can dramatically alter your gameplay experience. Picking the best fighter in SF6 that aligns with your playstyle and skill level can give you a strategic edge, enhance your understanding of the game’s mechanics, and, ultimately, lead to more victories. It’s vital to make an informed choice in SF6, so let’s delve into who could be the SF6 best character for you & answer your “Which is the most popular Street Fighter 6 character” question.

Key Takeaways

  • Street Fighter 6 features 18 playable characters at launch & more will come later in Summer as a part of DLC expansion.
  • Not all characters are easy to learn, perform equally & have the capacity to attack, defend, or play out as all-rounders
  • That is why choosing the best SF6 character depends largely on your personal playstyle.
  • Whether you prefer a balanced character like Ryu, an aggressive fighter like Juri, or a more technical character like Jamie, the decision will shape your experience.
  • Each character has varying levels of difficulty when it comes to gameplay.
  • Some characters like Cammy and Luke are more beginner-friendly, while others like Guile and Chun-Li have a higher skill ceiling.
  • Choosing the best fighter in Street Fighter 6 is a matter of understanding your gameplay preferences, your willingness to practice and master specific characters, and your adaptability to various combat situations.

SF6 Best Characters Comparison Table

Here is a complete list entailing all ten top-tier characters in SF6, their playstyle type & how difficult the learning curve is to play each of them. Character Playstyle Difficulty
10 Cammy Aggressive, Zoning Beginner to Intermediate
9 E. Honda Pressure, Counter-Pick Intermediate to Advanced
8 Jamie Unconventional, Technical Advanced
7 Chun-Li Fast, Mid-Range Intermediate to Advanced
6 Ken Mid-Range, Aggressive Intermediate
5 Luke Versatile, Mid-Range Intermediate to Advanced
4 Guile Long-Range, Strategic Intermediate to Advanced
3 Ryu Balanced, Mid-Range Beginner to Intermediate
2 Kimberly Dynamic, Fast-Paced Intermediate
1 Juri Close-Range, Footsie-Focused Advanced

10. Cammy


In Street Fighter 6, Cammy White stands out as a valuable character for players of all skill levels. She is a beginner-friendly choice, offering fast, straightforward combos and iconic moves such as Air Throws and Spiral Arrows. Her gameplay revolves around an aggressive style, keeping opponents under pressure with constant offense. Her great anti-airs add to her offensive capabilities, making it hard for enemies to find an opening.

Additionally, her strong poking tools and versatile kit allow her to be played as a touchdown or a zoner. Despite these strengths, Cammy has some drawbacks.

  • Her primary downside in SF5 was her low health pool, making her vulnerable to heavy damage, and I believe the same will be true in SF6.
  • Defensive players who excel at keeping opponents at bay could take advantage of her need for constant aggression.
  • Furthermore, her focus on kicks and jumps, while effective in combat, requires players to master these aspects of the game.
  • This means that although she’s a great choice for beginners, Cammy also requires continuous practice and understanding to be used effectively.

9. E. Honda

E. Honda

In Street Fighter 6, E. Honda is a compelling character choice that exhibits the power and dignity of sumo wrestling. With a limited but impactful set of moves, Honda represents a dynamic, if volatile, character in the Street Fighter roster. His Hundred Hand Slap is a potent tool, providing quick, forward-moving attacks that are advantageous on the block. His EX Sumo Smash, an effective tool for closing distance, complements his strong pressure game.

Nevertheless, E. Honda’s gameplay has its drawbacks.

  • Despite his strong abilities against top-tier characters, he struggles against some mid and low-tier characters, making his match-ups more unpredictable compared to other characters.
  • His limited move set requires precise inputs to fully capitalize on his power, placing a heavier emphasis on practice and mastery.
  • While these characteristics make him a unique and potentially rewarding character for experienced players, beginners may find E. Honda challenging to handle effectively.

Overall, if players are looking for a Street Fighter 6 Best Characters that can serve as an efficient counter pick, Honda is worth consideration.

8. Jamie


In Street Fighter 6, Jamie introduces an unconventional and highly technical fighting style that combines drunken boxing and breakdancing. As a character, Jamie offers a unique gameplay dynamic with his “ki-unleashing drink,” a feature that levels up his abilities and boosts the properties of certain moves as he consumes more.

At his maximum level, he unlocks the strongest moves, and his distinctive braid bursts open, symbolizing his peak power. His arsenal includes spinning breakdancing kicks and Rekka-style spin punches, providing a range of options for keeping opponents on the defensive. Moreover, he possesses a command throw that can lead to follow-up combos, adding more depth to his offensive strategy.

However, Jamie’s intricacy might present challenges. His unpredictable move set, while being an asset, requires a higher degree of technical understanding and mastery. Also, his unique mechanic revolving around his “ki-unleashing drink” introduces a layer of resource management that could potentially hinder players who cannot effectively balance his level of drunkenness. Therefore, while Jamie promises to be an exciting and potentially powerful character in the right hands, his complexity might pose difficulties for newcomers or those not accustomed to highly technical fighters.

7. Chun-Li


In Street Fighter 6, Chun-Li brings her fast, mid-range fighting style back to the stage, remaining a favorite amongst fans since her introduction in Street Fighter 2. Chun-Li’s speed, along with her considerable reach, allows players to land hits on opponents consistently. She is also adept at launching into massive combos, keeping her opponents off balance.

Chun-Li’s arsenal includes her iconic Spinning Bird Kick, and Kikoken projectile, and she now reintroduces her Tensho Kicks as a reliable anti-air move. Additionally, Chun-Li evolves as a stance character with her new Serenity Stream special move, enabling a change in her normal attacks, thus opening up new strategies.

However, Chun-Li has a high skill ceiling, making her less accessible to new players. Mastery of her charge moves and combos are necessary to dish out significant damage. Her stance change with the Serenity Stream demands a level of adaptability from the player, as it alters her normal attacks.

Plus, setting up her special moves requires direction holding for at least two seconds, which might prove to be a tricky maneuver for some. Thus, while Chun-Li offers a dynamic and versatile gameplay style, her complexity may pose a challenge for less experienced players.

6. Ken


In Street Fighter 6, Ken retains his iconic position as one of the Street Fighter 6 Best Characters & a powerful mid-range fighter. Known for his fiery Shoryuken and Hadoken techniques, Ken excels in dealing substantial damage to his opponents. He thrives at close quarters with a command dash linking combos and several moves to close in the distance. His special moves from previous games return, now complemented by his “Crazy Kicks,” a versatile attack offering multiple follow-up options. His gameplay is dynamic, facilitating mind games and aggressive strategies.

  • Despite these strengths, Ken may pose challenges for players who prefer defensive strategies as he is inclined towards rush-down tactics and offensive pressure.
  • Also, mastering Ken’s complex Quick Dash combos requires substantial practice and precision.

Furthermore, his Hadoken fireball has slightly worse recovery rates compared to Ryu’s, limiting its utility to some extent. Therefore, while Ken’s powerful techniques and aggressive style offer a high-reward playstyle, it demands proficiency and an offensive mindset from the player.

5. Luke


Luke is set to shine in Street Fighter 6 with his versatile, mid-range playstyle. Introduced in Street Fighter 5 Season 5, he now serves as the new protagonist, bringing his military background and mixed martial arts skills to the forefront.

His character is built around a combination of lightning-fast projectiles, traditional anti-air uppercuts, and the unique “Just Frame” Flash Knuckle. This Flash Knuckle can create more combo opportunities if released at the perfect time, highlighting Luke’s high potential for skillful play. He also has a forward-moving normal attack, which gives deceptive range and better punish opportunities.

  • However, Luke is not without weaknesses. The “Just Frame” Flash Knuckle, though powerful, requires precise timing, which could be difficult for beginners.
  • His new DDT maneuver, which comes as a follow-up to an Overdrive Flash Knuckle hit, also needs precise execution.
  • Hence, playing Luke to his full potential might demand considerable practice and skill.

Nevertheless, his all-rounder style makes him a suitable choice for those familiar with characters like Ryu, Guile, and Ken, offering a balance of approachability and depth.

4. Guile


In Street Fighter 6, Guile maintains his position as a formidable long-range fighter. This US Air Force major, first introduced in Street Fighter 2, bring back his classic Sonic Boom projectiles and Flash Kick anti-air, providing a sense of familiarity to the players. His iconic move, the Sonic Blade, now acts as a standard special move, reinforcing his power in the field.

Guile’s supers add depth to his gameplay. His Sonic Hurricane can act as a potent offensive and anti-air tool, while the Solid Puncher, reminiscent of his Street Fighter 5’s V-Trigger 1, further diversifies his move set.

  • Despite his strengths, there could be potential drawbacks to consider when playing Guile.
  • He might require a strategic mindset to capitalize on his long-range gameplay effectively.
  • His move set, while versatile, is highly reliant on precise timing and correct positioning.

Moreover, mastering the Sonic Blade and his supers could be challenging for novice players. Regardless, I count Guile in the list of Street Fighter 6 Best Characters because he is an iconic character with a unique fighting style and distinct visual design, and is set to be a good pick for those who prefer strategic, long-range combat.

3. Ryu


Ryu remains a reliable, well-rounded character in SF6 suited to players seeking a traditional fighting experience. The character’s all-around skill set, combined with his excellent mid-range presence with moves like Hadoken, enables him to be adaptable against different archetypes and playstyles.

Additionally, his corner throw loop and impressive juggle sequences with Drive gauge or Denjin stocks promise significant damage potential. His Hashogeki and Denjin Charge moves introduce a new element of playstyle, contributing to his offensive arsenal.

  • However, Ryu has some potential drawbacks that could impact gameplay.
  • His gameplan, while effective, can be predictable, making it difficult for less experienced players to outmaneuver more skilled opponents.
  • His combos can be tricky to execute due to range issues, potentially resulting in lower damage outcomes.
  • Utilizing Denjin Charge in neutral play also carries significant risk, which could discourage its use in certain situations.

Despite these potential cons, Ryu remains a Street Fighter 6 Best Character choice for those seeking a versatile, balanced fighter in Street Fighter 6.

2. Kimberly


Kimberly is an exciting new addition to Street Fighter 6, bringing a unique blend of traditional and modern fighting styles. Her command over the Bushinryu style, learned from Guy, provides her with a wide array of techniques and target combos, making her a dynamic and fast-paced character to play. Kimberly’s character stands out with her special moves like Genius at Play and Hidden Variable, introducing an inventive use of graffiti cans and stealthy repositioning on the battlefield, respectively.

However, being a newcomer, Kimberly might pose some initial challenges for players unfamiliar with the intricate target combos and movements inspired by Guy and Zeku. Also, while her ’80s-inspired design might be visually compelling, it may not appeal to every player’s taste.

Despite these, Kimberly’s impressive animation quality, stylish moveset, and captivating character design make her a thrilling addition to Street Fighter 6. Her speedy, mid-range combat style, coupled with her unique flair, offers players a fresh approach to the classic fighting game.

1. Juri


In Street Fighter 6, Juri emerges as a powerful, close-range combatant. Known for her sadistic thrill-seeking personality, she introduces a dynamic and challenging gameplay style. Juri boasts excellent poking attacks like 2MK, 5MK, and 5HK that frustrate opponents, opening opportunities for significant damage. Her distinctive Fuhajin special move, with its storing and chain attack capabilities, adds a strategic layer to her combat style.

  • However, Juri’s power significantly depends on managing Fuha stocks.
  • Without a stock, her 236K specials weaken, and her Fuha Store blockstrings aren’t always safe, forcing players to either take risks or back off to build more stocks.
  • This makes her a harder character to master, especially for beginners.

Despite this complexity, Juri’s nimble movement, potent combos, and remarkable poking attacks make her an exciting choice for players seeking an aggressive, footsie-focused combatant. Her reintroduced Shiku-sen (flying dive kick), and its subsequent series of damaging kicks add further depth to her offensive toolkit.


With this, I end up with my take on Street Fighter 6 best characters & now you must have a clear-cut idea for which is the most popular Street Fighter 6 character. While fighting games usually do not have interesting lore, this Street Fighter 6 Plot guide contains some interesting facts & figures about the franchise that can make you inclined toward playing SF6. If you make up your mind to buy SF6, don’t be hasty & check first all Street Fighter 6 editions & what each offers. 

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