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Street Fighter 6 Art Director Breaks Down Each Revealed Character Design

Every time a new Street Fighter entry comes out, we’re introduced to a new cast of characters and reintroduced to some of our favorite mainstays of the series. Street Fighter 6 is no different in this regard. Amid new additions like Kimberly, Jamie, and Luke, veteran players can also find solace in the presence of fighters like Ryu, Chun-Li, Guile, and Ken. However, even the returning wrestlers have some changes to their appearance, outfits, and personalities for this sixth mainline entry.

During our trip to Osaka, Japan, where we visited Capcom headquarters, we sat down with Street Fighter 6 art director Kaname Fujioka to learn more about his time at Capcom. “The biggest inspiration for wanting to join Capcom and work on fighting games was Street Fighter II,” he says. “Eventually I was able to do character design work for other non-Street Fighter main series fighting games, be it Red Earth, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, and also Capcom vs. SNK, but I never really got a chance to work on that. a core Street Fighter game.”

“Eventually I became the director of the Monster Hunter series and that was my main project and series for a while, but I really wanted to work on the Street Fighter series,” he continues. “I never really had the chance for almost 20 years. Finally, I became friends with [Street Fighter 6 director Takayuki] Nakayama-san and explained that he really wanted the chance to work on Street Fighter. Nakayama-san finally made that dream come true with Street Fighter 6. It took a bit of time, but it’s finally coming true!

Now that Fujioka is finally working on the franchise of his dreams, he has worked with the rest of the team to create a joint vision of the series’ all-new and iconic characters. We went character-by-character through the Street Fighter 6 roster to find out more about what each character’s look was revealed in the highly-anticipated 2023 fighting game. See what Fujioka has to say about each skin we’ve seen so far below.



“Ryu has always been the main character or iconic character in the Street Fighter series,” says Fujioka. “We wanted to go for an ‘elderly master’ look that shows off all the training he’s gone through. There are some obvious elements in Ryu’s design that show his age, whether it’s the beard or the sash that’s a bit reminiscent of Gouken.” .



“My impression of Ken is that he’s always been a fiery, explosive character, literally fiery, explosive,” says Fujioka. “He also has a stronger fashion sense compared to a character like Ryu, for example. I wanted to emphasize that, but at the same time, Ken was seen as a playful character in previous titles, but his setting is on the run, he has to hide.”

For more on Ken’s skin with the Street Fighter 6 outfit, head over to our dedicated article here.


“Luke, being the main character, we felt we really wanted him to be a direct and relatable type of character without a lot of roadblocks compared to Ryu, who has always been the main character or iconic character in the Street Fighter series,” he says. Fujioka. “We wanted Luke to be a little bit different and contrast something between [Ryu’s disciplined, aged] Look and Lucas. We want to make Luke the main figure, but differentiate him from Ryu in his appearance and history. We wanted him to be more of a refreshingly colorful type of character with colors that were easy to understand, with an emphasis on blue and orange.”



“[Similar to other classic characters], we also wanted to show those elements of aging with Guile,” says Fujioka. “We wanted to emphasize the fact that he is a soldier at heart. I feel like no matter how old he gets, Guile will still be Guile for the most part. There are certain things that have changed, whether it’s his muscle mass or the fact that he now has a goatee that shows his age, but beyond that, we wanted to add a few more personal touches. We gave him a watch because he is very careful with time and he is a precision character. He pays attention to how long it takes to fight, and that reflects not only his personality, but also his fighting style.”

chun li

“She was probably one of the most difficult characters to design with this title, especially since one of Chun-Li’s original creators is one of my mentors,” says Fujioka. “I definitely want to respect that and make a version of Chun-Li that is appropriate for Street Fighter 6. Chun-Li is loved by many different eras of gamers, and it’s almost like everyone has their own version or interpretation of Chun-Li. So, ‘How do I make a Chun-Li that meets everyone’s expectations while doing something new for Street Fighter 6?’ That was a big challenge for me. Regarding Chun-Li’s themes, we wanted to emphasize the fact that she was able to beat Shadaloo, and now she is a bit older, similar to Ryu. She has aged gracefully and is more of a figure teacher type where she teaches those below her who are a bit younger than her.”



“Dhalsim is a character that is very difficult to convey as someone who is superhuman and has movements and works in ways that are not like many other characters,” Fujioka says. “That’s definitely a challenge for me. He’s always been an almost hermitic older character, so we put in a lot of effort and thought of certain expressions, whether it was the wrinkles on his face or his beard. We spent a lot of time trying to figure out what he would look like. an aged character like Dhalsim with even more age”.


“For this title, we wanted to emphasize the more realistic textures of the characters while maintaining the uniqueness of these characters who are a bit different from humanistic figures, either as Honda or Blanka,” says Fujioka.

Kimberley/E. sling


“She’s like the last piece of the trio of Luke, Jamie and Kimberly that is almost related to how Ryu, Ken and Chun-Li were in the previous generation of Street Fighter,” says Fujioka. “We wanted to recreate that relationship with new characters, so Kimberly is the last piece of that puzzle, essentially. Not only that, but we wanted to make that trio a diverse group, with Kimberly as an African-American woman who is in love with ninja culture. She wants to be like Guy, so she practices the bushin-ryu style, but at the same time, she is a very athletic character. Very lively. Someone who can excel in physical activities like cheerleading and gymnastics. But at the same time, she doesn’t she’s a very stern character. She’s someone who’s very colorful and cheerful and poppy. Like in real life in America, how do you have people who are really interested in Japanese culture. Bushin-ryu isn’t technically a ninja style, but its interpretation is a bit wrong. She’s assuming he is, and even though she’s technically not, she’s in love with him.”


“Honda is starting to show its age,” says Fujioka. “If you look closely, he’s got some gray hair on the side of his head now. But we really wanted to keep that essence of sumo but also show a newer style for him.”



“When it comes to Jamie, he was someone Nakayama-san wanted from the start,” Fujioka says. “He always wanted me to be a rival figure for Luke. Unlike Luke, who uses a more modern MMA fighting style, Jamie uses more of an old drunken boxing kung-fu style. We feel that just having that is not enough. “. enough, so we incorporated more modern movement elements, like breakdancing and things that are probably more relevant to a younger generation of people. We wanted to emphasize that hybrid fighting style of this old drunken boxing mixed with breakdancing moves.”


“Juri was a new character that was introduced in the Street Fighter IV series, and she’s always been kind of a psycho character with a very dark side, someone who maybe has a low sense of morality or would take any job that was offered to her. . for her, even like murder-type things,” Fujioka says. “This time, I thought, ‘What’s her personality when she’s not taking on these odd jobs? And what does she do during her spare time?’ It led to this person who maybe doesn’t live the healthiest lifestyle, who is always on his smartphone, and takes photos of the enemies he defeats and shares them on social media Eating a lot of junk food and sweets, and probably not it more sociable person. We thought maybe he would have created a bunch of bad habits where he just uses his foot the way he wants and picks things up. He’s not the fanciest type of character, but it seems like people really pay attention to that and notice some of that behavioral antics from her. I’m really happy people picked up on that.”

Street Fighter 6 is coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, and PC in 2023. For more exclusive coverage of the highly anticipated fighting game, head over to our hub by clicking the banner below.

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