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The Street Fighter 6 Trophy guide list consists of 44 trophies, of which 8 are gold, 9 are silver, 26 are bronze, and 1 is a Platinum trophy. The bronze trophies are relatively much easier to achieve as they require only a small task to be completed or are quite easy missions. However, the upper gold and silver tiers might require some of your time and effort to earn them so focus on them later on.

Key Highlights

  • There are a total of 44 trophies among which 26 are bronze, 9 silver, 8 gold, and 1 platinum trophy in Street Fighter 6.
  • The platinum trophy is tougher to achieve as you need to get all the trophies in the main gameplay and does not count the DLC versions.
  • Players who are new to the game should opt for the bronze trophies first as they are relatively easy and less time-consuming.

Street Fighter 6 Trophy List 

The lists of Street Fighter 6 trophies are pretty extensive; each requires a different skill set to complete it. Some trophies can be achieved in between missions while others might require you to complete a task.

The offline task has a much easier way to earn trophies. These trophies can be earned by battling with players online, competing in World Tour. The real hassle begins with those trophies that are achieved by playing online. The level of difficulty depends on the level of opponent players.

Street Fighter 6 Trophies
Hunting for trophies

Bronze Trophies 

There are a total of 26 bronze trophies and these are much easier to achieve. This is the best way for a beginner to start the trophies, as most might require simple tasks.

Trophy How to Unlock
Get Your Game Face On This trophy can be gained by creating your avatar. You can make this avatar in Battle Hub and the World Tour.
So This is the Battle Hub You just have to go into the Battle Hub for the very first time.
First Encounters This can be achieved by engaging in your first-ever fight in the Battle Hub. You can take on anyone in the fight. Just go near the arcade cabinets and start a battle with anyone.
Jungle-Sized Surprise This requires you to play at least one match in Extreme Battle. You can perform this task in Battle Hub or fighting grounds so choose your location wisely.
Becoming the Avatar There is a system that involves a battle between other avatars and yourself.          Avatar Battle: An avatar battle consists of challenges from other opponents. You can either reject the challenge or accept it. The characters in avatar battle are spontaneously spawned so you might get a match from a higher or lower level. If your luck is good enough, you might face some low-level players but do note that they will try to leave after losing one match.
Gazing at the Peak This gives all the necessary information that is required about the tournaments.
Kickin’ it Old School Kickin’ it Old School: When traveling to the Battle Hub Game Center, you will spot Arcade cabinets. You have to play Capcom Classics for one time in the beginning. As the match ends, you will be rewarded with the trophy.
Classic Leaderboard Champ This is located in the same place as the previous one. When you play Capcom, choose a game of Ranking challenge. You will receive the trophy as soon as you choose the game and this way you will have a trophy before the start of the game.
Entranced by Battle You must spectate a game of two people on arcade cabinets. Simply, just go near them and press the ‘X’ button to spectate the game.
Combat Analysis You have to watch a game of Extreme battle for this trophy. Along with watching, you must react according to the situation of the game.
Watching Gets Me Pumped Spectate a fight between two players at the Battle Hub dance floor. You can do so by going near them and just watching the complete fight to win the trophy. Don’t leave the match while it is still being played.
Welcome to the Stable You must join a club to achieve this trophy. Simply, press the options button on the console which will take you to the settings. Go further to “CFN” and then visit the clubs. Here, you can create your club as well if you don’t feel like joining.
Let the Praise Become Your Muscle All you need to do is like the same item. You must press the Triangle button for this task. You can like a player after a match or while you are spectating.
Pleased to Meet You Just write anything in the chat which is available in Battle Hub. When you write something down on the chat, you will see on your screen that the trophy has been earned.
Coolheaded Analysis Coolheaded Analysis: Right after playing an online match, save the reply to your gallery and watch it again to obtain the trophy.
My Title, My Life This might be awarded at a random time as quite a lot of titles are awarded in Street Fighter 6. Meanwhile, just forget about this one and it will be awarded at some point in Street Fighter 6.
Joining the Pack Send a friend request to anyone and when it gets accepted, you will receive the trophy.
Fashion Leader Just wear another outfit on your Avatar.
Ready to Dance? You must dance at Battle Hub for this trophy. Locate a DJ on the first floor and by interacting with him for the very first time, you will earn the trophy.
Up on the Big Screen This simple task requires you to sit right in front of a big screen which is located in Battle Hub. In that case, approach the mentioned area and sit right in front of the big screen to gain this trophy.
Leaving the Nest Leaving the Nest: Just complete the beginner’s training when you are on World Tour. Do note that you have to complete the whole training, you can’t just start it and then leave in between.
Ha-dough-ken Play a mini-game near Hagger Stadium.
Actions Speak Louder Do a master’s trick by using the R2 button on PS5 and break an object with this move.
Fighting Fledgling This is quite simple. Go to the training mode and this trophy will be earned.
Fighters’ Codex Just begin any one of the character’s guides by going to the menu.
Taking Initiative Begin with the tutorial mode.
Street Fighter 6 Trophies
Fighting battles to win some trophies

Silver Trophies 

The silver Street Fighter 6 trophies require a little more effort than the bronze ones and rest assured, these are not as easy as the bronze ones.

Trophy How to Unlock
There’s Always Time for Training! This will be awarded after you have played at least 30 matches in Battle Hub.
Extreme Combat Training Play at least 20 matches while being offline in Fighting grounds or the Battle Hub.
Fixin’ for a Fight You must battle out against opponents at the Battle Hub. Since this Avatar battle will be among online players, you can accept or reject their offer. Playing the battle will earn you this trophy.
Steely Determination Play at least 5 tournaments and after you have done so, this trophy will be gained.
Gotta Be Popular! Uwo! You have to like 200 items of the same category. Moreover, you can like an item by pressing the triangle button. You can give a like to a character after contesting a battle with him or after spectating someone.
Mastery’s Bond Choose a master in the World tour and complete the tasks associated with him. Therefore, this will start a bond with him. Reach this bond to a level of 100 and you will get this trophy.
At Journey’s End This can be done by completing entire missions from World Tour. You must note that to earn this trophy, every mission counts so you must finish the missions first.
Tales of the Valiant Just complete the Arcade mode by choosing any desired number of Stages.
Practical Training You must complete at least 45 trials out of the total of 360 trials. This can be done by completing either 2-3 trials of every character as there are a total of 18 characters in the game.
Street Fighter 6 Trophies
Completing missions

Gold Trophies 

Earning the gold Street Fighter 6 trophies can be hard as well as time-consuming. Some of these trophies might consume more time than regular missions. It is recommended to complete the gold trophies when you have obtained all the silver and bronze ones.

Trophy How To Unlock
King of the Ring Win at least 30 matches in the Battle Hub. This isn’t a tough task but it might take you some time. This is why Gold trophies are much more time-consuming.
Over the Top Victory At least win 20 matches in either of the two stations, Battle Hub or Fighting grounds. This can be done by setting the difficulty level of the bots on ‘Easy’.
The Struggle Over Self Fight the Avatar battle where you take on opponents online. Moreover, these matches can be easy or tough determined by the level of the opponent.
Dominating Like a Ninja: You must win at least 10 tournaments which is a hassle. It will consume a lot of time but there is no shortcut for this trophy.
A veteran of Battle This requires you to take on 100 opponents in 100 battles when you play in Battle Hub.
Spirits of Encouragement Like the silver and bronze trophies, you will be required to gain likes. But for the Gold trophy, the number of likes should be 600.
Neighborhood Peacekeeper Complete at least 22 submissions when you are on World Tour. There are more than 22 sub-missions available so you can choose the ones you like. None of them are tough but they will require a lot of time.
The Grand Jeté of 100 Battles You must either make a room or find one when you are in Fighting Ground. Then, take on 100 battles to earn this trophy.

Exclusive Street Fighter 6 Trophy For PS5 

This Street Fighter 6 Trophy guide segment is only available on PS5. Besides, users, who are playing on other consoles, will have a total of 43 trophies available.

Trophy How to Unlock
A Quest of Strength fulfilled This trophy will be awarded when you can achieve all the trophies from the main gameplay.  Furthermore, this only accommodates World Tour, and Fighting Grounds and does not count the trophies earned in DLC versions.

The Street Fighter 6 Trophies list is quite extensive and players look forward to gaining the platinum trophies. Lastly, you can achieve this by first covering the Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies. Aiming for the bronze trophies first and then moving on to the silver or gold ones is better. So, without further ado, go on and hunt some of the trophies for yourself.


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