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The robust World Tour mode in Street Fighter 6 provides an immersive gaming experience, featuring 18 unique masters scattered globally. Each master embodies an opportunity for the player’s avatar to learn and evolve. Interaction with masters unlocks exclusive moves, missions, and costumes. A blend of main story progression and keen exploration will lead players to these Street Fighter 6 master locations. It’s an exhilarating mix of challenge and reward, ensuring each master encounter enriches your street fighting journey.

Key Takeaways

  • Street Fighter 6’s World Tour mode offers an immersive gaming experience with 18 unique masters globally.
  • Interaction with masters unlocks exclusive moves, missions, and costumes, enhancing the strategic complexity.
  • Locating masters requires exploration of global settings, offering new challenges, opponents, and gameplay enhancements.
  • Masters can be missed if not found in specific chapters, adding an additional layer of challenge.
  • Unlocking each master not only boosts the player’s fighting arsenal but deepens the strategic complexity of Street Fighter 6.
  • Unlocking master requires completing certain chapters and reaching their respective locations.
  • Each master has unique training that enhances your character’s skills, emphasizing the need to unlock all. 

Where To Find Every World Tour Master In Street Fighter 6?

As you progress through Street Fighter 6, it becomes critical to know the locations of the masters in the World Tour mode. Each location offers new challenges, opponents, and unlocks that enhance your gameplay. If you wish to fully comprehend the Street Fighter 6 master locations, you will need to travel the globe, encountering seasoned fighters in iconic settings. This is a comprehensive list of the Masters in Street Fighter 6 and their corresponding locations.

Sequence Master Location Chapter to Unlock
1st Luke Found at the Gym, Metro City, USA 1
2nd Chun-Li Located at Hong Hu Lu Chinatown, Metro City, USA 2-1
3rd Marisa Discover her at Colosseo, Italy 3-3
4th Lily Meet her at Thunderfoot Temple, Mexico 4-1
5th Blanka Encounter him at Ranger’s Hut, Brazil 6-1
6th Dee Jay Visit him at Bathers Beach, Jamaica 6-1
7th Cammy Find her at King Street, United Kingdom 7-1
8th Manon She’s at Fete Foraine, France 7-3
9th Ken His base is SiRN Building, Metro City, USA 8-3
10th E. Honda Meet him at Chanko House Edomon, Metro City, USA 8-4
11th Ryu Encounter him at Genbu Temple, Japan 8
12th Jamie Locate her at Hong Hu Lu Chinatown, Metro City, USA 8
13th Kimberly She’s located in Downtown, Metro City, USA 8-7
14th Guile He’s aboard Carrier Byron Taylor, USA 9-1
15th Zangief Find him at Barmaley Steelwork, Russia 9-2
16th Dhalsim Discover him at Dhalsimer Temple, India 9-2
17th Juri Encounter her in the Back Alley, Old Nayshall, Nayshall 12-1
18th JP Visit him at Suval’hal Arena, Old Nayshall, Nayshall After Story Ends

Unlocking these Masters not only enhances your fighting arsenal but also deepens the strategic complexity of Street Fighter 6.

How To Unlock Every Street Fighter 6 Master?

Unlocking every master in Street Fighter 6 requires understanding the World Tour mode and being aware of the Street Fighter 6 master locations. Each master becomes available upon completing certain chapters and reaching their respective location. Here are the precise locations of all masters in the World Tour Mode.

Street Fighter 6 master locations Chun-Li
Chun-Li (Image Credits: eXputer)

Initial Masters 

  1. Luke – Luke is the very first Master you’ll encounter on your journey, making him the easiest to find. He is situated near the Training Center in a warehouse in Metro City. This master can be found at any point, whether during the day or at night.
  2. Chun-Li – Once you enter Chapter 2-1 of Street Fighter 6, you’ll be instructed to find Chun-Li. Her location is static and can be found in Chinatown’s large alley. She is only available during the day in Metro City.
  3. Marisa – The journey takes to Rome for the first time in Chapters 3-3 when meeting the newcomer, Marisa. Her encounter is part of the main mission. You can request her training after completing the task at Rome’s Colosseo.
  4. Lily – On to the next Street Fighter 6 master locations, Lily is the first master that you can miss. To locate her, you need to accomplish a side task in Chapters 4-1 known as “The Spirit Guide”. Upon completion, Mexico and the Thunderfoot Settlement are unlocked on the World Map where you can interact with Lily.
Street Fighter 6 master locations Lily
Lily (Image Credits: eXputer)

Mid-Game Masters 

  1. Blanka – The Brazil-based character, Blanka, can be found at the Ranger’s Hut, which becomes accessible during Chapter 6-1. Engage in a conversation with him, go through a training session, and you’ll have the option to request further training.
  2. Dee Jay – Just like Blanka, you’ll be directed to visit Jamaica and Bather’s Beach during Chapter 6-1 where you’ll encounter Dee Jay. After showing off your dancing skills and challenging him, you can request to be trained by him.
  3. Cammy – One of the important Street Fighter 6 master locations, Cammy, is unlocked during Chapter 7-1 through the “Special Unit Del—?” side mission in Metro City’s subway. After clearing the subway, you can encounter Cammy at King’s Street, England.
  4. Manon – The combat-ready model, Manon, becomes available through the “Extra” supplementary mission, accessible around Chapters 7-3. This side mission requires a Judo Gi from the Dripping Style shop, which leads you to France, and subsequently to Manon.
Street Fighter 6 master locations Manon
Manon (Image Credits: eXputer)

Advanced Level Masters

  1. Ken – Ken is introduced in the main mission—Chapter 8-3 “The Elusive Former National Champ”. Once you secure a construction helmet, you’re permitted to join Ken at the construction site, where you can ask for his guidance post-combat.
  2. E. Honda – This sumo champion features in the Chapter 8 narrative, specifically Chapters 8-4, “Big in Japan”. Visit the large sumo restaurant Chanko House Edoman, and after taking a picture of him, you can ask him to train you.
  3. Ryu – After the mission involving E. Honda is finished, your journey can proceed to Genbu Temple in Japan. Here, Ryu can be found cultivating his martial prowess. Just talk to him to gain his mentorship.
  4. Jamie – Jamie is a master that can be missed. To find him, head to Chinatown at night in Metro City, and Jamie will be found taking on some thugs in a side alley.
  5. Kimberly – Kimberly makes her appearance in Chapters 8-7, known as “High-Flying Man”. After the mission at Kim’s Aeronautical, Kimberly will become available in Arizona, at an airplane graveyard.
  6. Guile – The next stop in Street Fighter 6 master locations is Guile. Unlocked in Chapter 9-1, Guile will be at the military base in America. Once you visit and help him, he will offer to train you.
Street Fighter 6 master locations Guile
Guile (Image Credits: eXputer)

Last Masters 

  1. Zangief – Just like with Jamie, you can miss Zangief if you’re not careful. Visit the Wrestling Hall in Russia after receiving a ticket from a side quest called “Wrestling Fanboy” in Chapter 9.
  2. Dhalsim – In Chapter 9-2 “Master of Yoga”, you’ll be directed to the Yoga Temple in India. Just like other masters, after talking to Dhalsim and finishing his tasks, you can ask for his mentorship.
  3. Juri – As part of Chapter 12-1 storyline, Juri can be found in South Korea at the Han River Park.
  4. JP – Our final destination in the Street Fighter 6 master locations is Old Nayshall. 
Street Fighter 6 master locations JP
JP (Image Credits: eXputer)

Remember, each master has unique training that can significantly enhance your character’s skills. Make sure to visit each Street Fighter 6 Master Location to unlock all the potential of your character. 

Each master offers valuable training, exclusive moves, missions, and costumes. By exploring the story and visiting the diverse Street Fighter 6 master locations, players can unlock the full potential of their characters and enrich their street fighting experience While you’re here, you may want to take a look at the guide on How To Utilize Drive Reversal, which offers comprehensive instructions on its usage! Furthermore, it is advised to read the guide on unlocking All Clothes In World Tour to discover how to obtain them.


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