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The newly released Street Fighter 6 is now available to purchase, and everyone may be wondering which version they should get. This is a pretty common question and a hard one to answer with all the Street Fighter 6 editions available. In this guide, I have highlighted all the differences between the different SF6 Editions and which one would be the best for you!

Key Takeaways

  • Street Fighter 6 is now available to purchase on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation.
  • SF6 has 4 editions to choose from, each filled with their own distinct perks
  • The different perks have their own price points; these are as follows
    1. SF6 Standard Edition$59.99
    2. SF6 Deluxe Edition$84.99
    3. SF6 Ultimate Edition$104.99
    4. SF6 Collector’s Edition$249.99
  • The Collector’s Edition is also known as the Mad Gear Box and includes a tonne of physical perks as well as digital exclusives. This edition is a GameStop-only exclusive.
  • The best value-for-money Street Fighter 6 Edition is the Deluxe Edition.

All SF6 Editions

Street Fighter 6 has 4 different editions to choose from; the Standard, Deluxe, Ultimate, or Collector’s Edition. Each of these editions comes with its own custom perks and a few static across the board. Now, finding out which of these Editions is the best value for money, I have that sorted too! Check out all the information below.

Standard Edition

standard sf6 edition
The Standard SF6 Edition

The standard edition is the base pack for Street Fighter 6. This is available to purchase on Steam, and has the lowest price tag of today, clocking in at $59.99!

The standard edition includes a free next-generation upgrade if purchased on either the PlayStation or Xbox consoles. If you were one of the people to purchase a Standard Edition as an early bird before June 2, you will get some additional perks. 

The pre-order standard edition comes with Special Titles and Special Stickers. Not only that, but players will also get Outfit 1 and Color 10 for six characters; Jamie, Chun-Li, Juri, Ken, Manon, and Dee Jay.

The website does mention that the pre-order perks will possibly be available later on in a few patches, so this may not be the best of purchases right now. All the perks for the Standard Edition are as follows:

  • Special Titles
  • Special Stickers
  • Outfit 1 for 6 Characters
  • Color 10 for 6 Characters

Deluxe Edition

deluxe street fighter 6 edition
The Deluxe SF6 Edition

The Deluxe edition slides just above the Standard edition, sliding in at $84.99! This edition can be considered to be the best bang for the buck purchases, as it offers the most desirable perks for all players alike.

This perk offers Rashid, A.K.I., Ed, and Akuma the four most desirable DLC Characters by all SF6 Players. Other than that, this edition is paired with a flurry of outfits in different colors and even initial Drive Tickets! The Street Fighter 6 edition also includes access to all year-one fighters and enough currency to customize them to their own liking. 

The perks included in this edition are as follows:

  • Special Titles
  • Special Stickers
  • DLC Characters
    1. Rashid
    2. A.K.I.
    3. Ed
    4. Akuma
  • Outfit 1 for 4 characters
  • Colors 3-10 for 4 characters
  • 4200 Initial Drive Tickets

Ultimate Edition

ultimate street fighter 6 edition
The Ultimate SF6 Edition

The Ultimate is the penultimate SF6 Edition and comes in at a whopping $104.99! Compared to the Deluxe edition, this has not many differences but just a few upgrades. The only downgrade is the Ultimate Edition is a digital-only exclusive, so anyone looking to have a physical copy will have to stick to the Deluxe Edition. 

While the Deluxe edition includes access to only four characters with its year-one pass, the Ultimate edition grants access to all the DLCs released in 2023 – 2024. Other perks for this edition include more outfits, even more, Initial Drive Tickets, and two additional stages of playable content!

However, at the high price tag of $104.99, this is not an edition that will be preferred by many, and certainly not the best value-for-money edition available.

All the perks linked with this Ultimate Street Fighter 6 Edition are as follows:

  • Year One Ultimate pass for all Characters
  • DLC Characters
    1. Rashid
    2. A.K.I.
    3. Ed
    4. Akuma
  • Outfit 1 with colors 3-10 (4 Characters)
  • Outfit 2 with colors 1-10 (4 Characters)
  • Outfit 3 with colors 1-10 (4 Characters)
  • 2 Additional Stages
  • 7700 Initial Drive Tickets

Collector’s Edition

collectors sf6 edition
The Collector’s SF6 Edition

The Collector’s edition, also known as the Mad Gear Box, is by far the most expensive edition. This is available for $249.99 and comes with a tonne of additional content! The Collector’s edition is a GameStop exclusive release, so availability will depend on your local store.

This set comes with a lot of physical perks as well as digital game exclusives. Included in this, there is an Artbook, Sticker Set, and figurines! The set will be appreciated by hardcore fans of Street Fighter 6, but it does not provide the most value for money.

All of the included items in the Collector’s edition are as follows:

  • DLC Characters
    1. Rashid
    2. A.K.I.
    3. Ed
    4. Akuma
  • Year One Ultimate Pass
  • Parade Figures
    1. Luke
    2. Kimberly
  • Street Fighter 6 Stickers
  • Street Fighter 6 Artbook
  • Figure Diorama Board
  • All digital perks of other editions.

Final Thoughts

That is all there is to know about all the Street Fighter 6 Editions, and I hope you were able to find the best value-for-money edition for yourself. Of course, each edition comes with its own perks, and making a decision on what to get boils down to personal preference, but an informed decision can now easily be made! 

Let us know in the comments below if you would like to see more guides like this one!

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