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Strange World Reviews Praise Disney’s Animated Adventure

Analysts Could Predict Soft Box Office For Disney’s Animated Family Adventure Film Strange worldwhich has barely been promoted before its release, but most critics think it’s a winner.

In rotten tomatoesReviews for the film rank at 72 percent “new” at the time of writing, with most critics praising the quality of the animation and imaginative imagery, but also its realistic depiction of modern family life. What Variety positively assessed, “It’s the characters as much as the setting that make this one vibrant, Journey to the Center of the Earthcolorful and diverse style adventure film in all the best ways”, Fellow Industry Trade the hollywood reporter reviews the feature similarly, stating that it has “the makings of a new classic”.

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Strange World surprises critics

Critics agree that the animated offering’s practical depiction of a same-sex relationship is more important than in previous Disney efforts. What white lies said: “This is the first time a Disney family title like this has really put its money where its mouth is in terms of bold, modern and forward-thinking portrayals of family, and I hope it sparks a performative moral frenzy with all the people.” wrong”. los angeles times he also noted how the film “approaches father-son relationships and the idea of ​​legacy with an ecological and environmental twist.”

Additionally, CBR’s own Caitlin Chappell called Strange world “mostly an upbeat story”, praising the organic approach to its message. “Although not as emotionally evocative as other recent Disney films, such as Charm, Strange world It is an adventure film, above all, and it continues to have tender moments and full of love”, he concluded.

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Despite the praise the film’s messages and images receive, not all critics see them being put to good use. “The clunky script feels like it’s been rewritten and rewritten to the point of incomprehension, ruining any chance of getting a message across. As well-intentioned as it is, it makes for a surprisingly dull watch.” The Guardian judged, awarding the film only two stars out of five. “While Strange World’s examination of generational tension is heartwarming and inspiring, the film’s sci-fi elements and environmental message are more half-hearted in its execution,” he said. tilted magazine.

Still, so far, most critics agree with the arizona republic, which said that “the movie is sweet and funny, but it’s also action-packed and far more exciting than you’d expect from a Disney movie, with the same poignant lessons you’d expect. It’s a gem in the new catalogue.” from Disney”. Or as Movie Mom puts it: “Disney is a wonderfully animated, exciting, and heartwarming movie.” Strange world It’s a delight, with all the fabulously imaginative art and all the heart of the best of Disney.”

Strange worldwhich was co-directed by Baymax! creator Don Hall and Raya and the last dragon co-writer Qui Nguyen, opens in theaters on November 23.

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