Steam breaks all-time records again



Steam is at it again, breaking its own record with an all-time high, and this time it’s done it twice.

This weekend two records from Steam have been broken again. For the first time, Steam has surpassed 10 million users, concurrent active users to be specific. The specific number is 10,284,568. It was revealed by the well-known website SteamDB. For the record, most of those users were logged in but only idle. It still counts.

As for the peak concurrent users, it now stands at 33,078,963, which is a big increase from its previous record of 31,379,760 users at the end of November 2022. About 2 million users jump from that month.

steam goose duck

According to SteamDB, the best games played this past weekend were CS:GO, Dota 2, and surprisingly, the new Among Us clone called Goose Goose Duck. So, creators, you better jump in and try the latest title right now to gain traction with viewers!



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