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Starfire Emulates Nightwing’s Worst Trait

The following contains spoilers for Titans Season 4, Episode 5, “Inside Man,” now streaming on HBO Max.

One of the most intriguing aspects of titans it’s the relationship between Kory/Starfire and Dick Grayson/Nightwing. Many assume it would be very focused on romance, as there are elements where they have a happy ending together. However, the show continues to look at their individual destinies, with Dick fighting to step out of Batman’s shadow and Kory realizing that he has a higher calling.

Kory initially thought her destiny was to destroy Trigon, but now she’s realizing that it’s actually to finish off her son, Sebastian, before he becomes Brother Blood. This presents Kory with a great opportunity to kill the would-be villain and stop Mother Mayhem’s holy plans to take over the planet. However, Kory ends up making the kind of decision that Dick would make in season 4, which in this case isn’t the smartest decision.

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Titans has Kory saving Sebastian’s life

Kory, Rachel, and Dick hide out with Sebastian at the Elko Diner, sensing that it’s the one place Mayhem couldn’t find them using their godlike powers. There, her Tamaranean trainer, Zadira, once again tells Kory that she will have to kill Sebastian, or else the Earth and the cosmos would be in danger. This nods to Starfire’s prophecy on his home world, but Kory opts not to go through with it.

He leaves Zadira trying to attack Sebastian on her own, while Starfire fights back. Regardless of the circumstances, Kory wants to save Sebastian and doesn’t believe spilling innocent blood is a solution. She’s a far cry from Kory being willing to murder Rachel to stop Trigon’s rise in season 1, showing growth, maturity, and that Nightwing has rubbed off on her. Despite having manipulated Deathstroke’s children in the past, she has done her best to preserve the sanctity of life, honoring what the bat symbol stands for before Bruce lost his way. Now, Starfire has been inspired and is also a protector. However, the end of days needs a more ruthless mindset.

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Titans has Starfire’s decision failing

Unfortunately, Kory’s air of hope and optimism backfires when the heroes become distracted and vulnerable. Mayhem arrives, unleashing all hell, to the point where Sebastian sacrifices himself for his safety. He volunteers to go with Mayhem, as long as she spares the heroes, which means the mission has come to naught. It’s heartbreaking to see Mayhem go with him, especially after she possessed and nearly killed Superboy.

Ultimately, if Kory had decided to stick to fate’s plan and eliminate Sebastian, the Mayhem apocalypse wouldn’t be underway. This is not to say that heroes should kill or twist their moral compass, but this is not the usual scenario – it requires something more clinical and strategic. Mayhem is a demonic entity unlike anything they’ve ever faced, and after repeated warnings and close calls, they should know that running and hiding weren’t options. Only time will tell how they bounce back, but for now, Mayhem has them checkmated, which could leave Starfire feeling deep regret very soon, with Mayhem getting the tool of destruction from him.

New episodes of Titans air Thursdays on HBO Max.

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