Starfield: What Is Vanguard Motto? (Answered)



During the Delivering Devil’s quest, Lou, the bartender, will ask you the meaning of the Starfield Vanguard Motto. This can be a little confusing, but you have to know the correct answer. Even if a player hasn’t started this quest, they will eventually want to know the answer.

Key Takeaways

  • Lou, a bartender, will ask players to tell the Motto of Vanguard during a quesline in Starfield.
  • Players have to give him the right answer to make progress if they already told him that they are a Vanguard. 
  • If players have Sarah on their team in Starfield, then she can also vouch for them.
  • If a player doesn’t want to answer this question, they can just choose the Terrormorphs option.
  • By using the Terrormorphs option, players will not have to tell Lou about the Vanguard Motto.

What Is Vanguard Motto In Starfield?

Vanguard Motto Choices in Starfield (Image Credits: eXputer)

During the quest Delivering Devil in Starfield, if you identify as a Vanguard, you will be asked about the motto to prove it. You can do several things at this point.

The following are the choices and consequences of all dialogues when talking to Lou:

Choice Consequences
(Sarah Morgan) I can vouch for this one Sarah will take over and vouch for your identity, avoiding the question. (You will need Sarah on your team to get this option.)
Over and Above This is a wrong answer.
Above and Beyond This is the correct answer. 

Lou, the bartender, will trust you and give you a chance to help Percival. He will tell you Percival’s location after doing it.

Far Beyond This is a wrong answer.

So, the correct answer for the Motto is Above and Beyond. However, if you have Sarah Morgan on your team, then you will be able to use another option. That option will let Sarah vouch for you. 

By using the Terrormorph option, you can avoid the question completely.

Upon using it, the following will be the choices and consequences of all dialogues when talking to Lou:

Choice Consequences
(Sarah Morgan) You can drop the act. We simply need a moment of his time. Allow Sarah to take over and handle the situation. Lou will eventually give in.
Please. Lives could be at risk here. Just tell me where I can find him. The consequences of this option are yet to be confirmed, so it is better not to use it.
Please. Lives could be at risk here. Just tell me where I can find him. He will disagree but eventually give you information on how to help and see Percival.

Players should note that the results of this quest will not differ if they use any of the options. Identifying as a Vanguard or using the Terrormorph option will not affect the questline.

That’s almost everything you would want to know about the Starfield Vanguard Motto. These types of questions can be tricky, and almost all of the time, players get it wrong. However, with another option, there’s no need to worry about getting the wrong answer as you can completely avoid getting questioned about the Motto. While you are at it, you should check out the guide on How To Lockpick, as you will get to know about the perfect method to lockpick in Starfield.

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