Starfield was the second best-selling title in Germany during its launch month.


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  • Starfield was the second best-selling entry in Germany during its launch month of September. It was surpassed only by EA Sports FC 24.
  • The space-faring RPG beat out The Crew Motorfest by Ubisoft and NBA 2K24 by 2K in third and fourth place, respectively. Payday 3 was at number five.
  • GTA 5 has retained its position at number six in the sales chart. Seventh-ranked Titanfall 2 also gained popularity in Germany after its servers were fixed last month.

It’s been over a month since Bethesda. Starfield came out and topped various regional game sales charts. As explained by the Game Association of the German Games Industry, sci-fi was the RPG. Second best-selling title in Germany during its launch month in September. This entry was only surpassed by EA’s new giant when the FIFA brand was dropped from the series, EA Sports FC 24.

Starfield was the second best-selling entry in Germany during its first month.

The German association has not shared exact sales numbers for Starfield and other games. But we can still get a healthy look at how well these titles have performed based on the rankings.

Standing at the top, EA Sports FC 24 has had its fair share of issues and bugs since it came out. Likefiring your coach will crash the entire game. to a point. Despite the initial disappointing number of errors, the patches continue. Make the title smooth with each one. Overall, EA’s separation from the FIFA brand a Huge gamble that seems to have paid off. For publishers

However, Starfield has pushed some other newly released AAA entries in the region during its first month, including The Crew Motorfest by Ubisoft and NBA 2K24 by 2K in third and fourth place respectively. The much-anticipated release of Payday 3 has been well received in Germany as well. The co-op shooter controlled fifth place on the domestic sales chart for September amid stiff competition.

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GTA 5 is a title that has consistently featured on most game sales charts worldwide for over a decade. It’s still just below the top five entries in the German territory for September, reflecting its popularity among new AAA titles released since last month.

Titanfall 2 is another entry that has since returned to number seven in Germany. The servers were secretly restored last month.. The nostalgic shooter has proven to be a big hit among returning and even new players and seems to boast a small but dedicated player base.

Mortal Kombat 1 is the last new entry on the German game sales charts at number eight. All other games in the top 20 list are older titles that have been selling well in the region for the past month.

Starfield came out September 6 For Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, and PC. Gaining in mass diffusion of the new Bethesda The universe can be a little tricky, so we recommend checking your notes to be better prepared. Take a look through us. Best Starfield melee weapon To become the fastest space ninja. Or, look through us List of the best laser weapons Cutting down enemies from a wide range.

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