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Starfield features a vast universe filled with random and meaningful interactions with various characters and creatures. One such encounter you may have during your quest is with the mysterious Captain in the Starfield, who is roaming around various planetary systems, especially Femin And in the country. Her identity is initially mysterious, but she reveals her nature in New Game+.

Key takeaways

  • The mysterious captain is a mystery. Starborne The businessman which appears in the Starfield at various locations throughout the universe.
  • He most commonly appears in Feynman And in the country I system Starfield.
  • The mysterious captain is only available for trade during this time. Of+
  • The list of items sold by Starborn Trader includes helmets, resources, support equipment, packs, resources and more. Best coachAnd The best weapon in Starfield.
  • Items sold by the Mysterious Captain may change in subsequent visits or playthroughs.

Who is the mysterious captain in Starfield?

Starborn Trader
The Mysterious Captain, aka The Starborn Trader (Photo: eXputer)

The mysterious Captain is a secret Starborn merchant in the Starfield who sells a wide variety of items ranging from common to legendary rarities.

During your journey through the Starfield, you may encounter a mysterious captain roaming the universe. It could be an early competition on a new game. secret And Hostility One, and you might not see it for the rest of the playthrough.

However, he reveals it Secret identity as Starborn Trader in NG+ of the Starfield and will continue to sell you various items on later new games, since you are Starborn yourself.

The location of the mysterious captain

The Feynman system
The Planetary System of Feynman (Image credit: eXputer)

Important: The mysterious captain has no specific location in the starfield, as she travels to different planetary systems from time to time. However, its most common spawn point is the Feynman and MAAL systems.

According to This Reddit thread, Different players have got different systems of it, each orbiting a different planet. However, they are usually found orbiting Feynman or MAAL planets.

MAAL system
MAAL’s planetary system (Image credit: Expotor)

In particular, Feynman I–III and MAAL I–IV are its most common locations.

Items sold by the mysterious captain

Mysterious Captain's Shop
Items sold by the mysterious captain (Photo: eXputer)

Many items are sold by the Starborn Trader, including weapons, ammo, armor, packs, helmets, aids, and a plethora of other resources.

Below is a list of some of the main items you can buy from the mysterious “Starborn Trader” captain in Starfield:


weapon Credits
Advanced magplus 18747
Avatar 69022
Berserker combat knife 634
Calibrated vacuum deflector 23565
Concussive Advanced Drum Beat 14205
Modified Calibrated Voron Inflector 46189
Extended Mag Novablast 6766
Exterminator Rescue X 816
Modified Calibrated Voron Inflector 35820
Edited Refined Varun Starshard 38993
Poison Barrow Knife 2146
Professional’s Calibrated Voron Inflector 57500
Refined magustrum 22583
Refined Va’ruun Starshard 21408
mirror 83894
Scout’s refined Varun Starshard 43580
Amazing Modified Auto Rever 16644
Terrorist 52755
Tesla Advanced Old Earth Pistol 16947
last breath 53088

The space suit

The space suit Credits
Advanced Varun Space Suit 14802
Mirrored Calibrated UC Combat Space Suit 10807
Improved Va’ruun Spacesuit 12687
Superior Bounty Hunter Space Suit 30470
Experiencer’s calibrated ground crew space suit 3318


Pack Credits
Galvanized Advanced Ecliptic Skip Pack 4816
Refined Bounty Hunter Stalk Pack 8527

The helmet

The helmet Credits
Advanced Bounty Hunter Space Helmet 7918
Advanced mercenary space helmet 8035
Advanced Va’ruun space helmet 3783
Beast Hunter’s Superior Explorer Space Helmet 7934
Calibrated tenant space helmet 5739
Chameleon Calibrated Deep Core Space Helmet 776
Holler’s Refined Ecliptic Space Helmet 3336
Incendiary Deep Core Space Helmet 734
Lead Lined Pirate Charger Space Helmet 1697
Improved tenant space helmet 6887
Improved Va’ruun space helmet 3242
Superior Tenant Space Helmet 8035
Superior Tenant Space Helmet 8035
Technician’s Varun Space Helmet 2226


references Credits
Aldumite 59
Aldumite drilling rig 297
Gastrointestinal delight 46
High tensile spideroin 43
Immunostimulant 40
to indicate 76
Luxury Textiles 40
Memory substrate 45
Microsecond regulator 149
Nervous 47
power Circuit 137
Quark-degenerate tissues 169
Substrate molecular sieves 193
Tsin 36
Tossin superconductor 210
Sparse 28
Vitanium 81
Vitnium fuel rod 589

This concludes my guide to the mysterious “Starborn Trader” captain in Starfield, along with his location and the items he sells. While you’re at it, consider checking out another guide. Shopkeeper at Starfield And see what items and resources they sell. Also, consider checking out the guides on Surface best practices Up and Best achievements in Starfield..


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