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Key Starfield There is a space station that players will encounter during their exploration. Cracks systemIn Starfield. This is where the most notorious crew in the settled systems, Crimson Fleet, remains. Players will encounter a number of important NPCs and quests related to the main story when they turn on Key.

Important: Players should only dock on the key once they have completed the main mission, Deep Core.
Key takeaways
  • ‘Key Starfield’ is a space station orbiting the planet Suvorov within the Crax system.
  • Cracks system One of the most dangerous settled systems in the Starfield.
  • Clay, being part of the Crax system, is also a dangerous place, home to the infamous Crimson Fleet.
  • To dock The Key, players must complete missions, Deep coverfirst.
  • If players try to dock themselves. the ship Before completing the mission go to the key, deep cover, then they will be attacked. Crimson Fleet.
  • At the key, players will meet many people. important role In Starfield, such as Thun, Jasmine, Shinya, and Zuri

What is the key in Starfield?

Inside the key
Inside the key (Image credit: eXputer)

The key is part of the Cracks system, one of the most illegal and dangerous of the settled systems. However, being part of the crack system, it is also an illegal and notorious place. In addition, The Key is also home to the infamous crew, the Crimson Fleet.

Key location

  1. Key Cracks are part of the system.
  2. You have to search for a cracked system. Settled systems of the starfield.
    Cracked system detection
    Detecting System Cracks (Screenshot Credits: eXputer)
  3. Once you locate the cracked system, click on Crack System.
  4. Within the Cracks system, you will see Planet Suvorov.
  5. You will see The Key Suvorov moving around the planet.
    The key revolves around Suvorov.
    Suvorov’s Spinning Key (Image credit: eXputer)
  6. Click the key, and you’ll see a jump button appear.
  7. Press and hold the jump button The dock on the key.
    Jump on the key
    Jump to key (screenshot credit: eXputer)

However, go to the key only after you’ve completed the main mission, Deep cover. If you try to dock on The Key before then, then Crimson Fleet They will start attacking you without any notice.

Key questions

But while Key, players will face four main storyline quests. which they must complete in order to progress through the Starfield. In some of these quests, players will be rewarded with huge rewards. in search, The eye of the stormplayers will get their hands on the legendary rifle, The Revenant. After the struggle, the players will be given a large number of credits. End of legacy.

The following questions are located on the space station, Key:

Echoes of the past

Quest: Echoes of the Past
Quest: Echoes of the Past (Image credit: eXputer)

quest, Echoes of the pastgiven by the leader of the Crimson Fleet, Delgado. However, before you can start Echoing the Past, you must complete the quest, Rook meets the King.and become a member of the Crimson Fleet.

Quest Rewards

  • EXP: 350
  • Credits: 20000
  • Pistol: Keyholer
  • UC Jail Shuttle

‘The best is out there’ quest

Quest: The best out there.
Quest: The Best Out There (Screenshot Credits: eXputer)

The best there is a faction which will be given by Naiva on the key.

The terms for the quest ‘The best is there’ are:

  1. You have to complete the quest, Breaking the bank.
  2. Once you’ve completed the quest, return to the key and go to the point where Naiva And Jasmine are located.
  3. This is where Naeva will assign you the new quest, The Best There Is.

Quest Rewards

  • EXP: 250
  • Credits: 9600

The eye of the storm

The eye of the storm
Quest: Eye of the Storm (Screenshot Credits: Exporter)
  1. The Storm’s quest is given by Naeva.
  2. After talking to Delgado And Commander Kabwe. From UC Vigilance, you have to find The Legacy.
  3. inside Inheritanceyou have to find the final recording. Jasper Creek And listen to it.
  4. At the end, in the quest you will have two choices: either hand over the recording to Delgado or to Commander Kabwe.

Quest Rewards

  • EXP: 350
  • Credits: 8400
  • Legendary Ballistic Rifle: The Revenant

End of legacy

Quest: Legacy's End
Quest: Legacy’s End (Screenshot Credit: eXputer)

Immediately after completing the quest, Eye of the Storm, you will receive the quest, End of legacy. A search can be initiated either. Key or on UC Vigilance. You had the choice to choose between two factions, Crimson Fleet and UC Vigilance, in search of the Eye of the Storm. Therefore, the outcome of the quest, Legacy’s End, is heavily dependent on the selection of Eye of the Storm.

Quest Rewards

  • EXP: 350
  • Credits: 250000

important role

Players will encounter many NPCs during their stay. Key. However, there are some really important characters that play an important role in various quests. Starfield. Characters such as the leader of the Crimson Fleet, Delgadocan be considered as key characters.

The following are the main characters/NPCs that players will encounter within the key.


Crimson Fleet Leader, "Delgado"
Crimson Fleet Leader, “Delgado” (Image credit: eXputer)

Delgado Crimson is the leader of the fleet, whom you’ll meet inside The Key during your quest. After completing the quest you will meet Delgado first. preventedA meeting with the king.

Jasmine Durand

Technician: Jasmine "Jazz" Durand
The Technician: Jasmine “Jazz” Durand (Screenshot Credit: E-Exporter)

Jasmine Durand He is said to be a technician of the Chrismon fleet. Goes by the nickname of Jasmine. Jazz throughout the key. During the quest players will encounter Jazz, the Eye of the Storm.

Shinya Voss

Accountant: Shinya Vose
Accountant: Shinya Voss (Image credit: Exporter)

Shinya Voss Crimson is the Fleet’s “Reckoner”. Shinya oversees most of the transactions and credit accounts on behalf of the Crimson Fleet. Despite its importance, or perhaps because of it, the leader of the Crimson Fleet saw fit to install it. Remote control Explosive device in Shinya’s chest. As a result, he did not leave Key in five years.

Zuri Abara

Zuri Abara Aboard The Key is Zuri’s Essential owner. Players can purchase various items such as weapon, Armorgunpowder, and other miscellaneous goods imperative of force.

With all the information provided above, my guide on Key Starfield ends. In this guide, I have mentioned details about this. Crimson Fleet’s space station, Key. I’ve provided its location and a list of important NPCs, such as the Crimson Fleet Leader, Delgadoalong with the choice of whether Players should kill Delgado or not. And the questions players will face while on the key.

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