Starfield: The Colander Abandoned Ship (Locations and Rewards)



Starfield The Colander is one of the easter eggs available in the game. There are over 1,000 planets available, so you’ll find many, and Colander is one of the scariest. There is an abandoned ship. Themed around aliens, a horror sci-fi film. So, one can think about the amazing easter egg location and rewards.

Key takeaways

  • There is an abandoned ship in Kolander. Starfield Who has Tons of dead bodies within it.
  • The Colander ship can be found on the planet Schrödinger III.
  • Players can find contraband on the Kolander ship including 3 severed limbs and 6 Xenowarfare Tech.
  • Forbidden is the price. 18000 creditsso that players can sell it.
  • In Starfield, the inaccessible door to Kolander will be locked, so players will have to open it.
  • The door can be opened remotely. Mainframe Terminal.
  • The creature that killed all the ship’s crew can be found in the laboratory.
  • If players don’t like killing creatures, They can leave itbecause there is almost no reward for defeating him.

What is a colander in Starfield?

dead body
Dead Body (Photo taken via eXputer)

The Colander is an abandoned ship, and as previously stated, it took inspiration from the movie Alien, and can be found on the planet of Schrödinger III.

There are tons of corpses inside the spaceship, and the creature that killed him can be found on board. Hence, it gives it the perfect spooky atmosphere.

Location of colander ship

Colander in the Starfield (Image credit: Xporter)

Starfield, the Colander ship, can be found orbiting the planet. Schrödinger III. So, you have to reach the Schrödinger system for that, and for that, you need a ship that 20 LY jump. The star system can be found near Crax, so it won’t be hard to find. When you find a planet, you The dock and board the ship to begin the quest.

Searching for Kolander in the Starfield

Inaccessible door
Inaccessible door (photo taken by us)

Upon entering Kolander, you won’t get a good view as there are many dead bodies. leads to the upper floor. Medical Bay, where you can find a locked door that leads to the workshop. The key to this door can be found right next to the bed to the right of the door. In Starfield, the Kolander inaccessible door is locked, and it leads to the bottom floor.

To open the door, follow these steps:

  • Doors can only be opened remotely at the mainframe terminal.
  1. Go to the middle floor of the Kolander Starfield and go through the maintenance path to reach. Mainframe Terminal.
  2. To reach the terminal, go down a hatch on the middle floor and follow the corridor.
  3. Now, turn left, and you’ll find a maintenance path, so walk down, turn right, and you’ll find a hatch.
  4. Now, all you have to do is open the hatch and go into the mainframe terminal.
  5. All that remains is to open. Colander inaccessible door.

Now, you can either go to defeat the creatures roaming the ship, or you can find a huge cache of contraband. I would recommend you to take prohibited.

To get there, follow these steps:

  1. You can only reach the stash by hopping the boxes you saw in it. The road to recovery.
  2. Now go straight into the vent.
  3. Banned items include 3 Severed Limbs and 6 Xenowarfare Tech.
  4. You can sell it. 18000 credits.

How to Find and Defeat Creatures in Starfield

Creatures (Image source: eXputer)

The name of the creature. XL-069 Interloper, and it can be found in a locked laboratory. You can access the laboratory by opening the lock with a. Doug Puck at the main entrance. Once done, you will be able to go inside the laboratory, and you will see dangerous creatures.

XL-069 is the interloper. Level 85, so be sure to spend some rounds of your gun to kill him. This can give you a hard time if you stay too close, so make sure to get out of the lab and take cover. If you don’t want to beat him, don’t worry, because the rewards aren’t worth it. Creatures will only fall a Nutrition And give you 135XP. The only great reward you get aboard the Starfield Colander is Forbidden.

That’s almost everything you’ll ever want to know. Colander, an abandoned ship. While there aren’t many rewards you can earn on board, it’s definitely worth exploring. In Starfield, Kolander’s inaccessible door can be easily opened just by using some mechanics and exploring. You get rewards of 18000 credits and also face a terrifying creature.

Also, check out the guide. All signs in the starfieldAs there are 12 of them, and you can learn all about them. After that, be sure to read the guide Paradiso in Starfield To learn about its location and the rewards for completing the mission. Don’t forget to visit the page when you’re done with it. Starfield: The Key Guide to learning about location and search.

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