Starfield: The Best Vendors to Sell Your Loot (Top 4)



As you explore the vast Starfield universe, you’ll find valuable loot along your journey. To avoid disturbing your personal or clutter Ship inventorySelling all your loot in one place is a good idea to make money. Money in Starfield. Despite the many accessible vendors in the game, not all will have enough credit or merchandise to suit your needs. however, Four vendors I Starfield Better products and coffee Credit So you can sell most of your loot.

Key takeaways

  • Most vendors in Starfield have a small amount of credits to purchase player equipment, making it difficult to sell all of your possessions.
  • There is 17 Vendors at Starfield, but only 4 main vendors You have enough credits to buy all your items.
  • Using these merchants, players can Easy sell All their loot in one place without having to worry about repeatedly resting to reset your credit.
  • the only loss The thing about using these merchants in Starfield is that some of them don’t accept prohibited items, while others are only accessible after you join a specific one. faction.

The best seller in Starfield

Here is a comprehensive comparison of the best vendors and trading points in Starfield:

the seller location Occupation Cons of
Centurion Arsenal Residential District in New Atlantis City at Jamison. – 12500 credits.
– There is a good selection of weapons.
– Buys/sells weapons only.
Ship services Next to each primary landing site in cities. – One of the only vendors in the starfield that can buy/sell ships.
– Will buy stolen ships.
– Easily found near every major landing site.
– There is a huge variety of ships that vary from vendor to vendor.
– Buys/sells ships only.
– Selling stolen ships is not profitable.
Zori’s accessories A key space station on the planet Suvorov in the Crax system. – There are about 14000 credits.
– Deals on all goods
– Accepts the taboo.
– There are benches (resting places) nearby to reset.
– Can be accessed after joining the Crimson Fleet.
Commercial Authority – Trade Authority traders are available in every major city.
– Kiosks are available ahead at each established landing zone.
– All Trade Authority Merchants have around 11000 Credits.
– If you go through the scanners they will buy contraband.
– Have a kiosk with 5000 credits at each landing site.
– Trade Authority traders are present in every major city.
– They deal in all kinds of goods.
– Prohibited items cannot be sold at the kiosk.
– You have to bypass the ban scanners to sell your loot here.

4. Centurian Arsenal

Centurion Arsenal will sell weapons in Starworld.
Centurion Arsenal Weapons Dealer in New Atlantis (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)

Centurion is a weapons dealer at Arsenal. New Atlantis On Jamieson Since the planet is the hub of operations for the New Atlantis Constellation (the main story faction in Starfield), you’ll spend most of your time there. For this reason, having a vendor where you can offload some of your loot is a must. Bulk is helpful.

Unfortunately, most new Atlantis vendors will have very little credit, which is what makes them. in vain To sell items. Arsenal have Centurion. More than everything Cash on delivery than any other store in New Atlantis (except Trading Authority)

Here’s why Centurion is one of the best vendors on the Arsenal Star map.

  • The seller has Twelve thousand Five hundred credits, more than any other vendor in the central city of New Atlantis.
  • The vendor also has some. The best weapon in Starfield In exchange for your earned credits.

However, K loss Using this vendor means you can only sell weapons, ammo and throwables here.

3. Ship services

Ship service vendor in Starfield.
Ship Services Outlet at the Neon City Landing Site (Image Source: eXputer)

Aside from standard weapons and equipment, only a few vendors deal in Starfield’s universe. the ship. Merchants of Ship Services are located and can be found all over the Starfield map. Easy access by any player. Ship Services makes it easy to sell your stolen ships regardless of your star system.

Here’s what makes ship services so unique:

  • It is one of the few vendors who buy, sell and Edit Ships in your fleet
  • Boat services are readily available near any primary landing site.
  • Every ship services merchant will have a large one. Different type Ships depend on their location and your level.

Although Ship Service is a major ship dealer where you can buy some nice ships, you can’t profit A lot more by selling the ship. Since all stolen ships must be registered before they can be sold, huge Registration fees Does not enable anyone to sell Ships you can steal..

Also, ship services don’t deal in other goods, so you can’t sell yours loot Here

2. Essentials of Zuri

Zori's Essentials in Starfield.
Ornamental accessories on the key space station (screenshot by eXputer)

Located on the Crimson Fleet space station,KeyIn the Kyrx star system, one of Zori’s accessories. The richest Traders in the Starfield. Since there is no prohibited scanner on the key, you can quickly. Selling stolen goods In Zuris Essentials.

Plus, it’s relatively easy Reset Merchant if you want to trade more goods.

Key features of Zuris Essentials are:

  • A jeweler’s essentials dealer has it. Fourteen thousand Twenty-five thousand credits, making him one of the wealthiest merchants in Starfield.
  • It deals in various goods, making it easy to land all your loot in one place.
  • Close to the benches Wait and pass the time It’s easy if you want to trade multiple times. Reset Traders
  • This merchant also accepts. Prohibited Items without any inconvenience.

The only downside to using Zuri accessories is that you have to. Joining gave Crimson Fleet To access the key.

1. Commercial Authority

Trading Authority in the Starfield.
Trade Authority Merchant on the “Key” Space Station (Photo by eXputer)

gave Commercial Authority (TA) is the biggest Vendors in Starfield, with shops in every major city. They deal in a wide range of goods, and have one of their stores. More than everything Credits are available to offload your goods. TA also has a kiosk terminal setup at the landing sites where you can sell minor goods.

Here are the key benefits that make TA the best vendor at Starfield:

  • Each trade authority is around the vendor. Eleven thousand Credit and deals on all types of merchandise.
  • Each kiosk has by TA. Five thousand Credit
  • These vendors are available in every major city, viz NeonNew Atlantis, and the meal.
  • You can. Sell ​​prohibited items Items on Trade Authority vendors

The only downside to using Trade Authority is bypassing prohibited items. Scanner If you want to sell your illegal items here (Prohibited items cannot be sold The stalls).

What are the vendors at Starfield?

The entrance to the UC Distribution Center in New Atlantis.
UC Distribution Center New Atlantis, Jamison. (Photo courtesy of us)

Vendors in Starfield are merchants who trade weapons, clothing, and other common items for credits (in-game currency); Players can also use these merchants to sell their loot for money.

Many merchants skill In one type of item, such as weapons, crafting supplies, and medical supplies. However, many General purpose Vendors are also available to buy and sell all kinds of goods. Players can also cheer in different places. the ship And exchange your inventory with them.

Although countless vendor locations sell all kinds of resources and materials in the Starfield, only a few have enough. Spare credits To purchase items from you. This makes it difficult to sell all your valuable loot in one place. However, depending on your location and faction, you can use the above vendors to build faster. money from your accumulated loot without having to worry about resting to reset vendors.

Besides the cool vendors, there’s a lot more to explore in the Starfield universe. For example, you can read about mission walkthroughs like The eye of the storm, There is the best.And Surgical strike. You can also read the best guides. Starborne Armor, Staff membersAnd Parts of a ship To improve your playthrough.


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