Starfield: The BEST Traits (Top 16)



Starfield, a vast expanse of cosmic exploration, offers players a diverse range of traits, enhancing gameplay and decision-making. From the allegiance-centric Freestar Collective Settler to the solitary-focused Introvert, these traits tailor experiences, impacting everything from dialogue options to combat, making each journey as unique as the stars themselves.

Key Takeaways

  • There are 17 total Traits in Starfield that players can pick and customize their gameplay style around.
  • The trait system adds depth to character customization, influencing gameplay dynamics.
  • Traits can dictate combat efficiency, resource management, and interpersonal dynamics.
  • The benefits and drawbacks of each trait ensure balanced gameplay and meaningful decisions.
  • Choice of traits directly impacts early-game and late-game experiences in Starfield.
  • Trait effects vary between solo and group adventuring in Starfield, offering diverse experiences.

Best Traits In Starfield

Here is an overview of the best traits in Starfield showcased along with what each one does and the best features as well:

Serial No. Trait Name Effects Best Feature
16 Dream Home Acquire spacious property without UC citizenship Immediate expansive property and strategic advantage
15 Wanted Target for bounty hunters; damage boost at low health Boosted damage and loot opportunities during fights
14 Raised Universal Exclusive dialogue & chest in Sanctum Universum Rich lore immersion and early-game benefits
13 Raised Enlightened Specialized dialogue & chest in House of Enlightened Early game progression and unique narrative depth
12 Serpent’s Embrace Bonus during Grav Drive jumps; tie to fanatic cult Health/Oxygen boost and role-playing richness
11 United Colonies Native Direct home purchase; increased quest credits Immersion in socio-political fabric & material perks
10 Terra Firma Health & oxygen boost on planets; penalties in space Enhanced terrestrial experiences and boosts
9 Hero Worshipped Gains an Adoring Fan with gifts Balance of comedic relief and tangible gameplay perks
8 Kid Stuff Live parents in New Atlantis; 2% weekly credit fee Sentimental & material rewards; unique narrative
7 Alien DNA Augmented health/oxygen; reduced healing/food effect Enhanced health and challenge of balancing drawbacks
6 Freestar Collective Settler Exclusive dialogue, enhanced faction rewards, elevated bounties. Augmented credits for Freestar tasks.
5 Neon Street Rat Unique Neon dialogues, superior Neon rewards, higher bounties. Enhanced credits from Neon quests.
4 Spaced Improved health/oxygen in space, reduced planetary abilities. Optimal for space-based confrontations.
3 Taskmaster Auto-repairing ship systems, pricier crew recruitment. Auto-ship repair in intense situations.
2 Empath Companions influence combat prowess based on relationship. Emotional attunement gives combat edge.
1 Introvert Reduced oxygen consumption solo, less efficient group oxygen use. Perfect for prolonged solo exploration.

16. Dream Home

Dream Home Trait
Dream Home Trait (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)

A trait allowing players to immediately acquire a spacious, luxurious property, the Dream Home Trait in Starfield offers unrivaled space and scenic views, bypassing the need for UC citizenship or its equivalent.

  • The Dream Home trait is a game-changer in Starfield, as it offers players an expansive property to call their own, presenting both a sanctuary and a strategic advantage.
  • Rather than waiting to accumulate enough credentials to purchase a house or being confined to a ship’s limited cargo hold, players can quickly unload and store in-game items.
  • While the 125,000-credit mortgage may seem daunting in Starfield, the alternative weekly fee of 500 credits is a pittance given the in-game economy.

The Dream Home trait not only provides a vast space but also brings the player into an advantageous position early in the title. Its unique nature means you can’t get anything like it without choosing this trait. Moreover, considering Starfield’s house pricing, investing in the Dream Home is a wise long-term decision, making it the most superior home trait available to players.

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15. Wanted

wanted trait
Wanted trait (Screenshot taken by eXputer)

The Wanted is a unique trait in Starfield, where players become the target of bounty hunters, resulting in occasional skirmishes. However, it grants a substantial buff, boosting damage when health is dwindling.

  • Despite its initially daunting premise, the Wanted trait offers invaluable benefits, making it a superior choice in Starfield.
  • The idea of constantly being pursued may seem off-putting, but the advantages it brings outweigh the risks.
  • The damage buff activated when health is low is the real game-changer, providing players a fighting chance even when at a disadvantage.
  • Plus, the sporadic encounters with mercenaries can turn in a player’s favor as you get to loot & farm more.
  • Starfield ensures that these bounty hunters often clash with other in-game factions, inadvertently aiding the player.

Furthermore, the Wanted trait provides an adrenaline-pumping gaming experience reminiscent of iconic action heroes like Han Solo. Aside from the thrill, the “hardening” of your health pool is a unique benefit exclusive to the Wanted trait, invaluable for survival and making it the best traits list in the Starfield.

In an environment where confrontations are inevitable, the additional fights aren’t a significant burden. Instead, they enrich gameplay, offering both challenge and reward, solidifying Wanted as an elite trait weapon choice.

14. Raised Universal

Raised universal trait
Raised Universal trait (picture credits: eXputer)

Raised Universal Trait in Starfield signifies the player’s upbringing within the Universal religion, granting access to exclusive dialogue choices and a special chest within the Sanctum Universum.

Among the vast array of traits in Starfield, the Raised Universal stands out for its rich lore immersion and tangible benefits.

  • Being a part of the Universal religion automatically aligns players with a specific faction in Starfield, adding depth and unique pathways to interactions within.
  • The exclusive loot chest in the Sanctum Universum, particularly beneficial for early gamers, offers resources that can significantly aid the player’s journey.

Moreover, the Raised Universal dialogue options open up intricate layers of Starfield’s narrative, providing deeper insight into the Universal religion, especially when supplemented by reading volumes like “A Greater End.”

The Raised Universal trait not only enhances the storytelling experience but also offers strategic advantages through exclusive rewards. Although choosing it locks players out of other religious affiliations, the benefits it provides, especially in the early stages of gameplay, arguably overshadow the constraints, positioning the Raised Universal trait as the best choice in Starfield.

13. Raised Enlightened

Raised enlightened trait
Raised Enlightened trait (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)

The Raised Enlightened trait signifies a player’s upbringing within the Enlightened religion in Starfield, allowing access to specialized dialogue choices and a unique chest within the House of the Enlightened.

The Raised Enlightened trait offers several advantages that make it stand out in Starfield.

  • First and foremost, having this trait facilitates early-game progression.
  • Gaining access to a specialized loot chest in New Atlantis, one of Starfield’s initial areas, equips players with crucial resources right from the outset.
  • Additionally, the Raised Enlightened dialogue options not only immerse players deeper into the title’s intricate lore but also unlock unique missions reflecting the values of the Enlightened.
  • This exclusive narrative pathway adds layers of depth and dimension to the gameplay.

Although the Raised Enlightened trait does lock players out of affiliating with other religions, the early advantages it offers can set the tone for the rest of Starfield. Plus, interactions with characters like Andy Singh provide opportunities to delve deeper into the Enlightened’s teachings. Given these benefits, especially for players aiming for a strong start, the Raised Enlightened trait stands as the best traits choice in the expansive universe of Starfield.

12. Serpent’s Embrace

Serpents embrace trait
Serpent’s Embrace trait (Image Source: eXputer)

The Serpent’s Embrace trait represents devotion to the Great Serpent deity in Starfield, granting followers a unique stat bonus during Grav Drive jumps and tying them to the fanatic beliefs of the cult.

  • The Serpent’s Embrace trait stands out as a high-risk, high-reward choice in Starfield, making it exceptionally captivating for strategic players.
  • With every Grav Jump, players receive a +25 bonus to Health and Oxygen, a significant boost that can turn the tide in space endeavors.
  • However, the catch of needing to jump regularly to avoid stat penalties adds an adrenaline-fueled urgency to gameplay, keeping players engaged and on their toes.

Moreover, aligning with the Serpent’s Embrace offers unique role-playing experiences, especially for those looking to dive into a darker, more malevolent character arc, given the cult’s feared reputation and association with pirates.

The layered narrative opportunities, from interactions with Mir’za in Starfield for a deeper understanding of the religion to dealing with the trait’s addictive nature, combine to make the Serpent’s Embrace not just a trait but a tantalizing gameplay element that enriches Starfield’s vast universe.

11. United Colonies Native Trait

United colonies native trait
United Colonies native trait (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)

Born and raised in the United Colonies, the United Colonies in Starfield emphasizes your character’s deep roots and familiarity with the region, leading to unique advantages and deeper insights.

  • The United Colonies Native Trait is a clear standout for those aiming to immerse themselves deeply in the socio-political fabric of Starfield.
  • Being a native offers unparalleled perks: direct access to purchasing homes in the United Colonies, bypassing the traditional requirement of military service.
  • Financially, the trait is a boon, granting higher credits from quests and elevated bounties from rival factions.
  • The heightened bounty showcases the depth of narrative consequence, suggesting your decisions as a native carry substantial weight, impacting inter-faction dynamics.

But beyond material advantages, the essence of the United Colonies trait lies in its role-playing richness. The special dialogue options it provides offer a nuanced lens into the faction’s ethos, culture, and politics, crafting a more immersive and personal experience. For players who value both tangible in-game benefits and a deep connection to Starfield’s lore, the United Colonies Native Trait is arguably Starfield’s most rewarding selection.

10. Terra Firma Trait

Terra Firma trait
Terra Firma trait (Image Source: eXputer)

The Terra Firma Trait represents a character’s preference and adaptation to planetary environments over space in Starfield, providing health and oxygen boosts on surfaces but penalties in space.

The Terra Firma Trait is a strategic choice for players aiming to focus on planetary exploration and interactions.

  • One of Starfield’s core experiences is the intricate and expansive terrains of various planets.
  • Given the likelihood of players spending substantial time on planetary surfaces, enjoying the enhanced health and oxygen levels proves beneficial.
  • The Terra Firma Trait is tailored to adventurers who relish in-depth land explorations, engaging with indigenous species, and unlocking terrestrial secrets.

Moreover, it encourages a grounded playstyle, potentially offering richer narratives, denser ecosystems, and more intricate mission structures than the vastness of space.

While the drawbacks in space may seem daunting, the in-depth terrestrial experiences, combined with the health and oxygen benefits in Starfield, make the Terra Firma Trait an enticing pick for the planetary explorer at heart.

9. Hero Worshipped Trait

Hero worshiped trait
Hero Worshipped trait (Screenshot taken by eXputer)

Hero Worshipped is a quirky trait that earns you an Adoring Fan in Starfield who, despite being incessantly chatty and potentially bothersome, offers valuable gifts and can join your ship’s crew.

  • The Hero Worshipped Trait presents a unique blend of humor, homage, and utility.
  • As a nod to The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion’s memorable Adoring Fan, it adds a touch of nostalgia and lightheartedness to the title’s expansive universe.
  • While some players might be initially turned off by the fan’s over-enthusiastic demeanor, the tangible benefits are hard to ignore.
  • Frequent gifts and an additional crew member can prove invaluable, especially in a game as vast and unpredictable as Starfield.

The real genius of the Hero Worshipped trait in Starfield lies in its flexibility; players aren’t locked into constant interaction. If the Adoring Fan becomes too much, he can be strategically positioned to an outpost or a lesser-visited location, ensuring players reap the rewards without the perpetual chatter.

The Trait is a perfect balance of comedic relief and tangible gameplay advantage, making it a standout choice for those wanting a dynamic and unpredictable Starfield experience.

8. Kid Stuff Trait

Kid stuff trait
Kid Stuff trait (picture credits: eXputer)

Kid Stuff is my personal best trait in Starfield, as it allows your character’s parents to be alive and present in New Atlantis.

While there’s a financial obligation of 2% of your credits weekly, unique narrative and material rewards await.

  • Akin to paying a form of “space allowance,” the small weekly deduction of 2% credits is easily offset by the invaluable and rare items gifted by your parents, items that early players can’t access without this trait.
  • These gifts, which can range from weapons to entire ships, hold both sentimental and monetary value.

Furthermore, the dynamic encounters with parents throughout the Settled Systems – from unexpected meetings in Akila City to heartwarming notes left at The Lodge – enrich the Starfield with unique narrative moments. This trait offers a balanced combination of sentimentality, narrative depth, and material advantage, making it an optimal choice for players seeking both emotional and pragmatic rewards in their Starfield journey.

7. Alien DNA Trait

Alien DNA trait
Alien DNA trait (picture credits: eXputer)

Alien DNA Trait in Starfield emerges from a daring experiment where your character’s human DNA is blended with alien DNA, granting augmented health and oxygen but diminishing the efficacy of healing and food.

The Alien DNA Trait is a tantalizing gamble in the cosmic landscape of Starfield.

  • Its core allure lies in enhanced health and oxygen levels, a significant boon for prolonged space explorations and combats.
  • While the compromised healing and food efficiency might seem like a deterrent, it introduces a strategic depth to gameplay.
  • Players are nudged to delve into research to augment the effectiveness of these items, adding an extra layer of resource management and strategic planning.
  • Though these modified items might never reach the potency of those available to non-trait bearers, the heightened base health and oxygen provide a solid advantage, making confrontations and explorations more forgiving.

In essence, the Alien DNA trait caters to players who relish the challenge of balancing benefits against drawbacks and who enjoy delving into in-game research to optimize their advantages. The intrigue of possessing alien DNA only amplifies the immersive experience, cementing this trait as a captivating choice.

6. Freestar Collective Settler Trait

Freestar collective settler
Freestar Collective Settler (Image Source: eXputer)

Freestar Collective Settler Trait in Starfield makes affiliation with the Freestar Collective grants players exclusive dialogue choices and enhanced rewards from faction tasks, but at the cost of elevated crime bounties from opposing factions.

  • The prime value of the Freestar Collective Settler trait is the augmented credits earned from tasks within the expansive realm of the Freestar Collective, which encompasses numerous planets.
  • This fiscal advantage is a game-changer for players strategizing resource accumulation.
  • However, the trade-off of increased bounties in rival territories adds an exhilarating challenge, urging players to tread with caution or face the consequences.

Furthermore, the added dialogue options enrich player interaction, enabling deeper engagement with Starfield’s characters and storylines. This combination of financial perks enhanced narrative depth, and the thrilling risk of heightened bounties crafts a multifaceted gameplay experience, making the Freestar Collective Settler one of the best traits in the Starfield for players seeking a balanced blend of risk and reward.

5. Neon Street Rat Trait

Neon Street rat trait
Neon Street Rat trait (Screenshot taken by eXputer)

Neon Street Rat Trait in Starfield originates from Neon’s harsh streets; this trait grants unique dialogue choices and superior mission rewards within Neon, albeit with an elevated crime bounty from rival factions.

Embodying the essence of urban survivalism, the Neon Street Rat Trait offers a compelling blend of narrative depth and gameplay benefits.

  • As seasoned denizens of Neon City in Starfield, players possess intimate knowledge of its intricate alleys and secret dealings, making them particularly adept at navigating its challenges.
  • This intrinsic understanding translates to tangible benefits like enhanced credits from Neon-specific quests, enriching the player’s resources.
  • The special dialogue options, tailor-made for Neon, foster a deeper connection with the city’s inhabitants, augmenting the role-playing experience.

While the augmented bounties from opposing factions can be daunting, it infuses the gameplay with a thrilling edge, encouraging strategic gameplay and mindful decision-making. So long as players maintain a low profile and uphold the law, the bounty risk remains manageable in Starfield.

This Neon Street Rat trait’s amalgamation of rich backstory, resource benefits, and the thrilling challenge of elevated bounties makes the Neon Street Rat Trait another of the best traits in Starfield for players seeking an immersive experience grounded in the gritty realities of Neon’s streets.

4. Spaced Trait

Spaced trait
Spaced trait (picture credits: eXputer)

Tailored for space aficionados, the Spaced trait augments health and oxygen in space, albeit at the cost of diminished capabilities on planetary surfaces. Incompatible with the Terra Firma trait.

  • The vast cosmos of Starfield is teeming with opportunities, and the Spaced Trait primes players for stellar dominance.
  • While planets offer their allure, space is where the heart of the in-game narrative unfurls, especially as you delve into the late game.
  • With the vast expanse of space housing colossal spaceships and critical missions, possessing amplified health and oxygen proves pivotal, granting players an edge in high-stakes scenarios.
  • The Spaced Trait essentially transforms players into unparalleled astronauts, adept at handling the rigors of space.

However, this prowess comes with the challenge of terrestrial vulnerability, adding a strategic dimension to gameplay. Players need to be more calculated on planets, ensuring an engaging gameplay balance. While certain traits, like Alien DNA, bring about their unique quirks, the Spaced Trait stands out for those prioritizing space-based confrontations. 

3. Taskmaster Trait

Taskmaster trait
Taskmaster trait (Image Source: eXputer)

The Taskmaster Trait in Starfield allows the crew members to auto-repair damaged ship systems they’re proficient in, though at the cost of a pricier crew recruitment fee.

The Taskmaster Trait provides an invaluable advantage: spontaneous ship repairs in intense situations.

  • While it may seem a double-edged sword, as Starfield progresses and credits accumulate, the escalated crew hiring cost becomes a negligible concern.
  • Think of the immediate aftermath of an arduous space battle; engines faltering, life support systems critically damaged, and just then, your skilled crew performs a miraculous auto-repair, potentially turning the tide of your entire journey.

Yes, the upfront cost can be daunting, especially during early ventures in places like New Atlantis.

However, as one grows richer and as the universe’s confrontations escalate, the ability to have self-repairing ship systems emerges as an indispensable tool. Not to mention, with some crew members available for free, this trait offers an optimal balance between cost and benefit. For avid space adventurers who frequently find themselves in the crossfire, Taskmaster is less of a luxury and more of a mid-to-late game best trait in Starfield.

2. Empath Trait

Empath Trait
Empath Trait (picture credits: eXputer)

The Empath Trait in Starfield allows your interactions with companions to influence your combat prowess, amplifying effectiveness when pleasing them and diminishing it when upsetting them.

The Empath trait elevates this by merging relational dynamics with combat. Being emotionally attuned to companions’ feelings can turn the tide in battle, and this becomes paramount for players who value forging relationships.

With most main companions leaning towards benevolence, triggering the positive effects of this trait is instinctive. Unique ‘Empath’ dialogue options not only deepen the bond but also offer a strategic combat edge. Additionally, the temporary Self-Esteem status can bolster persuasion checks, which is crucial in many game scenarios.

While a mismatched companion might lead to combat nerfs, the beauty of Starfield is its flexibility. You can handpick a crew that aligns with your moral compass, ensuring the trait consistently works in your favor. A player attuned to their crew’s sensibilities will find the Empath trait an invaluable asset, transforming relationships into tangible in-game advantages.

1. Introvert Trait

Introvert trait
Introvert trait (Screenshot taken by eXputer)

The Introvert Trait in Starfield optimizes oxygen consumption for lone adventurers, making solo ventures more sustainable but making group travels less efficient in terms of oxygen use.

Starfield offers diverse gameplay approaches, and for those who cherish solitude and self-reliance, the Introvert trait is easily the best trait in Starfield. While the galaxy’s vastness can be daunting, this trait allows lone wolves to extend their adventures, thanks to reduced oxygen consumption.

  • Paired with the Isolation Starfield skill, it paves the way for an unparalleled solo experience.
  • The specific mention of “human companions” is crucial – meaning robotic allies like VASCO won’t affect the trait’s benefits in Starfield.
  • It’s true that early missions might challenge Introvert users with mandatory companions, but long-term players focusing on stealth and solo exploration will find unparalleled value in the Introvert trait.

Important: Deciding between Introvert and its counterpart, Extrovert, reflects a player’s unique journey in Starfield; it’s a choice between camaraderie and self-sustained exploration.

To sum it up, navigating the complexities of Starfield becomes deeply personal if you have the best traits system. Whether leveraging the Empath’s emotional prowess or embracing the solitary benefits of the Introvert, players are empowered to mold their space odysseys uniquely. Starfield’s traits are the compass guiding these adventures, ensuring every voyage is distinctively memorable.

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