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The best there is Starfield One of the search missions. Crimson Fleet Quest Line And is already considered one of the best Starfield missions by fans. Therefore, players interested in experiencing this quest should know how to unlock it and progress through it while hoping that they are not part of the unlucky group that experienced it. The best there is Starfield quest breaking bug.

Key takeaways

  • Players can unlock The Best There Is Starfield after completing the quest. Breaking the bank Find and interact with Naeva on Key.

  1. Will need to communicate with you. Hwan Dao And then meet him on his eponymous ship. Jade Swan I Starfield.
  2. After boarding SY-920players will need to find uniforms to hide in the base.
  3. Players can choose any of them. Three Disguise changes they just need to remember the name they choose the uniform.
  4. Players can now enter after getting the uniform. Command Bay.
  5. Players can get through command checkpoints. Clearance Code Using the or Maintenance tunnels..
  6. After reaching Engineering Bay 4, start the conversation. Dr. Vogel And choose one of the two.

  • Whatever you choose, board the ship and escape with SY-920. ComSpike.
  • If players are experiencing the Starfield bug; They can try to use console commandSet stage 0021d792 200“To fix it.

How to unlock “The Best” Quest in Starfield

Starfield is the best out there.
Jazz and Naeva meet in the key (Photo courtesy of eXputer)

To unlock The Best There Is quest, players will need to follow these steps.

  • Players will need to finish first. Breaking the bank search, where they need to access the GalBank vault.
  • Once you’ve completed the quest, go back. Key And go where jazz and naiva are.
  • After talking to Naeva, the quest will begin, and she will tell you what your goal is and where you need to go.

If you skip the conversation, you basically have to leave now. New Atlantis to meet Hwan Dao.

Meeting with Huan Dieu

Starfield is the best out there.
Huan Dieu (Image Credit: Us)

During a conversation with Huan Dieu New Atlantisshe’ll basically tell you what her requirements are for this mission and then ask you to meet her on her ship. Jade Swan.

Keep in mind that once you board his ship, you won’t be able to come around as much as you want for a while, so make sure you’re ready and have all of the equipment before starting the mission. Take necessary precautions.

I have summarized the remaining steps for better understanding.

  • Once you are ready, talk. Hwan Dao On his ship – Jade Swan.
  • Wait patiently until you arrive. SY-920.
  • After the ship docks, talk to Huan Dieu again, and she’ll give you her final instructions for this mission.
  • Now, you can go ahead and get on board. SY-920.

Getting a uniform

Irregular location
One of the three uniforms (image via eXputer)

Once you reach the maintenance door, you’ll find that it’s locked for obvious reasons, and here, players have the option to talk to Huan over the intercom.

Now, players can do one of two things here:

  • Digipick the maintenance door.
  • Find a keycard to unlock it.

If you are unable to dig out the door and are forced to search for it. key card, Then there is no need to worry because the keycard is nearby.

  • Players only need to talk to the named man. Elijahwho has lost his key card.
  • Talk to the guard leaning on the forklift as the keycard is right behind him.
  • Tell the guard Elijah it is needed?
  • Once he moves, grab the keycard and be on your way.

Once you pass through the maintenance door, you will have the option to choose from three. Uniform. You can choose whatever you want. Remember the name of whatever uniform you choose. Players also have the option to simplify. To convince The guards let them pass.

Finding information on Comspike

How to enter the command bay
Entering the command bay (picture taken by us)

After getting the uniform, now you have to go. Command Bay. Just exit the maintenance tunnels, go back to where you started, and just keep following. Marker until you reach the command bay door.

Once there, a guard will ask you why you are there. Just answer, “I need to report to the command bay for duty.And he will let you pass.

Allow me to summarize the rest of the steps for better understanding:

  1. Keep following the marker until you reach it. The elevator.
  2. Once you use the elevator and get to the command bay, you can change your disguise to walk around, go the full stealth route, or kill everyone with your guns.
  3. Whichever route you choose, you still have to figure out how to get past the checkpoint ahead.
  4. Players can use either Maintenance tunnels To get around the checkpoint, or they can try and get by. Clearance Code Just walk through the front door.
  5. Players can get a clearance code from the security room, provided they can get it successfully Digipick Clearance computer.
  6. If you want to access maintenance tunnels, you’ll need to find one. Utility cupboard Climb the stairs to reach the maintenance tunnels near the operations center.
  7. Once you’re on the other side, head over to the Archives Access the room and computer.
  8. Go to the Projects folder and “UCE-86 Comspike“Folder.
  9. Open “Project Leads and Permissions” to find out. Comspike Engineering is in Bay 4 and select “Upgrade Security Clearance” so you can actually access that area.

Convincing Dr. Vogel

Starfield is the best out there.
Dr. Bogle (Image credit: eXputer)

We are almost done with Starfield Mission – The best out there. After upgrading the security clearance, go straight to engineering bay 4. You also have the option to talk to Havan through the intercom. If you do, you’ll be given the information it downloaded but will remain in orbit for a while to make sure everything goes smoothly.

  • Once you have arrived. Research LabsStart a conversation with Dr. Vogel at his office and let him know what you need. ComSpike.
  • He will then reply that the ComSpike is attached to the ship and needs an experienced pilot. Here, you will have two choices.
    1. Cheating on Huan And work with Comspike using cheating as a distraction.
    2. Convince Dr. Vogel that you are one of them. Test pilot.

Convincing Dr. Vogel is definitely a better option and that’s what I’d recommend doing. If successful, you will get Key card And SY-920 Control Center Password. Players can easily pick up these two items from Dr. Vogel. Once you have obtained this item, go to Locker rooms to gain Pilot uniform And then equip it.

Escape from SY-920 with a work spike

Starfield is the best out there.
Escaping SY-920 (Image via eXputer)

Now there is only one thing left to do. The best there is Quest of Starfield. Make your way to docking port 8 and begin the test flight. Players can either go through the main entrance or use the maintenance tunnel in the bathroom with the pilot uniform.

Once you start the test flight, your only goal is to escape and get back. Key Once you get it back in one piece, talk to Huan Dieu. The last novaAnd The best there is Starfield The mission will be over.

The best out there is Quest Bug

Starfield is the best out there.
Using the command console

Some players have reported experiencing a certain. Bug I Starfield Quest – The Best which is preventing them from proceeding, such as the Jade Swan ship being unable to grave jump or the Jade Swan being completely buried in the launchpad, as highlighted in Post on the Steam forums..

Apart from this hope Bethesda Addressing and patching these bugs quickly, players have found a workaround for The Best There Is Starfield quest bug: to use Console commandsas highlighted in Reddit post. For best solo missions, the command you need to use is “Set stage 0021d792 200“The console command fix is ​​only for PC players and unfortunately will not work on Xbox.

And with that, that concludes my guide on Starfield Quest – The Best There Is and how to fix it. I hope my guide helped you. In addition to searching, consider reading. Red Tape Blues Quest, First Contact Quest, In Memoriam QuestAnd Search for a surgical strike Also guides, but it’s all from me. Let me know what you think of Starfield in the comments section below.


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