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You may find yourself scratching your head as you try to explore and conquer the Temple Etta Starfield Dungeon. In the unknown Mission Starfield has its fair share of puzzles, and “Into the Nun” is full of them. Anyway, it’s worth the trouble, in the end waiting for you wonderful returns.

Key takeaways

  • gave Temple and is the main destination of the second part of In an unknown mission Starfield.
  • It is on the planet Procyon III, in the Procyon A system.
  • Players will have to navigate. Distortions Towards the Starfield Temple Eta location map marker.
  • Then, they must complete the puzzle by passing through the cluster of lights in the main room.
  • The final cluster will open a portal that will give players your first number. power In Starfield, against gravity, That would allow them to create a locally low gravity field.

How to find Temple Eta in Starfield

Temple and Starfield
Temple Eta Location (Image courtesy of eXputer)

Temple Eta is a large monument located on Procyon III in the Procyon A system in the Starfield, which you can reach as part of the Into The Unknown mission.

After completing The first Part of the unknown mission by collecting required items Samples, you will be prompted by Matteo and Vladimir to travel to Porycon III and investigate an anomaly. That mission objective eventually leads to you. Temple and location

Procyon III Procyon is a planetary body in the A system. The coordinates are marked if you have a mission active, but even then navigating the planet can be very confusing. In addition, a known Starfield in unknown bug Procyon III may have removed map markers, which you may have to fix.

  1. The first thing you need to do to find a temple is find yourself. Distortions (LB or F) on your scanner.
  2. When scanning, you’ll see more. powerful Distortion in a specific direction.
  3. Follow the direction of the strong anomalies until you come to a large structure. temple and.
  4. There are many enemies scattered along the way, most of which are shield shells, so be prepared to fight when following the anomalies.
  5. Additionally, there are many points of interest on the planet in your path that you should avoid now and explore later.

In unknown bug mission terms

It is likely that following the steps above will not trigger most of the events for you. To avoid this, make sure you start. In the unknown mission and completed the first part of this mission. This involves collecting two samples from the bus. You do not and in the Olympus system Thread In the Narayan system, when you add these artifacts to your collection at the lodge, the second part of the mission begins.

How to solve Temple Etta’s puzzle in Starfield

Metal Rings Temple Ita
Temple Ita Metal Rings (Screenshot taken by eXputer)

You should now see the Starfield Temple et al location map. Bookmark Once inside Temple Ita, it can be difficult to navigate as the dungeons are a confusing puzzle. As soon as you enter, you will float due to the lack of gravity. When the rings start spinning, and you’re thinking the temple is just an empty ruin, that’s when the puzzle begins.

Just follow the steps below to solve the puzzle:

Shock Cluster Temple Eta
Temple Eta Spark Clusters (Image credit copyright: eXputer)
  1. Visit the temple room.
  2. You should see a couple. Clusters Made up of scattered sparks here and there.
  3. They will constantly disappear and reappear in random places in the room.
  4. You must move between these clusters before they disappear quickly and carefully (you have to find your own). Boost Pack in Starfield).
  5. Missing these circles will reset your progress so far.
  6. A good indicator of progress is that the circles around the room will speed up, and the music will get louder with each successful encounter.
  7. after the The final clusterthe metal rings will stop moving and open. Gate In the form of a glowing portal.
  8. Go through the gate, and you’ll be rewarded for completing the Temple Ita dungeon.

Temple Eta Completion Rewards

Antigravity Power Starfield
Antigravity Field Power (Image credit: Xporter)

Given the ambiguous nature of the puzzle at the Starfield Temple Eta location, it’s only fitting that reward Should be so great. Thankfully, Starfield doesn’t disappoint there and gives you your first prize. power.

You will be given Antigravity field Power once you walk through the door. Antigravity field power helps you create a spatial field. Low gravity, which is quite reminiscent of a temple itself. This is the main reason for completing the “Into the Unknown” mission.

This concludes my guide on how to find Temple Eta and solve the puzzle within. Of course, if you’re not careful, you might find yourself stuck in a temple eta while fixing the door, so it’s best to follow the procedure exactly to avoid any mishaps. While you’re here, consider checking out another interesting article. What Happened to Earth in Starfield?. If that doesn’t pique your interest, you might want to consider learning more about it. Best features in Starfield.


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