Starfield: Sabotage Mission Walkthrough (Persuasion and Reception)


Sabotage is one of the faction Missions that players will encounter while completing faction missions. Revgen Industries. Sabotage missions require players to use stealth or convinced The ability to achieve your goals. gave The main objective The purpose of the sabotage mission is to infiltrate Revgen Industries’ rival corporation Infinity LTD, which has stolen information related to Project Dominion.

Key takeaways

  • Sabotage I am the faction mission of Revgen Industries. Starfield.
  • The first part of the mission requires players to infiltrate. INFINITY LTD And stole the Neuroamp prototype.
  • The second part of Starfield Sabotage Walkthrough Neuroamp involves finding evidence about a criminal who stole information.
  • There is Two options Presented during the Infiltration of Infinity LTD in Starfield:
    1. The first option involves completing the mission. sneak up.
    2. Another option is to just go in. INFINITY LTD And go guns blazing.

The location of the sabotage mission in the starfield

Wally Alpha

Players can embark on a sabotage mission within Ryujin Industries, which can be found at Neon The core inside VOLII ALPHA, located in the VOLII settled system.

To begin with Starfield Sabotage walkthroughto meet Dalton Fiennes In his office, where he will ask you to go to the conference room. This is where you will meet the Chief Engineer of Revgen Industries, Masako Amada.

Neuroamp implantation

Inside the conference room

The meeting is mostly about the suspect who leaked the information. Project Dominion After the meeting at Infinity LTD, Masako will ask you to meet her at Vena. Research and development Section, where Veena a Neuroamp inside your mind. Neuroamp will allow you to unlock. Manipulation.

Follow the instructions below to meet Vena and install the Neuroamp:

  1. Follow the objective marker and use the elevator. Research and Development Section.
    Use the elevator to reach the research and development section
  2. to meet Veena There, and she’ll implant a neuroamp in your brain.
  3. Now that you have unlocked it. Manipulationit’s time to test it.
  4. Go to the observation deck and use the Neuroamp to manipulate. Demarcus To open the door
    Using Neuroamp on Demarcus

Infiltrating Infinity LTD

See you once you experience Neuroamp. on a large scale This is the place in her office where she will inform you about her plans. INFINITY LTD intrusion

At the briefing, Masako will formulate the following two plans for infiltrating Infinity Limited.

  • Stealth and Roof Access: Infiltrate Infinity LTD through the roof and steal the prototype neuroamp from Infinity LTD without being seen.
  • Access to Persuasion and Reception: Players must enter Infinity LTD through reception to steal the prototype Neuroamp.

Now, you can select any of the above mentioned options for infiltration. INFINITY LTD. I used the second option, persuasion, and receptive accessto infiltrate; Why be a coward when you can barge with rifles in your hands?

To hack Infinity LTD follow the instructions below carefully:

  1. Located in Infinity LTD New Atlantis On Planet Jamieson.
    New Atlantis, Jamieson
  2. Travel to New Atlantis And take the transit car to the commercial district.
  3. Go inside INFINITY LTD And talk to the receptionist to let you in.
    Talking to the receptionist.
  4. Use the elevator to go up. Marketing the floor
    Using the elevator to reach the marketing floor
  5. Will meet you there. Alice Ortz.
    Alice Ortz
  6. wait On the sofa until Elise left the room to start her work.

However, the following basic objectives must be met in order to complete the sabotage mission:

  • Run the program on Fi’s computer.
  • Get the Neuroamp prototype.
  • Run the program. Lucas‘Computer.

Run the program on Fi’s computer.

After Alice leaves the room, follow the instructions below to complete the given objective:

  1. Follow the stairs behind the wall until you see a ledge.
  2. Jump on the ledge, and you’ll see a vent.
  3. Go through the vent and drop down the elevator.
  4. You will find another vent.
  5. If you’re not using the stealth option, fight your way through infinity security until you arrive. Fi’s computer.
    Fi’s computer table
  6. Digipick In Fi’s computer.
  7. This will serve the purpose of: Run the program on Fi’s computer..
  8. Be sure to pick up R&D Identity Card from Fi’s computer table, as it will be used to open locked doors.
    Pick up R&D ID Card

Get the Neuroamp prototype.

  1. Go up the stairs. Fi’s computer Go through the room and the alley to the left.
    Street on the left
  2. Exiting the street, you will see a red door on the right.
    Red door closed
  3. use the R&D ID on the ID card panel, and the door will open.
  4. This will take you to a room where you will find Neuroamp Prototype.
    Neuroamp Prototype
  5. Grab the prototype and get out.

Run the program on Lucas’ computer.

To complete the final objective of the Starfield Sabotage Walkthrough, follow the steps below:

  1. Make your way through the red door on the left and follow the objective marker until you reach the elevator.
    Red gate on the left
  2. select Roof access On the elevator button.
    Use of the elevator to the roof
  3. use the Neuroamp Manipulating the guard to shut off the fan.
    Manipulating the guard
  4. Drop down to the lower platform and sabotage the heating system. INFINITY LTD.
    Sabotage the heat system
  5. Go through the vents behind you, turn left, and drop down to the platform below.
  6. Follow the objective marker past the ceiling pipes until you see a vent Lucas’ computer room.
    Vent above the Lucas computer room
  7. However, you cannot open the vent.
  8. Drop down the ceiling pipe and Digipick the locked door.
  9. Once inside, Digipick inside. Lucas’s computer.
    Lucas’ Computer Digipicing
  10. This will complete the existing base object.
    Running the program on Lucas’s computer
  11. Now, you have to figure it out Infinity Limited Building.

Provide evidence to David Barron.

Providing evidence to David Barron

Once you’ve made it. INFINITY LTDthe next objective is to deliver the evidence that David Barron found. Settled Systems News Network (SSNN) Office. SSNN is just in front of Infinity LTD. Go there and hand over the evidence David Barron.

Executive level

Masako is talking to Amada.

Now that you’ve accomplished your goal, it’s time to head back. Revgen Industries Find more in Neon Core. Masako Amada. The next part is to convince the board members to get it INFINITY LTD Rejuvenation will improve public confidence in industries. To fully execute this part, you will need to use Neuroamp on and manipulation of board members;

With all the information provided above, my guide on Starfield Sabotage walkthrough ends. In this guide, I have explained the walkthrough in detail. Mission Sabotage. Players are given two options when going to infiltrate Infinity LTD: Sneaking or persuading. However, the recommended option is to use stealth and complete the mission without anyone noticing.

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