Starfield Practically Unplayable On Intel Arc GPUs; Fix Planned For Next Week



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  • Starfield early access is currently almost unplayable for certain players using the Intel Arc Alchemist GPUs. Intel has acknowledged the problem and is working on a fix that will arrive next week.
  • The fans have heavily criticized Intel for not shipping out day-one game drivers for Starfield unlike its competitors Nvidia and AMD. The driver update will likely arrive when the game launches globally.
  • Not every Intel Arc GPU user is experiencing the same issues, but the vast majority cannot run the game. It has been confirmed that there will be no rapid support in the early access period for the title.
  • Starfield launches globally on September 6 for Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, and PC. It features locked 30 FPS on consoles but runs at 60 FPS on PC. 

Starfield has launched to critical acclaim in early access, but not every excited player has been able to delve into the vast stretches of a thousand planets. The title is broken for gamers playing the new Bethesda IP on Intel Arc Alchemist GPUs. Among many issues, the biggest dilemma hurting users is that the title fails to launch for them. Safe to say, it has left many users worried since these are arguably Intel’s best lineup of GPUs on the market.

Intel has acknowledged the huge problem and addressed the huge swaths of criticisms that came with it, confirming that a fix is on the way. The players have raised their voices against the conglomerate for not preparing day-one drivers for Starfield — “the biggest launch of the year.” On the other hand, Nvidia and AMD were fully prepared to grace the release of the next-gen Microsoft exclusive entry.

A buddy of mine claims to be running the game on his a770 fine, but I can’t get the game to play. The game launches (sometimes) and when it does, flashes like crazy like the shaders are broken. Tried clean reinstalling latest drivers, reinstalling shaders, not working. Pls help.” said one user on Twitter.

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Although not every Intel Arc GPU user is experiencing the same issues, the vast majority cannot run the game. Many users have begun doubting their loyalty to Intel after the following failure because Bethesda’s whole early access period has pretty much become a waste for Starfield fans. The driver update will be ready for the game, likely when the title comes out, but there will be no rapid support by Intel or Bethesda on the matter. 

Despite the aforementioned fiasco, Starfield’s early access period has been a staggering success on PC and consoles. The title has surpassed 234,000 concurrent players on Steam even before being released globally; it is a massive milestone, to say the least. The game is also quite a smooth venture for the fans without any ground-breaking bugs hindering the experience and truly stands out as Bethesda’s most polished launch to date.

Microsoft’s first-party title has launched in early access on PC, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S only. It runs at a locked 30 FPS on consoles but features a full-fledged 60 FPS on PC. Those without the digital premium edition to unlock early access can expect to finally play Bethesda’s new IP after 25 years on the global release, September 6.

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