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In the world of StarfieldYou will find New Atlantis, an important city on the planet. Jamieson Within Alpha Centauri System It serves as a major hub, not only for the United Colonies faction but also for Constellation, and plays a central role in the main story.

Key takeaways

  • New Atlantis is a large city located on the starfield planet. Jamieson I Alpha Centauri System
  • Expect to be checked for contraband from the United Colonies upon arrival at Jamison.
  • There are different in the city. DistrictsThis includes the Commercial District, the Residential District, the MAST District, The Vale, and the Spaceport.
  • You can get Houses Like “The Vale” and “Mercury Tower Penthouse.”
  • New Atlantis is home to three abilities. Companions in the Starfield.: Marika Boros, Simon Benkowski, and Gideon Acker.
  • are different. Skills Magazine Scattered across New Atlantis offer permanent bonuses when collected in the Starfield.
  • New Atlantis has a variety of features. Shopseach offering different goods and services.

How to get to New Atlantis in Starfield

System Alpha Centauri
Alpha Centauri System (Photo by eXputer)

To find New Atlantis in the Starfield, you must go to the Alpha Centauri system on the Starmap just below and to the left of the Narion system, where your journey begins, and to the right below the Sol system.

Luckily, Alpha Centauri is quite close to Narayan that you can reach it in a single jump without visiting another system first.

Upon reaching Alpha Centauri

Planet Jamieson New Atlantis
Planet Jamison (Photo by eXputer)
  1. move on to Planet Jamieson Within the Alpha Centauri system.
  2. Expectation a Scan by the United Colonies to examine contraband on arrival.
  3. After passing the scan, you can disembark. Space port In New Atlantis

Once in the New Atlantis starfield

  1. Explore different districts within the city, such as the commercial district, the MAST district, and the residential district.
  2. Each district offers interactions with different characters who may request your help.
  3. Completing these tasks can be a rewarding way to gain experience and credits.


Exploring New Atlantis
Searching for New Atlantis (Photo by eXputer)

Set in the year 2160, New Atlantis has a diverse population that includes people of various races, creeds, and ethnicities. background In Starfield. This vibrant city was designated as the official capital of the United Colonies the following year in 2161. Additionally, New Atlantis proudly houses Lodgewhich serves as the central command hub of the renowned research organization, Nakshatra.

New Atlantis has several distinct districts, each with its own unique character and purpose, including:

  • Commercial District
  • Residential District
  • The rectangle
  • The well
  • Space port.

To facilitate transportation within the city, there is an efficient Metro A system called New Atlantis Transit (NAT) is easily connected to the spaceport.

Residence in New Atlantis

Residence opportunities within New Atlantis are available exclusively to UC citizens. to gain UC Citizenship And safe accommodation, you have to fulfill a series. UC Vanguard Side Quests Until a favorable arrangement is made for you to obtain citizenship.

Houses you can get in New Atlantis Starfield are:

The well

House the Well
The Well House in New Atlantis (Photo by eXputer)
  • Location: The well
  • Price: 30,000 credits
  • needs: Complete friends like these searches.
  • Rooms: 2
  • Floor space: small

The accommodations at The Vale in New Atlantis may not be the most luxurious, but they are far from the worst in Starfield. You can get this accommodation from here. ZoraWhich is near the shop. Mast Headquarters.

However, please be aware that The well It consists of only two relatively modest rooms. Nevertheless, it works as a coffee Storage the location

Additionally, while you are living here, you will have the opportunity to contribute to the improvement, such as participating in Alternating current Starfield Quest.

Mercury Tower Penthouse

Mercury Tower Penthouse
Mercury Tower Penthouse (Photo by eXputer)
  • Location: Residential District
  • Price: free
  • needs: Complete a Legacy Forged quest.
  • Rooms: 4
  • Floor space: Great

The Mercury Tower Penthouse stands out as the best player residence in Starfield, and has no close rivals. It has an abundance of space within the primary living area and several secondary rooms, all of which have significant potential.

Moreover, it offers not just one but two balconies. On one hand, you can enjoy a view of Jamison’s scenic beauty, while on the other, you have a vantage point over almost the entire New Atlantis starfield.

To secure this exceptional home, make it a priority to start. UC Vanguard Coastline as soon as possible. It serves as a fitting reward upon completion. A Legacy Forged In search of the starfield.


New is the home of Atlantis. Three Potential companions that you can discover and enlist as valuable additions to your crew at Starfield. Amazingly, you can find all New Atlantis recruits in one place, Viewport.

Marika Boros

Partner Marika Boros
Marika Boros (Photo via eXputer)
  • Location: The Viewport, New Atlantis
  • Romance: no
  • Payment required: Yes
  • talent: Shotgun Certification ★, Ballistics ★ ★, Particle Beam Weapon System ★

Marika Boros is one of the recruitable companions you can meet at the Starport. While his skill set may not be as extensive as the main characters like the Nakshatra members, he does have several Combat based skills Which is valuable both on Earth and as a member of your starship crew.


  1. go to Viewport Starfield at New Atlantis.
  2. Find Marika and engage in conversation with her.
  3. Initially, she will quote her recruitment price.
  4. Offer to pay him in full to join your crew.
  5. Alternatively, To convince He successfully cut his recruitment costs in half.

Simon Benkowski

Fellow Shimon Benkowski
Simon Benkowski (Photo via Xporter)
  • Location: The Viewport, New Atlantis
  • Romance: no
  • Payment required: Yes
  • talent: Sharpshooting ★, Sniper Certification ★ ★, Marksmanship ★

Simon Benkowski, A Weapons specialist, boasts of combat-related skills that can help you significantly in battle. To use his full potential, he must follow you.

Simon Benkowski is undoubtedly the top partner choice when it comes to fighting. If your goal is to effectively eliminate enemy camps, Bankowski is the ideal partner for the job.


  1. find. Viewport Turn left when exiting the spaceport in New Atlantis.
  2. Approach Simeon Bankowski and engage in conversation to recruit him.
  3. Although his initial recruitment cost is high, you can successfully lure him in half.
  4. Improve yourself convinced Possibilities to use the meal or drink with convinced Be motivated before negotiating with him.

Gideon came

Fellow Gideon Aker
Gideon Aker (Photo via eXputer)
  • Location: The Viewport, New Atlantis
  • Romance: no
  • Payment required: Yes
  • talent: Ballistic Weapon Systems ★ ★, Missile Weapon Systems ★ ★

Gideon Aker comes at a high cost to recruit, but you can cut his cost in half with a successful persuasion attempt.

While Gideon Acker can be expensive to bring on board, he offers valuable skills that you the shipOf Weapon Proficiency. If you decide to recruit him, it is advisable to assign him to your ship’s crew.


  1. come visit Viewport Located in New Atlantis, which can be reached by turning left at the exit. Space port In Starfield.
  2. Engage in conversation with Gideon Acres and express your willingness to fulfill the conditions of its recruitment.
  3. For a reasonable price, Gideon will easily become a member of your crew.

All Skill Magazine

Skills Magazine
Skill Magazine (Image credit: eXputer)
Collector LOCATION Additional reward
Constellation Guide 01 The Lodge – New Atlantis Permanently reduces fall damage by 5%
Nova Galactic Manual 03 Jamieson – New Atlantis Mast Administrative Division Permanently reduces fuel required for Grav Jump by an additional 1%.
New Atlantean 05 The Well – New Atlantis Shepherd’s Pie consistently gives directions for foods.
Cyber ​​Runner’s Cipher 02 The Well – New Atlantis Laser weapons permanently deal 5% more critical damage.
Vanguard Space Strategy 01 Flight Simulator – New Atlantis Ship missiles permanently deal 5% more damage.


New Atlantis vendor
Vendor at New Atlantis (Image credit: eXputer)
Name Items for sale location
Jamieson Mercantile General Equipment, Weapons, Ammo, Gear, Misc Commercial District
Outland Buying new gear and unwanted items Commercial District
Terrabrew Coffee Sufficient to restore health and O2 Commercial District
UC Distribution Center General equipment, weapons, ammunition, UC faction equipment Commercial District
Whetstone Restaurant with food and drinks Commercial District
Centurion Arsenal Arms and Ammunition Residential District
pieces Food items Residential District
Chief Justice Food, beverages, and cooking ingredients Residential District
Dawn’s Roast Luxury cafe with fancy food and franks Residential District
EIT Clothiers Fancy dress options Residential District
Reliant Medical Medical supplies, healing services Residential District
Apex Electronics Raw resources, components, miscellaneous items The well
Jack’s bar Food, drink, and side questions The well
With Bay Medical supplies and services The well
Commercial Authority Common goods dealer, prohibited sale The well
UC Surplus Low quality UC stock The well

Although there isn’t. Fast travel In New Atlantis, you can jump off a tall building and a Promotion pack To travel around the city.

This is everything you need to know about New Atlantis City in Starfield. Did you know you can? Steal ships in Starfield.? Or how about diving deeper into companionship by engaging in it? Romance with Sarah Morgan, Or perhaps learning the easiest way to kill Maximum level cap.


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